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San Francisco!!

Be sure to wear flowers in your hair, there will be a love-in there and all that. Well there’s no love-in and I haven’t got flowers in my hair but I’m here and ready to race! 295 kata lagi


Diary Entry #1

After so many failed attempts we succumbed to the fact that it was never meant to be and said our goodbyes. The distance between us was such a heavy burden to carry after 2 long years. 66 kata lagi

Recently, I’ve graduated from college. During my time there, I met some of the most ridiculously fantastic people. They are my best friends. However, every summer, we have to go our separate ways. 399 kata lagi


if you're in long distance relationship

If you are in a long distance relationship and you don’t know how to deal with the situation, don’t worry ! I know a lot of couples who surwived that time and it seems that people online love to share their stories and their advices in that topic as well. 886 kata lagi



Take flight.

You ran over me like a plane on an airway, stared me down like I’m on the bottom of the staircase, because with gun in hand, I was running man because that night I think of you.

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First Real Relationship

Aside from My First Boyfriend I didn’t really know what the expect from men, or from relationships in general. After my first boyfriend i wasn’t really interested in men anymore, i didn’t know what i wanted, but i decided to just keep my options open, experimented with my sexuality. 898 kata lagi


figuring it out my way

As of this moment, I’m contemplating whether he should have access to my blog. What would this do? What’s my hypothesis? He’s not my therapist, he’s not my fiancee, he hardly gets me. 132 kata lagi