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Discussion Questions: Chapter Ten

“Your Most Important Relationship”

You can’t take care of your kids if you’re not taking care of yourself. This chapter gives insights about self-understanding.

“…Any woman who did something to take care of herself was put down in her family’s hardworking immigrant culture for being ‘selfish.'” (p. 386 kata lagi

Discussion Guide

Resilience creates a leader.

I firmly believe that I, along with many students pursuing higher education, compass an internal locus of control. I believe that we affect our own achievements. 706 kata lagi

You Are the Problem

The Harvard Business Review published an interesting study recently. In it, they actually isolated a ‘drama’ gene, proving that certain people are more prone to drama than others. 882 kata lagi


Really, the "heroin epidemic" is NOT Big Pharma's fault. It's all of ours.

Here’s the thing: There’s a mythology being propagated that suggests there’s a natural progression from pharmaceutical opioid addiction to heroin addiction. This mythology suggests that it’s Big Pharma’s fault that heroin addiction is “an epidemic.” But, and I say this with certainty, heroin addiction is a category all on its own and not even all heroin addiction is the same. 433 kata lagi


CP 64: A Refugee's Locus of Control

None of the depictions I write about can ever fully represent what the refugees in the world are experiencing. I’m imagining to the best of my ability through a psychological lens. 183 kata lagi


Hey there, looks like my final semester might be eating up more of my time than I had anticipated. At this point, I cannot really tell whether all the stuff I have to do is so immense (but in that case, how do law and medical students even survive?) or whether I’m going about this the wrong way. 858 kata lagi


Following My Own Advice

Lately, it’s felt like one frustrating thing after another has been piling up at school. (One of the many reasons why I’ve been M.I.A. from the blog for quite some time!) But the challenges I am facing at Birney are starting to take a toll on me, and it sucks. 562 kata lagi

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