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Locus of Control

I just learned what locus of control is in my therapy session tonight. In personality psychology, locus of control refers to the extent in which individuals believe they can… 347 kata lagi

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Do you control your life, or does it control you?

Consider the following statements:

1. I struggle to lose weight because I have two kids and I don’t have any time to exercise or eat well; 663 kata lagi


Antidotes for Afflictive Emotions Part IV: Empowerment

In Parts I, II, & III of this blog post series, we explored courage, compassion, and wisdom, acceptance, and curiosity as ways of relating to ourselves, other people and the world that reduce suffering – our own and that of others.   646 kata lagi


Could Your Operating System Need An Update?

I’ve connected with literally thousands of people as a nurse and health educator, and I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard people say, “I’m scared to make a change.” 523 kata lagi


Maintaining fluency - The Risk of Relapse

After a busy week, with three days at the hospital and two at the fluency clinic, I must admit I’ve missed out on a few posts. 679 kata lagi

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Each of us have own interaction style with the physical and social environment that is deeply fixed, consistent, distinctive and characteristic patterns. This style is influencer of circumstances and time, as personality is shown via-a-via behaviour, thoughts and feelings. 457 kata lagi

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