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Lacanian analysis of Linkin Parks ‘Hybrid Theory’: One Step Closer

Hybrid Theory’s opening gambit, Papercut, provided a rich ground for interpretation. In it the protagonist fails to fully assume his castration thus setting the scene for the Oedipal rivalry with the father. 122 kata lagi


Lacanian analysis of Linkin Parks 'Hybrid Theory': Papercut

The album’s first track, Papercut, kicks off the album. The lyrics make reference to a feeling that is like paranoia, which is vividly rendered by the line “the face inside is right beneath your skin”.  258 kata lagi


TBT: Re-Fuel Your Rock Adrenaline With Pressive’s “Sirens”

Although the track is just a month old, we still want to throwback “Sirens” by the Guadalajara-based rock trio, Pressive. It is the nu-metal, pristine rock that Millennials who grew up in the Linkin Park/Korn bandwagon often can’t get enough these days. 58 kata lagi


First Listen Review: La Dispute - "Tiny Dots"

The Good: La Dispute deserve a bigger name. Although they have been rewarded good grades from well known music bloggers, they still haven’t become a common name spoken between normal people. 304 kata lagi


Rival Tides' New Rituals EP - Rocking Hard And "Mixing Aggression With Positivity"

That comes from a direct quote from the band’s web site… They are a “Los Angeles-based rock band that thrives on mixing aggression with positivity.” 514 kata lagi

Marc's Mixed Bag - A Little Of Everything

Mike Shinoda Offers Update On New Linkin Park Album

Mike Shinoda has offered an update on the new Linkin Park album. You can read what he had to say below.

“…We just started narrowing down to some of our favorite songs, and we’re starting to put our first “final” vocals on them.

120 kata lagi

My First Blog Post

Okay, here goes, Hi! my name is Amber aka bzzeeb (one of my various pen names) and I don’t know what to say.

I’m sitting here listening to Linkin Park (The song “In Pieces” in particular) and trying to come up with some sort of drabbled something so I don’t come off as some sort of (lame, boring etc.) girl with nothing better to do than waste everyone else’s time, but I can’t at the moment so I’ll come back and post later if I think of something that doesn’t waste anyone’s time but my own.