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Being a Loser

For some time now I have had this notion that I just can’t get out of my head. I have tried various things ranging from working non-stop, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, all the way up to messing up key friendships. 750 kata lagi

A life worth living, pt. 4

I was at a group for addiction and PTSD recovery this week. We had to come up with a word. We started with lemon, and said it aloud enough times until it was just sounds. 406 kata lagi

Faith, Not Compromise

When I read the Bible, I am so impressed by all the prophets and apostles. I have the impression in my mind that everyone admired them and honored them. 939 kata lagi

An Intro


I am Sean O’ Limen, living somewhere you wouldn’t care. I am alone, and by alone I mean, REALLY alone. I have a family that doesn’t care, friends who are rubbing their beautiful lives in my face and a job that barely makes….well it barely makes. 104 kata lagi


Which are you?

As the NCAA Tournament kicks off today, I thought it would be fitting to add another edition from the binder archives of my father. For those reading this who may not know what that means, refer to prior posts for additional background. 445 kata lagi


Poem 69: Sorry you didn't. Loser.

(This week’s poetic form is nothing other than nonsense – sort of fugal nonsense!)

I can’t recall the way I wasn’t.
Remember things? I simply doesn’t. 187 kata lagi


Trump Lacks many Things; including Courage

Trump has no morals, lacks intelligence, is incapable of telling the truth, and has no empathy for anyone else but himself. He also lacks courage. Trump has held only one full news conference in 13 months and 20 days. 360 kata lagi