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Friday Night Session

I get turned on by you.
Yes you, looking from behind the curtain.
Your hidden eyes through fabric comes in view.
Like a visit to my mind, creating thoughts, explosive. 177 kata lagi


Awkward: I drank too much coffee

I haven’t shared a sex story yet but I promised I would jump into one of those as well since I’ve had some just as a bad sexual experiences. 384 kata lagi

Good Read Bad timing (1 for 4)

Did everything right on this trade, my entry was spot on just my timing was off a few hours.  Had a very tight stop loss in place or this may have been a bigger loss. 7 kata lagi



, I’m feeling like a big loser: I haven’t held a 9-5 job because freelancing and all the independent shit’s worked out, so working on a job application is somehow a big fucking deal accompanied by overwhelming anxiety, X.X. 163 kata lagi


Editor won’t let me type any posts. I don’t know what to do about it, found an in-Dashboard Add New Post bookmark. Am feeling like somewhat of a loser (definitely a feeling) while working on a job application for one I’ve wanted since I moved to this city. 155 kata lagi

Feckless @BernieSanders has away been a part of our ‘rigged’ political system

In the past few of weeks, Sanders has gone from someone seemingly capable of walking on water to someone diving headfirst into the political muck. His campaign has engaged in one ego-stroking, victim-baiting, politically calculated act after another – none of which serve the greater good of uniting the Democratic Party long enough to defeat Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


Stopped out by a 40 pip candle wick

Wow! this was a crazy trade, made a much better entry than my last trade, was in profit for a while…then the trading god throw a hell marry against me and stopped me out cold. 53 kata lagi