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Apa itu Jaringan LAN [Local Area Network] ?

LAN atau biasa disebut juga Local Area Network adalah sebuah jaringan komputer yang mempunyai cakupan wilayah jaringan yang sangat kecil. Jaringan lokal yang hanya meliputi jaringan kantor, jaringan di sekolah/kampus, jaringan di rumah, atau hanya satu gedung saja. 357 kata lagi

Difference between LAN and WLAN?

LAN or Local Area Network –

A Local Area Network is one where every one of the PCs is in a similar general area. This can mean all in a similar office or building, or in a gathering of close-by structures. 196 kata lagi

Freelance IT Engineer

How can a network engineer be a freelancer?

Understanding the Scope of Freelancing Career

Freelancing career is on demand and every individual are seeking to earn some extra bucks in their free time. And, in this race engineers who are into telecom sector can also show their real talent by taking up freelance, part-time or remote projects. 299 kata lagi