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Locus of Control: Zack Harris

The assessment told me that I have a high grade in regards to internal locus of control. I have always been a person who believes that every individual is in control of their own destiny (in this case, health). 456 kata lagi

Midnight thieves 

​I don’t hate victim mentality because it’s a sign of weakness. No. I hate it because it’s a sign of self-betrayal. You’re abandoning yourself and throwing yourself under the bus, literally taking your power and placing it in the hands of others. 552 kata lagi

Self-discovery Blues

Dreams never define reality

It’s not often that I vividly remember my dreams, but when I do it’s for one of two reasons: the self-crafted fantasy is so totally wonderful I don’t want it to come to an end or the simple dream transforms into a horrible nightmare that I want to shake myself out of as soon as possible. 366 kata lagi

Personal Composition

Locus of Control

As my 24th birthday approaches I find myself reflecting on what I’ve accomplished so far and where I’m headed. In 2014 I graduated from UConn with a B.S. 402 kata lagi


Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice

In this review, I will summarize the main points of the first chapter of Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice by Napoleon Hill and Dennis Kimbro. 458 kata lagi

Locus Of Control

How To Develop Your Self-Empowerment Mindset

People who are self-empowered hold thoughts and attitudes that allow them to assume they have the ability to overcome obstacles. A self-empowered person develops goals for her or his life and sees anything that gets in the way of a particular goal as temporary. 800 kata lagi

Domestic Violence

Do You Have An Innie or An Outie? Part 2

Previously on Blog by Bake…

I compared life to a video game and explained how our mindset is a lot like our belly button ( 482 kata lagi