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Most 'Biggest Loser' winners regain the weight they lost, and it reveals a disturbing truth behind many diets

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If you’ve ever felt the crushing disappointment of getting back on a scale and finding your weight back where you started after several months on a successful diet, then you already know: 860 kata lagi


The Lonely Kid's Guide to a Donald Trump-Themed Birthday

Jesus, look at you. It’s your tenth birthday party, and nobody even showed up. I remember when I turned ten. It was great! We all rode speedboats, and my dad got me twenty minutes with a high-end prostitute. 439 kata lagi


Obama says Donald Trump is not qualified to be president

Guess what? Obama was never qualified to be president,he lacked the ability to understand you have to be willing to be a leader of the entire nation not just the members of the democrat party. 284 kata lagi

futility in training clearly

i woke up at 4am and thats only weird because im usually awake before 4 and i started thinking that maybe i should meditate but thats just a joke and a lie i tell myself because when have i ever been able to successfully clear my mind which leads me to thinking about the walking dead episode called clear and then i’m thinking about the episode with the cabin in the woods and the artwork on his walls and the goat and the cell and how much the guy reminds me of the man at the cdc even though they are so different they were both calm and clear dammit i can’t even manage to be like supporting characters on a tv show but that’s rediculous because they aren’t real is reality even real and im reminding myself that the goal was to clear my mind and meditate and i close my eyes and i see the word clear in bright white against the blackness of my closed eyelids and again remind myself that im supposed to be trying to meditate yeah right this is obviously an exercise in futility what am i stupid like the scene from a show i once saw called kids in the hall and they were in an alley behind a bar and the kid in the hall was voluntarily running into this large mans fist instead of getting into the fight with the guy swinging and eventually he’s kicking his own ass and everyone who had gathered to watch the fight was eventually yelling at him to stay down but he was just getting up again and again running into the guys fist over and over yeah that’s what this is like and again hey im trying to meditate here and what is that weird pain in my elbow is it in the elbow then joints and ligaments and veins and pull the veins from my arms and bloody fingers and im still trying to clear my mind and now it’s 6am and im no closer to sleep and much closer to getting up and what the hell is wrong with me and what the fuck ever happened to mrs kim on gilmore girls


Who is at the front door?

The phone starts to ring, and we both look at each other and at the same time say “do you know where the cordless is” we both respond at the same time again with “no, it’s sounds like it is coming closer from you. 500 kata lagi


Let me be

Listen when my rage burns me down,
when it brings me down to the depth of the dark.
Can’t you reach for my sweaty palm? 146 kata lagi


I was once an excellent loser.

One morning, I was born. Mum had gone into labour thirteen minutes after one of her closest childhood friends. Of course, the two made the birth of their first-borns a competition (and guess who lost). 238 kata lagi