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Video: AT&T Long Lines' NOC Tour - 1979

Today, we are revisiting network operations from about thirty-five years ago. From time to time, this site had posted media from the old AT&T Long Lines… 381 kata lagi

Gawd Bless The Bell System

To My Forever Friends

To my forever friends,

Some of you guys have been with me since the beginning of high school, or even before, and while I moved away for college, you have never once let this friendship die. 778 kata lagi

things come to an end ~ Valerie

There’s something about being in love that is all encompassing and ethereal. But it also makes you so, so vulnerable. You feel utterly lost even at the thought of being without that love—after all, how can you live without something that has taken up such a huge portion of your heart? 143 kata lagi

Life Lessons


You can’t bottle up a person—

Not their laughter, not their sighs.

I can’t put my finger on it,

But I know it isn’t wise… 131 kata lagi


Loving too hard

Sometimes I think I show love in the most passionate way, some see it as being rude. I guess I show my love with a little bit of roughness in actions and in words, but what is the harm in tough love? 196 kata lagi

How To Survive Long Distance Relationships

We have all heard the phrase “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. However, most people don’t believe long distance relationships work out, some don’t even consider them real relationships at all. 1.140 kata lagi


FaceTime Friendship

My best friend went to college 748 miles away. This girl became my best friend half way through senior year, but our friendship most of the time seemed as though it had been around for ages. 209 kata lagi

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