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Breaking the Habit

I was listening to Breaking the Habit (Linkin Park – awesome band) while I was unpacking from my trip.  I found this cool image online to help with the blog message. 294 kata lagi

Personal Insight

Running late...

So I’m running late… Whether you’re driving or commuting you know when you’re running late. I don’t feel obligated to rush and try to make it on time at this point. 183 kata lagi

Free Write

The Family Values Tour 11/16/01

I had seen each of these bands before but Lucinda had not. It was just her and I at this show and we were able to get very good seats on the left side of the stage. 308 kata lagi

Ozzfest 6/25/01

You can’t tell from the pictures but the Gorge literally had one gigantic black cloud hanging over it for most of the day. It was the strangest thing because everywhere else within sight around the Gorge was a perfectly clear and sunny day. 588 kata lagi


Writing, I want to be Tori Amos;
Her words an astounding masterpiece

I want to channel the power of Muse
Become a speaker of truth and travesty… 88 kata lagi

Mental Health

Ever Powerless (Moby vs. Linkin Park)

Two months felt like forever.

After releasing “The Good, The Bad & The Bananas,” I struggled to come up with a worthy follow-up. It’s not that I lacked for ideas, but none of them inspired me to bring them to completion.  189 kata lagi