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The Psychotherapist Loser. Conversation #32.

You are an accomplished experimental musician, writer, illustrator and painter.

No, I am just a psychotherapist loser.

That also. But there are lots of psychotherapists who live double lives. 1.031 kata lagi

First blog post yep

Hey guys!…lemme introduce myself!I’m an idiot!yes I am.

Now….blogging i never did that kind of stuff…but i love to write…but no reading nah.

I love to be creative but all i do is fuck things up…….i got countable no. 182 kata lagi



I could be mistaken but I am pretty sure that this is called an ambush.
If this is love then there is definitely a dude, with a long white beard, on a golden throne, in the sky, with nothing else to do but jump to my defense when traffic is heavy on 75 and flick other people’s cars to the side since I called his name in a secret language. 258 kata lagi


EUR/USD - Short - Loser - Trade #307

This trade clearly shows I don’t have a clue how to trade……

Getting really good at keeping the losses low, but need to find a way to place a winning trade.

Loss: 34 Pips or .74%


music mondays: this is what you came for

I like to envision being the type of human who exudes poise and assurance effortlessly. The kind I see the majority possessing ever so calmly. To be capable of recognising and emitting such confidence out in public as I do when obscured by both physical and metaphysical walls. 143 kata lagi