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New York Moving 101 – The Complete Guide to Moving to the Big Apple

Challenges That You Face When Relocating to New York and How You’ll Manage to Overcome Them by Choosing the Right Moving Company

Are you moving to the Big Apple? 719 kata lagi


Am I mean?


About three days ago I have received a news that ‘him’ had a dream about me. And if it is true it means that he thinks a lot about me. 460 kata lagi

NZ North Island - part I: Tauranga and Rotorua

Mona and I set off from Fairlie, without having been murdered in our sleep, and made it back to Christchurch airport with plenty of time to spare. 688 kata lagi

Quote of the Day: 1/22

“I miss you now that I am here/And you are there./I miss the way you look/The way you care/I wanted oh so very much/To get away/Now every single day I stay/I miss you more/And love you more/And need you more.”

– Jay, Jay’s Journal, page 99.


Guess what I woke up to?



P.S.- It would be wonderful if you would buy/read their February issue featuring love poems – which also has my ‘To my Long Distance Lover’. Thanks a bunch <3


#location #dedication 👭

Location doesn’t matter if there is dedication.

Many friendships do not last long because of location but when you think about it, dedication may not be present. 57 kata lagi



Fireflies, fairy dust, flowing sparks and floating stars, flickering in the air, falling light moats around us when we’re together.

We curled closer.

Peachy lights casting enchanted glow and cold night air I don’t feel when I’m with him. 286 kata lagi