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Prettiest Pray

With loudest beats he always display

Only lover who can give heart away

swelling slowly slowly Love Love Love

All feelings he filled in his prettiest pray



Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a few more #loopyloveletters to post – 13/15.


One Little Egg

Yesterday, sometime while I was teaching and my wife and daughter were out, our 12 year old love bird Leaf laid an egg. Birds lay eggs, that is why chickens are so popular! 27 kata lagi


Kisah Sepasang Love Bird

“Ini bulan September, suamiku.”

“Benar sayang, lalu kenapa?”

“Tidakkah, kau ┬áingin melakukan sesuatu? ”

“Hmmm.. melakukan sesuatu. Seperti apa?”

“Ya.. mengucapkan kata-kata romantis misalnya. ?” 1.144 kata lagi