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Linkin Park - Given Up

This song screams with righteous anger at all the shit we have to suffer in life. I love it. If a horde of hungry vampires, or capitalists, tried to take me when this song was playing, I’d kick the living fuck out of all of them… (but in a nice way)

Rebel Voice Music

In Defense of Linkin Park

If you want to see an example up close of a polarized community turned inwards against itself, look not only to the United States of America, but also to the comments section of the lyric video for Linkin Park’s new single. 434 kata lagi


Anticipation of Linkin Park's New Album

So I just found out Linkin Park has their new album coming out in May and I am stoked beyond all reasonable reason. Thus far, two songs have been unveiled: “Heavy” and “Battle Symphony”–and they are two very different songs. 96 kata lagi


Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington: “Someone Asked Why I Don't Sing Scream About Teen Angst Anymore?...”

Bennington said and we quote: “Because I’m 41”

Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington has been speaking out about the backlash the band have been facing over the direction of their new album, ‘One More Light’. 86 kata lagi



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#55 My Favorite New Music

Jaa het is weer zondag! Een dag om even helemaal niks te gaan doen. Bijkomen van een zware werkweek of van een week waar je in de boeken bent gedoken voor studie. 518 kata lagi