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Locus of control & cognitive dissonance...

A few things have been going on recently that I hadn’t at all planned. In fact I’d made a big, bright, fluorescent sticky note in my head to avoid such occurrences. 1.482 more words


How constant violence shapes a nation

This was a Facebook status I posted in reaction to the recent attack on the Ministry of Higher Education in Somalia by 5 al-shabaab militants, which ended in the death of 9 people. 642 more words

Personal Blues



All three of these ideas are based on the human mind wishing to seek reasons behind actions. Are we predestined for certain events to happen in life? 402 more words

Belief Systems

I’m moving forward and I think to myself, “Who do I have to thank? Myself?” It feeds my ego, but no. “My family?” Who I’ve come to believe aren’t much of a support. 133 more words


Attributions to His Loneliness

Welcome, to, another “application” of an already-written down theory!!!

Part I…the Internals…

In this view, that attributions to his loneliness is made, to not the external environments, not the interactions he’d shared, or lack thereof, with the world, and, in this view, the man (person???) is more than likely, to ponder on, how s/he could get her/himself, involved with the world all around, like getting more involved with the world, showing cares and concerns to the people that s/he comes across, thus, solving the ISSUES that are contributing factors that’s made her/him feel so lonely, and, in this way, the man (human) IS the one in control, of getting RID of her/his own feelings of loneliness. 457 more words


A Hundred Days to Happiness #21: Happiness in the Face of Stress

Stress is an essential part of everyday life. In fact, we need positive stress, or what Hans Selye called eustress, to move forward, grow and achieve our potentials. 419 more words


Locus Of Control Is Alive And Well In The Workplace

Regardless of whether or not you are interested in psychology, there is an idea in the realm of personal psychology that will follow you to the workplace and wherever else you go. 729 more words