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Pre Checks for Long Distance Biking

Many folks are going for long distance biking off late, so I decided to pen this one down for the folks who want the necessity pre checks. 317 kata lagi

a nice surprise

 July 2015

Trouble left four days ago. Not much, and no one else has really been on my mind for the last six months, let alone the last wee while. 744 kata lagi


From Continuous Effort and Struggle

I know there’s that quote about what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and another about learning from relationships. To be honest, I don’t think I have learned much from my relationship, I think it just helped me better understand what I already knew. 692 kata lagi

Ldr Blog

Auringonnuosu in Oulujärvi (Watching a Sunrise Together, 8 Hours Apart)

Just an unedited online conversation between me and my friend. I loved the fact that quotidian prose can sometimes be so unconsciously poetic:

The darkest hour of the day… 200 kata lagi


Ticket bought, flight booked

I did it! I finally booked my flight to Atlanta. In September, I will be in my love’s arms and be able to kiss him indefinitely. 128 kata lagi


The Most Often-Damaged Items When Moving (And How to Prevent Breakage!)

One thing people fear the most when moving into a new apartment or house is that their stuff will wind up at the new location broken, damaged or completely destroyed. 730 kata lagi