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Filosofi Logo JPJ

Logo JPJ secara umum membentuk pola Tugu Jogja, yang memberikan identitas bahwa JPJ merupakan wadah silahturahmi antar para pengusaha yang khususnya berdomisili di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta… 83 kata lagi

Archivio Grafica Italiana

“Archivio Grafica Italiana is the first digital archive dedicated to the Italian graphic design heritage. A growing overview to spread and promote the culture of quality that distinguishes the Italian design tradition.

130 kata lagi
Graphic Design

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 9 Premiere Recap

The last several years have seen each season begin with a twist, and this year is no different. This season’s opening episode had a simple format: a pageant where no one gets sent home. 1.330 kata lagi


Altering my homepage.

I took a lot of inspiration from Missguided and Muttonhead with their use of the grid systems, as well as understanding the trends that are happening from my previous research. 322 kata lagi

Graphic Design

Own pictures.

I went into the photography studio to take pictures of my clothes for my website. By having my own setting and clothing, it created a much more personal touch to my website than if I were to mock up the logo on clothing. 228 kata lagi

Graphic Design