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Spanish Moss

I struggle to pull the hood of my raincoat over my head while trying to sidestep patches of black ice on my walk home from work. 726 more words


Loving an Indian Man

Loving someone from another country in an international, long-distance relationship has been one of the easiest and hardest parts of my life. While growing up I desired someone to love me wholly for my authentic self which I hid behind my shy exterior. 489 more words

Like before.

I didn’t want us to be serious.
I just wanted someone to love.
I wasn’t looking for the one.
But then unwanted feelings kicked in and now I’m lost. 22 more words


21: Sweep Under the Rug

I know I just said to be honest about everything, but honestly (haha) some conversations have to be had in person.

They require eye contact. They require the phone not being between you, they require time and patience. 150 more words

Long distancing with Ma

by ushra

Day 1

Dear ma,

I’ve reached safely. The airport was huge, probably twice the size compared to the one in Dhaka. You of course know that – … 927 more words


The Pain of Goodbyes

Yes, long distance relationships ARE real. It also takes a strong person to commit to one. Despite the overall view that they do not last, I have seen first hand the result of patience, communication, and tremendous work it takes. 722 more words


What I Have Accomplished in 2014 and (So Far) in 2015

Every year, I write on my blog about my accomplishments and what I look forward to achieving the following year. I think it’s important to have goals and to work on being a better you. 618 more words