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Do you believe that your destiny is controlled by yourself or by outside forces?

If the answer is yourself, you have what is termed an internal locus of control. 36 kata lagi


The Hidden Roots of Changed Careers. Part II : What qualities do we need to have for a successful career change?

In the Part I, we discussed attachment styles that affect a career building strategy. In this part, we will have a look at two other factors that influence our professional development Р locus of control and  intelligence. 629 kata lagi


Anxiety, Part 1: An Invitation

Article Summary:

  • Learning about how anxiety plays out in our life can lead us to real transformation.
  • We need not fear anxiety but see it as a teacher to help us get grounded.
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After Disclosure

A happy new year

I have, like many of us do at this time of year, been looking back on 2017.  To be honest, there were some real highs, and some real lows. 955 kata lagi


The Awesome Power of Words

There can be no denying the power of words. They are perhaps the most powerful instrument for good or ill on Earth. Words can be used to build up or tear down, to create or destroy. 639 kata lagi

Giving Hope To People Living With Dissociative Identity Disorder

Peering into the Well - Distorted Reflection

There is a psychological concept known as locus of control. I am again approaching this is a lay person, but the basic idea is that some people believe that the control over their actions and their lives is within themselves and some people believe it is outside of themselves. 774 kata lagi


Ketamine: A possible end to Suicide?

Around 44,000 people each year in the United States commits suicide. Each suicide is like a nuclear bomb dropped into the middle of a family. Devastating those closest and leaving emotional scars that last a lifetime. 1.457 kata lagi

Chronic Pain