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65 km trip again!

my mother told me that my post were too mathematical for her, hopefully she will like this one more :D. So about week and something back, I wrote about my… 269 kata lagi

65 Kilometers

Dear Daddy, I'm Glad That's Done


Thanks for letting me drag the job/moving thing out like I did, so unnecessarily. I was kind of relieved that your first reaction was that you were neutral. 628 kata lagi

Long Distance

T shirt...

You ask me why women wear their man’s clothes.

Well, I can’t answer for other women but I know why I do…

I love your smell. 134 kata lagi

My Truth

Today I Will Not Miss You

Today I won’t miss you. Today, you will not be my first aching thought when I open my tired eyes and I won’t roll over and search for the warmth of your body beside me. 602 kata lagi


Call me old school if you will, but I come from a time before texting.  That’s right – you wanted to talk to someone?  You picked up the phone and called them.  653 kata lagi

Moving Tips — Saving Money While You’re Moving

Extra money can be hard to find when you’re moving.  Sometimes, you feel like all you’re doing is exercising your credit card and opening up your wallet for various expenses.  565 kata lagi


Dear Daddy, Here Goes Nothing

I think this will be the first blog here written as if I’m actually talking to him (the goal) – I’m going to try and make it the format I use for this conversation, but less one sided. 585 kata lagi