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“we’ll be friends
things are Fine
i’ll call tomorrow
wipe your eyes”

we’re done for good
i cry a lot
i fake a smile
my heart feels shot… 33 kata lagi

We Could Have Made It

We no longer lived right next to each other,
But distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Being serious was difficult,
But we always found ourselves laughing. 55 kata lagi


Kissing him felt,

Like I was kissing the rest of my life in a flickering whirlwind.

I would catch myself tilting my head,

Hoping the breeze that brushed against my cheek… 132 kata lagi

Let Us Have Love And More Love

Soroosh and I had the mutual idea of having a long-distance date this Valentine’s Day. Two average internet connections and two takeaway salmon and avocado (poor guy doesn’t even like either) sushi boxes later, we managed to pull it off on my lunch break (his dinner). 147 kata lagi

Day 141 - Practice love and loyalty

It’s Sunday evening. I am watching Call the Midwife on BBC one. The intro of the series starts with an opening from diary of a midwife. 907 kata lagi


Long Distance Gifts: DIY Open When Letters

‘Open when’ letters are one of the most heart-warming gifts you could ever give your loved one. Yes of course, thanks to modern technology, in this age of insta-communication we can connect with our partner at the click of a button. 440 kata lagi

Heart out

My heart is hurting, and I know the cure

If I rip it out, it’ll heal for sure.

It’s useless to me where I am, here… 55 kata lagi