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Sweetest long distance love

We talk of long distance love;
God is my long distance love;
As near as near can be;
But also far,far away;
I do not see and cannot touch; 19 kata lagi

The CC of What Happens After Marriage 

To those yet to be married, this topic is somewhat uncharted waters. But to the ones who’ve been round the block and then some, you might find yourself nodding throughout the next few paragraphs. 2.092 kata lagi


The UCLA Visit

Thank god for Sam. Seriously.

He has been amazing.

I feel like my blog has made him out to be a bad guy. But he’s really not a bad guy. 287 kata lagi


You’re now closer to the other end of this 2,700 miles than you are to me.

We’ll miss each other fiercely, almost protectively, for these…maybe two, three days – maybe a week, maybe a week and a half. 1.037 kata lagi

Journal Tabs

Words from 22.1.18

Last week I could feel your skin beside my own.

Your arms wrapped so tight I couldn’t even imagine being alone.

Now the only company I have twists through my headphones. 112 kata lagi

Fucked up Again

This time by overracting. The post I put up last night, that I ended with feeling better, melded with the post I put up this AM, feeling overall pissed. 524 kata lagi


I signed up for a baking pen pal over three years ago...

In 2014 I was no longer working at a job I had once thought I would retire from. I was a new homeowner BUT I was owning and living in a home in a relationship that had lost meaning and was in the final stages of crumbling apart. 644 kata lagi