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Could Your Operating System Need An Update?

Hi everyone! I’ve connected with literally thousands of people as a nurse and health educator, and I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard people say, “I’m scared to make a change.” 537 more words


Maintaining fluency - The Risk of Relapse

After a busy week, with three days at the hospital and two at the fluency clinic, I must admit I’ve missed out on a few posts. 679 more words

Research Review

Locus of Control -- Then and Now

How has your practice changed since you started out? How did you find your place within the Kemetic sphere? Are there things you do now that you didn’t then? 647 more words

Me And My Gods

Personality & Development


Each of us have own interaction style with the physical and social environment that is deeply fixed, consistent, distinctive and characteristic patterns. This style is influencer of circumstances and time, as personality is shown via-a-via behaviour, thoughts and feelings. 457 more words

Training & Development

How constant violence shapes a nation

This was a Facebook status I posted in reaction to the recent attack on the Ministry of Higher Education in Somalia by 5 al-shabaab militants, which ended in the death of 9 people. 642 more words

Personal Blues



All three of these ideas are based on the human mind wishing to seek reasons behind actions. Are we predestined for certain events to happen in life? 402 more words

Work Backwards: The Key to Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Like many (semi) accomplished individuals, I experience Impostor Syndrome almost daily. It recently accelerated because I was asked to do an AMA and put on a page among some amazing people who have done amazing things, and I… I’ve just done things. 1.264 more words