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validating the circle to a circle of 'fuck you validation' is the giant 'how to do'.

In today’s time and age where every single action of yours is scrutinised and seen, there is no place to hide. What I have noticed is there is no place for you to form yourself, to be or to become a You- a unique and distinctive person. 366 kata lagi

Should Have Known

Never trust the echoes of the past
They haunt you
Structures discovered under trusting lights
Solutions postulated with a glimmer of hope
The darkness could recede… 96 kata lagi



Here we are again.

This time I’m not even sure how we’ll get out of it.

Frustration comes out in many ways, but I know that’s ok. 142 kata lagi


Mr. Gray (no not the one in 50 shades of gray)

 Old to some , new to others —-> L. M


He was six feet tall

his face covered with tattoos

as well as his body… 251 kata lagi


hi my name is kate and i like to fuck other peoples boyfriends!!!


Fakes! Fakes! Fakes Galore!

So, I’ve said it before. I do the whole D/S and BDSM thing. Not just in the SL, but the RL, too. Figured I’d point out another type of fake to you. 1.656 kata lagi

The Boy That Says Nothing…

He was virtually invisible throughout high school, you know? High school was for the cool and it gave no room for losers. Apenteng seemed okay with his invisibility which I found awkward because its either you want to be cool or you cant. 544 kata lagi