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What You Must Remember About Self-Defense

“You are wherever your hips are.”

“You go wherever your head goes.”

“This is the same for your opponent.”

Matthew Sawyer

L is for the way I look at me, O is for the only way I see

There once was a girl who loved to write the letter L in cursive. With the curve of each loop, the smooth movement of her pencil across the paper, she felt artistic and free. 533 kata lagi

Real Life

I’m physically here but my minds gone

Tryna be strong but needin someone to lean on

I’m in so much pain, goin insane

Constantly lookin… 141 kata lagi


Puberty, Popularity, Social Media, Friendship, High School: A Musical

In 2015, a musical by the title of Be More Chill ran at Two River Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey. The musical had music and lyrics written by Joe Iconic and a book written by Joe Tracz. 607 kata lagi

You’re never a loser until you quit trying. ~ Mike Ditka


Every winner is inclined to

think he will be triumphant

forever. Every loser tends to

fear that he is going to be

beaten forever. But both are… 19 kata lagi

The Apprentice 2017 Series 13 Episode 1

The Apprentice 2017:

Series 13 Episode 1 of 14

“The Burger”

It was boys vs girls on opening night, with the teams tasked to make burgers at a profit. 805 kata lagi