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Locus of Control, Game Theory and Visionary Thinking

Locus of Control, Game Theory and Visionary Thinking

I was recently speaking at a conference on art, death, psychology and healing touch. The event was sponsored by my company… 1.306 kata lagi

Catskills Art And Culture

The Loci of Writing: Plantsing and Politics

It’s a year where satire and parody seem unnecessary – this political season has been aggravating and exhausting. I believe there are personal lessons to be learned and am mercenary about the sources. 945 kata lagi


Why I Don't Post About The Latest Outrage

Most of all, because when a dozen of my Facebook friends are already posting about the same thing, it would be boring to repeat them. 258 kata lagi

Human Nature

Internal Locus of Control

Internal and external freedom is predicated on the fact that you have internalized the knowledge that you own yourself. Part of this realization that you own yourself is that you are also responsible for yourself. 1.617 kata lagi


Locus of Control: Zack Harris

The assessment told me that I have a high grade in regards to internal locus of control. I have always been a person who believes that every individual is in control of their own destiny (in this case, health). 456 kata lagi

Midnight thieves 

​I don’t hate victim mentality because it’s a sign of weakness. No. I hate it because it’s a sign of self-betrayal. You’re abandoning yourself and throwing yourself under the bus, literally taking your power and placing it in the hands of others. 552 kata lagi

Self-discovery Blues

Dreams never define reality

It’s not often that I vividly remember my dreams, but when I do it’s for one of two reasons: the self-crafted fantasy is so totally wonderful I don’t want it to come to an end or the simple dream transforms into a horrible nightmare that I want to shake myself out of as soon as possible. 366 kata lagi

Personal Composition