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Love @ Facebook

Scrolling down his Newsfeed, he heaved a sigh of frustration. The clock had struck 12 half an hour ago. It was another mundane night with no sleep to enjoy or friends to talk. 298 kata lagi


The Unopened Envelope (by Guest Blogger)

Every time his iPhone’s screen flashed her name and that personalized ringtone buzzed, he knew she was making this call by sneaking out of everyone’s attention. 395 kata lagi


2/ Learning To Love Long Distance

‘6 September. I keep my phone on just in case he calls – I know he won’t. And that’s okay.’Personal Diary Entry. 867 kata lagi


Happy birthday Tiff!!


Happy birthday to my dearest Tiff! It’s just very very pity that I cannot spend this big day with you!!!🎂

If you were still here with me, I guess I’m gonna plan a day with you!! 237 kata lagi

HK Bits...

In which I ponder...inconvenient truths

So I moved again. Anyone who has known me for a while knows I move often. I am starting to think I may be some sort of weird nomadic vagrant, since this is the 10th house since 2007, and the 25th home overall. 643 kata lagi

Hygiene on the trail

I get this question a lot with regards to hygiene on the trail. I have seen and talked with a lot of heavy-miserables who don’t think about hygiene and after four days on the trail start getting bad ass blisters and general chapping. 108 kata lagi


Confirmation of my Masters Visitation

I am on the phone with my master and I have just gotten the confirmation that he is coming in on the flight that he had promised me. 126 kata lagi