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Eventually you’ll stop loving the things you love the most

way too much emotion

mer mer merrrrrrrrrrr if I am busy enough I won’t have time to worry or complain.  I’m just so freaking lazy.

Relationships from opposite longitudes are exhausting and I wanna shorten this one, distance-wise. 79 kata lagi

The long haul

Hubbs leaves again on Sunday, I’m starting orientation for a new job Monday. I feel like we just got back into the swing of things and everything is disrupted again. 302 kata lagi

A Love Story

When I grow old-old, I want to tell my grandchildren a story about two people meeting over online scrabble and falling in love.

Blue eyes, witty, charming American met cute, timid, nerdy Filipina over scrabble. 443 kata lagi


6 Mistakes Made by First-Time Home Buyers

After receiving generous monetary gifts from family and friends for your wedding, you’ve decided to buy your first home.  This should be a piece of cake, you and your new spouse agree, because you believe you have just enough for a hefty down payment and can afford monthly mortgage payments.  611 kata lagi


It feels like I'm wasting time when I'm not with you

I’m so tired. I just need the world to stop. Give me a moment to catch my breath. Then everything can start spinning again.

Even when she holds me I feel the cruel hands of time dragging us apart. 327 kata lagi