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Animated Logo example 1

Quick animation with a concept logo created in Hype 3 (great for interactive web animations, by the way). The script? the two round circles bounce towards each other, BRUNDER text ascends, remaining text ascends, red highlights fade in. Pretty simple and fun!

Graphic Design

Harlym Skate Co - Logo Design

Logo design for my at-home job painting longboard & skateboard decks :)

Graphic Design

This'n'That - How to make your own Watermark brush in Photoshop

There are several unique benefits to creating a Logo or Watermark, to put on your photos or artwork, as a brush in Photoshop. You can easily adjust the size, position, color, opacity, and some many other facts over placing a .png or .esp/.psd file over the top of your final image.   281 more words



Logo created for my very dear friends at Bronhaul Farm. They are hoping to expand into a range of areas so watch this space!


Bronhaul Farm

Chameleons Vox at Logo, Hamburg (15/05/15) & Gleis 22, Münster (17/05/15)

Given that I was a teenage Smiths fan, it is many years now since I first heard “Rubber Ring” and Morrissey’s worldly-wise lyrics within it.  I’d have been well aware even without this spelling it out to me that “the most impassionate song to a lonely soul is so easily outgrown”; to try that without the melodrama and high camp that Steven Patrick has made his trademark, the music that means so much to you as you grow up will likely lose some of its impact and certainly some of its relevance as the years slip by.  2.224 more words