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Words and online friendships 

There’s something beautiful about friendships from afar. Perhaps it’s the unseen faces and the judgments we never made. Maybe it’s because there’s no sense of competition. 257 kata lagi

"Infinity and Beyond" by Jonin Marie Gargoles

Seventh Month of 2016 we first talk

Teaching me how to speak French

Seventh day of August 2016 our first video call

Laughing while sitting in a bench… 242 kata lagi


5 Love Languages- Military Edition

I met my boyfriend after he was through boot camp. Being in a Long Distance   Relationship has me all sorts of emotional. So I bought… 249 kata lagi

Military Life

The reminder of my commitment

When I am alone and I decided to flip this special book, this contains the hidden treasure of my soul.

The constant reminder of what God had blessed me and what God had entrusted me — My husband and our family.


Phasal Distance*

​True love traverses time and space,

two continents and time zones apart

yet you are the closest to my heart;

The seven seas have begun churning, 27 kata lagi


Chapter XVIII: To Omotesando, with Love

We watched Omotesando from the rooftop.

Two cups of coffee sat cold on the rain-soaked table in front of us.

For a moment, the afternoon was sunny and unperturbed. 551 kata lagi