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Far, but not far enough...

If you ever have to feel lonely

Beneath the light of the moon

And your ears crave for the cacophony of your home

Just sigh a little louder… 140 kata lagi

Human Behaviour

Lifestyle: Checking Up on Your Long-Distance Friends

Depression is real. Mental illnesses come in many forms and they’re all valid, real, and usually touching each of our lives. Recently we’ve seen the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain shake the media, and in a well-meaning universal gesture social media has been flooded with calls to take mental health more seriously. 572 kata lagi


Hiking 127 km without sleeping?

Jouni Laaksonen 18.6.2018

Have you ever wondered where your physical limits are? Hiking is normally not a sports exercise where you test your limits, and normal hiking should not be – but it can be if you want to. 581 kata lagi


Bohusleden Part IV - Final destination, Strömstad!

Misschien had ik er net iets meer van verwacht. Niet dat het wandelen van de Bohusleden tegenviel, verre van. Ik heb kunnen genieten van het prachtige weer, wildlife gespot en opnieuw wat tijd doorgebracht in een van mijn favoriete landen. 620 kata lagi


Long Distance Friendships

These rainy evenings remind me

Of the times when we’d sneak out

For the cutting chai Ram Chacha served

Next to our college.

We’d be drenched in the aftermath of… 262 kata lagi

Best Friend

Six Months Without a Song

So, for the last about 6ish months I didn’t listen to music.

This isn’t to say that I didn’t encounter elevator music, top 40 blaring from speakers in department stores or the occasional human on the street with a guitar and country music aspirations. 1.416 kata lagi



My stepson is a loving, amazing human being. I’ve been unable to wipe the sadness and anger off my face at times, and this little boy has asked me what’s wrong and snuggled me and done things to cheer me up, like draw a picture of an animal with a smiley face and also with smiley faces on his stomach, complete with hearts. 259 kata lagi