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Time is Ticking

Which Liverpool players are in danger of being sold?
I believe that these players are on last chance salon, and if they don’t start contributing will be sold on. 531 kata lagi


New signings give high expectations for Liverpool and Manchester United in the upcoming season...

by Shea Baldwin

With the new season just around the corner, Liverpool and Manchester United have made their moves early and sought out marquee acquisitions.  Both teams aim to finish at least in the top six of the English Premier League to keep their reputations alive as a dominant club. 398 kata lagi

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Which Summer Signing will Sizzle?

There’s been no action on the pitch since mid May in the Premier League, however to us enthusiasts out there we’ve been able to keep our sanity in large parts due to a plethora of transfer rumours – 90% of which never actually come to fruition (your Bale to United’s and Benzema to Arsenal’s of this world). 1.581 kata lagi


Let the Music Unite

Liverpool is a great place to be if you enjoy good live music, most days on Church street you can find buskers sharing their music with the streets, but today as I walked through I witnessed something special. 318 kata lagi

VIDEO: Interview with Peter Dowd (Labour MP for Bootle)

It has been an absolute pleasure to complete my first face-to-face interview with Bootle’s newly elected Labour MP, Peter Dowd today. Mr Dowd achieved an incredible 74.5% of the vote, 33,000 votes and a 29,000 majority. 40 kata lagi

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My girlfriend is my passion

My girlfriend & I are currently not in normal talking terms at the moment. She feels that I don’t take her into consideration when I make a decision (e.g. 407 kata lagi