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The Mirrorless Camera. An Expensive Point & Shoot?

So, yes I took the plunge and bought the Sony A6000 with two kit lenses, the 16-55mm and 70-200 mm. The reason I had purchased it was in the hopes I would be able to travel with a much lighter and smaller camera (my backpack on my last travel weighed 18 pounds before the 5 pound tripod!) and possibly for street photography. 1.687 kata lagi


Transformation - Time lapse - intial practice

In class this week we continued our discussions about how to approach the project and Zig was showing us some of his work from his website. 685 kata lagi

Level 3

Using Live View for Composition

Author: Amy Novotny

Live View is a great tool featured on many new digital cameras and serves many purposes. It can help with focus, with shooting scenes in which the camera is higher or lower than the photographer, and with composition. 427 kata lagi


The Nikon D5100: An Excellent Choice for the Beginner to DSLR Photography

The Digital RevolutionThe last decades our world has experienced a revolution: The Digital Revolution. Digital cameras and smart phones allow almost everybody to take nice photos. 637 kata lagi