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Central Offices In Montana

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Here are some pictures sent to me by one of my followers who asked to not be identified by name, but with this tight community, does everyone need to be identified everytime, all the time? 127 kata lagi


When your Friend is Moving Far Away and Other Things.

Things to know:

  • My best friend currently lives 1.7 miles from me
  • We both graduated!!
  • My best friend is moving 170 miles away from me…
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Dear Long Distance Best Friend

Dear Long Distance Best Friend,

I miss you so much. I constantly wish that you could be here to not only cry with me but to also celebrate the good with me. 463 kata lagi

Thoughts & Feelings

An Ode To My Infatuation

My, my, you’re a beautiful disaster!
A scorned prince, but so serene.
Composed of elements so different but complement each other
I wonder, oh, I wonder when I would finally touch your golden skin. 289 kata lagi


What to Expect When Moving to a Ski Resort Town

Not everyone loves winter weather but some choose to reside in places where plentiful snow arrives early.  If you tend toward ski bum when the first snowfall comes, you may consider moving to a… 548 kata lagi


Sometimes you just need a good cry.... or ten.

Today was a shitty day. It was actually a pretty average day, but I felt shitty. I’ve currently been crying in my car for half an hour because a stranger gave me attitude in the elevator outside of work and I’m taking everything personally today. 289 kata lagi


Long Distance

Hey everyone today I am going to tackle a subject a lot of people deal with in their everyday lives, long distance relationships.! How many of you are in a long distance relationship.? 419 kata lagi