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Rockin' Thru the Aughts: The Year 2000 Pt. 2 - Debut albums from Flogging Molly, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, and more

Rockin’ Thru the Aughts is my revisit through the rock music I loved as a preteen and teenager. For a full list of what I will be covering on this challenge, head over… 3.202 kata lagi

Songs That Able to Put You to Sleep

As someone that always got sleeping patterns problem here’s are some songs that I think sometimes helps me out to bed. There are some songs that just released this year, and some of them are a decade old :) 308 kata lagi

Linkin Park - What I've Done - Intermediate Piano Sheet Music

Buy sheet music: https://bit.ly/2IQXMl1

‘What I’ve Done’ is a hard rock song by American rock band, Linkin Park. It was released as the first single from their third studio album Minutes to Midnight (2007). 27 kata lagi

Sheet Music

Mike Shinoda Confirms Post-Traumatic Album Tracklist

Singer, rapper, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Mike Shinoda, of Linkin Park and Fort Minor fame, has released the tracklist for his upcoming solo project, Post-Traumatic. 272 kata lagi

New Music

Chapter Four: A Father's Joy

Blog entry: Friday, April 21, 2028


            Culture has damaged the image of man as I mentioned in my previous post. I wish to dig deeper into this idea. 1.720 kata lagi

6 Bands I Keep Coming Back To

So over the years, as I’m sure is pretty apparent by now, I’ve developed a pretty eclectic taste in music. I literally listen to everything from Tchaikovsky to Lil Jon & The East Side Boys to System of a Down and everything in between. 572 kata lagi