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6 songs to listen to if you love Shawn Mendes' 'There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back'

For Shawn Mendes’ latest single, the bouncy “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back,” the singer-songwriter dipped into previously unexplored influences: the 18-year-old told EW in April that he was channeling early-2000s Timbaland when he entered the studio. 412 kata lagi


MASK - Love Without Love (사랑 없는 사랑) 

Song Title : Love Without Love (사랑 없는 사랑)
Song Writer : JR, 김지향, Melodesign
Background Music : Melodesign
Producer : Melodesign 535 kata lagi


MASK - Fine Girl 

Song Title : Fine Girl (파인 걸)
Song Writer : 한준, 이유진
Background Music : 이유진
Producer : 이유진  915 kata lagi


MASK - One Day 

Song Title : One Day
Song Writer : Razer, 호야
Background Music : Razer
Producer : Razer 643 kata lagi


MASK - a Person Like Me (나란 사람) 

Song Title : 나란 사람 a Person Like Me
Song Writer : 재이윤
Background Music : 재이윤
Producer : 재이윤 354 kata lagi


MASK - Origin

Song Title : Outro: Origin
Background Music : Luke
Producer : Seojun


MASK - Because It's You (너라서)

Song Title : Because It’s You (너라서)
Song Writer : Luke, Rain
Background Music : Luke
Producer : Seojun, Luke 114 kata lagi