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Again (Written summer of 2013, a lovely reminder to myself.)

Sometimes it’s been too long–

the reasons I love you turn back into secrets

and the words I would have said, I can’t remember.

Time turns us back to outside out, 86 kata lagi


The worst part is always heading home 

because for the moment your home is a long way away from ours. I love having you home, even for a week as short as this. 134 kata lagi


NEW COMIC- My friend is in Germany

New comic about long distance friendships. I need to message more XO

Bridget Fahey Hodder © 2015


With Love, Envy

If there’s one emotion I’ve tried my hardest to repress in my almost 20 years of life it’s the emotion of envy. I have always tried to be thankful for what I have since I very well know I could have it a lot worse. 566 kata lagi


Time To Close The Chapter?

18 months of my relationship has gone by and they’ve been 18 months of drama.

It’s come to the point where I just cba to make a conversation anymore ’cause it always leads the same way which gets so boring. 422 kata lagi

When you get over someone you realise how awful they truly were. The selfishness, the lies. He was the biggest liar id ever met and whats funny is I started to talk to him because I felt sorry for him because he was alone a lot, there was no attraction I just felt bad for him. 354 kata lagi


Love is

Written for the ‘What is love in 6 words’ challenge. Inspired by life…

S.b | Miss Lavendius

When distance cannot obstruct two lovers…


18 kata lagi
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