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"Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” ― Lao Tzu

When I decided to go into e-commerce last year, one of the first motivational talks I heard was by a bunch of business and entrepreneurial gurus. 843 kata lagi

Nurse Practitioner

Beyond the Language Classroom

There is, however, a clear relationship between language learning beyond the classroom and locus of control, in that non-classroom setting often demand that the learners make many of the decisions about their learning.

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Internal vs External Locus of Control- Who to blame when plans go awry

If you’re unfamiliar with the term locus of control it refers to the extent to which people believe they have power over the events in their lives.   629 kata lagi

Financial Independence

Stay in your Locus.

Things inside your locus are:






what you consume

how you react

Things outside your locus:




other people… 147 kata lagi


Locus of Control - I am suffering from Ongoing Traumatic Disorder due to continued brain hacking attempts by US Military to control my thoughts #904

US military continue to force brain hacking to control me externally with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies. I want my internal locus of control back. I dont want to have to fight US Military who are criminals for how I want to live my life. 159 kata lagi

Factors Affecting Obedience

Situational Factors
  • Milgram suggested that obedience would be higher if the personal responsibility is given to the authority figure. Thus was shown when at one point, the participant asks the experimenter “He might be dead in there, sir!
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