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Alt's, because you're obvious.

So previously I put on blast a fake dom with an IQ of 4 HERE

He went out and started using his alt as his main I guess. 454 kata lagi

Atlanta Braves Fans Catch Woman "Sexting" Another Man While At The Game With Her Husband - They Tell Him!

A couple of women enjoying an Atlanta Braves baseball game noticed the woman in front of them texting. They also noticed the messages were a bit risque. 60 kata lagi


Ouch! A day in History!

So you want to be a professional trader, make a living at trading? Well don’t quit your day job just yet, because you have a lot more to learn about how to become a professional trader. 787 kata lagi


#MikeHuckabee Holocaust reference backfires, his #moron is showning

Trailing badly in the polls, GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is sticking with his controversial criticism of the Iran nuclear deal as “marching the Israelis to the door of the oven,” a reference to the Holocaust. 104 kata lagi

National News

Hillary, lies coming back to haunt her. She sent and received Classified content on her private server.

So confronted with this news Hillary says Maybe the heat is getting to people. She repeated she assures us we are all accountable to the people.speaking of elected officials and such. 115 kata lagi


If you just googled “am I a loser quiz” You don’t need any quiz – You’re officialy a loser. 

But if you still want to answer some questions, I have one for You: is it so bad to be a loser? 225 kata lagi

Am I A Loser

♫She was staring at the window, and the snow, it was falling…♫

He was staring at the panes, wishing they would ease his pains, the rain was pouring just like tears from his eyes, “men don’t weep”, to hell with that! 163 kata lagi