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My Heart Is 2,446 Miles Away

2,446 miles

I envy your sheets
how they get to wrap around you
touch your skin in the Lonely Hours

I slip on my liberal arts boots… 74 kata lagi

Letters of Love

To the strong men in uniforms from their devoted wives back home

I wish you were here, mi amor.

Some days are especially difficult when you’re not here and today is one such day.

389 kata lagi

"How Many Times?"

How many times can I break my heart before it’s not okay?
How many times can I break my heart before it heals the wrong way? 220 kata lagi


The start of a bumpy road

Great. We had decided to leave our fate in “God’s hands”… In other words we had decided to keep the baby and continue on with the pregnancy. 1.326 kata lagi


Long-distance relationships are a commitment/ NEVER SAY NEVER

I used to be the type of person who DID NOT believe in long-distance relationships. I used to say that I would NEVER be in those relationships. 530 kata lagi

Long distance friendships and relationships

Coming to university, moving away from your loved ones, and starting this whole scary ‘long distance’ thing might be the worst nightmare for many students. It was scary for me too, but now I actually think it’s a blessing. 734 kata lagi

Life Hacks

Why Long-Distance Relationships DO work.

Anyone who has ever been in a long-distance relationship knows the crazy look people give you when you tell them. Long-distance relationships aren’t ideal, but in 2017 when most families have two-income households, jobs can make remaining in the same city difficult. 558 kata lagi