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Prom 2K15

Prom was this past Friday, & my boyfriend looked so very attractive! He’s the sweetest, most down to earth person I know. & I thought it would be sweet to write a little bit about how he makes me feel. 533 more words

Long Distance

Matt's prom suit

This is Matt’s prom suit. OMFG he looks really nice!

This is his last year so well senior prom. I’ve been seeing a lot of prom images lately on Facebook, oh well. 105 more words

Love Life

I'm still yearning for you

It’s exactly 1:43 AM and I’m thinking of you. Despite all the stress that I have to go through during the day, I still find myself reminiscing memories from yesterday. 304 more words


Lazy Sunday thoughts.

“Love you too little one.”

Five words that mean so much to me. They give me so much motivation, make me want to try even harder to be the best pet for my Master. 361 more words


She (Part 21)

“How long do you think you will be staying for?” I ask as we sit at your kitchen table and finish off the terribly sweet fruit rice you had kept in your freezer “for food supply emergencies”. 193 more words


Keeping the Conversation Going

4.26.2015 9:52pm

Let me start by saying that being in a long distance relationship is really difficult. When you talk on the phone every day, it gets difficult to find new and interesting topics to talk about. 157 more words


The truth is...

The truth is I’m scared I’ll lose your number.  I’m scared that someone will text me some killer virus and I’ll lose the chance, if only for one night, to talk to you. 215 more words