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Just Listen ..

Hey love time to get up
I think you’ve been sleeping too long
My day started when you were still yawning
One room just ain’t enough…

299 kata lagi
Daily Motive

Urban Myths

Gentle stinging from a fleck of ash
softly glows on the joint of my finger,
I flick it away and start to wonder,
why we only recognise… 195 kata lagi

Long Distance Diaries: Birthday Wishes

Today marks the day my best friend was born. April 24th! Today was the first day in 23 years that I  have missed her birthday. Now this girl is not only my best friend we are actually those cousins that grew up together that we are actually sisters. 572 kata lagi


How to Make Long Distance Work

A situation that we can get ourselves into once in a while is a long distance relationship. For the most part I think these are kind of pointless unless it’s for something like short-lived like college or something where it wasn’t like a permanent distance. 357 kata lagi


What a race the London Marathon is! I challenge anyone not to enjoy at least some of it. That said, beach weather and marathons do not go hand-in-hand – the conditions were anything but enjoyable! 732 kata lagi


A Lesson We All Learn

Recently I broke up with this guy I was seeing. We were long distance, open relationship. Recipe for success, right?  I think it was a bad idea from the beginning.  654 kata lagi

Common questions we get

When people find out I’m dating some guy who lives halfway across the country, they definitely have questions. Here are some common ones that will hopefully help you better understand me! 284 kata lagi