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Did You Know: OneSearch Virtual Browse

Imagine searching the library shelves from the comfort of your own home. You can with the Virtual Browse feature in OneSearch! Go the to library… 29 kata lagi


Phacelia tanacetifolia - Rainfarn-Phazelie - lacy phacelia

Art (species): Phacelia tanacetifolia – Rainfarn-Phazelie – lacy phacelia
Gattung (genus): Phacelia
Unterfamilie (subfamily): Hydrophylloideae – Wasserblattgewächse
Familie (family): Boraginaceae – Raublattgewächse
Ordnung (order): Asterids, Euasterien I (Boraginaceae) 21 kata lagi


Did You Know: OneSearch Citation Trails

Have you ever been working on a research project and tried to find the items cited within your current source? Sometimes that can present a real challenge! 63 kata lagi


Fuson Receives Deanna Nipp-Kientz Memorial Librarian Award

Courtney Fuson, librarian of electronic and educational resources at Bunch Library, recently received the Deanna Nipp-Kientz Memorial Award. This award is given to a librarian who has gone above and beyond in service for the Tennessee Library Consortium or Tenn-Share. 149 kata lagi


It's On Us.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Did you know that 1 in 4 women & 1 in 9 men in the U.S. are victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives (CDC) and Nearly 3 out of 4 people, know someone who has experienced domestic violence. 29 kata lagi


Just in Time for Fall Break: Streaming Videos

The library now has access to streaming films available through the Swank Digital Campus and Kanopy film databases. Over 30 films are currently available via… 108 kata lagi


Carla Hayden Sworn in as the 14th Librarian of Congress!

On September 14th the 14th Librarian of Congress was sworn in! She is the first woman, the first African-American, and is a LIBRARIAN (there have only been two other Librarians of Congress previously with a background in librarianship). 8 kata lagi