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Thought trigger: Tejas Harad’s post

I have always had a strong “internal” locus of control that means I strongly believe that what I get in life, is because of my actions.

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Echoes From The Wild

Going with the flow.

Flexibility is an essential component of growth.

When life takes a detour, how do you react? Are you able to break free from old patterns (e.g., take the bus instead of your car; go a day without wifi; leave your phone at home) or is your whole day ruined? 11 kata lagi



The immediate answer that comes to one’s mind after reading the above question is “God”; or may be if one has an internal locus of control, (s)he would say – “ 257 kata lagi



When an employee does not achieve his or her full potential, whose fault is it? Is it the organisation that does not provide the environment conducive to performance or how much of it is the individual’s responsibility? 809 kata lagi


Act on it, or Pray on it?

All psychologists know that one of the most important factors leading to general success in life, whether it be at work or at home, is your locus of control (LOC). 485 kata lagi


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