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i'm a sucker for a pretty face

no doubt you’re otherworldly
in good ways and bad ways alien to me
but ultimately, a kindred spirit.
so motivated with pretty brown eyes dreaming but… 154 kata lagi


You’re a Loser. Accept it.

I believe the Lord wants us to come to understand more with each passing day, how little we have in ourselves and how much is to be gained through an intimate, abiding relationship with Him. 2.679 kata lagi


I am stupid, let me convince you.

I spend a lot of ruminating over the past events that were upsetting , where I felt I had been wronged or insulted or been mistreated.There is no point in crying over spilt milk , it only boils your blood,upsets your atman and makes it grieve,makes you fall back in time. 81 kata lagi


The way out

Do you feel that you are a loser? Cannot find a job? Nowhere to go? Nobody understands you? Do you have these weird things playing in your mind for a long time now? 168 kata lagi



O you who have believed, let not your wealth and your children divert you from remembrance of Allah. And whoever does that – then those are the LOSERS. 108 kata lagi

The Final Message