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the legacy of shame

Shame. Disappointment. Burden.

With SpRiNg comes renewed attention to my insides as I recommit to what I want on the outside.

I’m curious about your relationship with disappointment. 142 kata lagi



At dawn, I sink again into the sweet waters of the Absolute,

Sat-chit-ananda, sages call it, pure existence-consciousness and bliss,

And emerge with yet another pearl of great price in my hungry maw— 434 kata lagi

Metaphysical Fiction/Stream Of Conciousness

One more set

We had a birthday party? Well, I actually think that Lila held a party. I think she invited us. I think I paid. Of course, I always sit at the head and the bill arrives on my plate. 95 kata lagi


 not merching, really HA 

still with them and overpriced garbage

Get To Know [Ep.8]: Lila Ike

This week we have the soulful songstress, Lila Iké. Once you hear her voice, you know it’s her. She really does have a unique sound and style (both in music and fashion lol) I have had the opportunity to see her perform live a couple of times and it is always a joy to observe her stage presence. 589 kata lagi

Get To Know

Buddhist Communion in the Land of Big People...

The loneliness of travel should be crushing sometimes, but it’s not, not really, and I seem to attract it, by design, as if to do otherwise would mean I’m lazy, and corrupt, too weary in my old age to do the right thing, stay true to my principles, those principles of non-possession, non-attachment and non-consumption… 953 kata lagi