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Staying Positive During the Visa Wait

Yes, this visa wait sucks.  I’m guessing that as it’s Thanksgiving today, the people at the visa processing centre have probably got the rest of the week off too.   880 kata lagi

Long Distance

90 Day LDR Challenge

Hey folks! So I recently finished a 90 day LDR challenge on my Tumblr and decided to bring it over here! As each day goes by you can navigate a collection of the posts for this challenge on the right under “Category” and by clicking “90 Day LDR Challenge” or use the top navigation and hover over “LDR Posts” and click “90 Day LDR Challenge”. 218 kata lagi


Do long distance relationships have an expiration date?

Are long distance relationships destined to fail? Is there suddenly an expiration date on how long you can love someone when they live more than an hour away? 145 kata lagi

Curious Absence.

Distance according to the old saying, makes the heart grow fonder. I guess then that it may be cynical of me to question the good to your heart all that yearning must do. 523 kata lagi

Aphrodites Hamper

You've got nothing left to do

My boyfriend has been sick since last week. And since we are in a long distance relationship, the best thing that I can do is call him and remind him to take his meds. 261 kata lagi

The Cancer Paradox

The cancer paradox is wishing that your loved one is relived from their sufferings and their pain, whilst at the same time you can’t bring yourself to let go. 28 kata lagi


LDR-It can be awesome

There’s a lot of negativity surrounding the topic of long distance relationships. Sure, LDR isn’t necessarily “fun”, but in the end, your experience with LDR is what you make it. 577 kata lagi