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Honestly I'm a loser

People are great.

Some have shit ton of friends and friends, they have this incredible personality. Just fun to be around, everyone loves them and they are never alone. 258 kata lagi


When your ex calls you crazy 

Is it really a bad thing?? 😂😂

I mean Joe gave me his word a month ago he was done playing in our joint activities. Yesterday I spoke to him for 5 minutes to confirm. 267 kata lagi

The Sweater

Like a loser
in a mirror, I need these satisfactions.
They never last, I need more by my reaction.
My neck is aching and twisted… 13 kata lagi


Poem: Loser

Because…sometimes. :/

Had bit of a rough week this past week – I know…what else is new, eh? But, sometimes…you just feel it, you know? Everyone is telling you to keep your head up but inside you feel so…unworthy. 62 kata lagi


What a loser 

Hey, what do you call yourself when you are not satisfied with your current job, not happy with living with your partner, not gaining any certificate or competition title in 4 years, slowly forgetting what you have studied in top university, and always worried about not making a good money and being laughed at from your surroundings? 853 kata lagi

I Shouldn't Have Come Here

 I compliment the dress code, it’s nice to have fashion officiated by colorful wanderers. I mean her eyebrows are painted like peacock feathers, when he inhales the rainbow painted on his pectorals flexes inward trembles for a moment and bursts like a sparkler ignited. 217 kata lagi