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How I ruin people's lives

Death would not only end my own pain, but I would no longer run anyone else’s life or be such a huge burden to them. 327 kata lagi

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

A Couple of Characters in on a Bet

“I’m here to tell you this is the horse you want to bet on.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.”

“He’s not like the others. This one is special. 127 kata lagi


Tennis: The lonely world of the loser

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

MELBOURNE – The main interview room at the Australian Open is a cosy, amphitheatre-style room with 57 seats. When Novak Djokovic lost, every one was taken. 619 kata lagi

Current Affairs

Whistling in the Dark

Just after the U.S. election, I wrote a whistling-in-the-dark piece suggesting how Trump might be good for Jews. Now, just after the inauguration, it strikes me (putting my lips together again), that he might be good for Americans. 1.080 kata lagi

Fake News. Not!

They say a picture is worth about 900 more words than T**** knows….

CNN (probably fake!):
Comparing T****’s Inauguration Crowd to the Women’s March

Both photos have the so-called “floor coverings” in them (the white on the ground), but somebody had to… 17 kata lagi

Mostly Politics

I'd Rather Meet the Craigslist Killer

This is a serious post by a man who was looking for a woman via Craigslist. After you read it you’ll agree with me about the whole CK thing. 3.501 kata lagi