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I am lila

Heres a link to “I am lila” a unglamorous radio mix at Sonny Bass, at Beatport, from 2013. https://embed-www.beatport.com/s/p89y5lmxm8bz


Anyák napja

Ma ünnepeljük azokat, akiknek azt köszönhetjük, hogy a világra jöttünk, s óvtak, védtek, szeretettel neveltek minket. Boldog Anyák napját kívánok minden édesanyának!

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Lila's Monday Music | April 25, 2016

This week is a bit of a throwback to a teen :)
When I was 17, I spent a month at Governor’s School for Math, Science, and Technology and one of my best friends there introduced me to Eliza Doolittle and I fell in love with her music. 43 kata lagi


MOVIE REVIEWS: Sinag Maynila Film Festival 2016 Entries

DYAMPER by Mes De Guzman

Dyamper tries to find its rhythm through its main character, Timoy played by Alchirs Galura, it loses its beat halfway through the film. 740 kata lagi


Édes levendula álmok

A levendulát minden mennyiségben, s ha az otthonomról van szó, minden helyiségben imádom. Azonban, ha ki kellene választani egy szobát, ahol leginkább nyugtatóan hat rám, az valószínűleg a háló lenne. 68 kata lagi

If you think about a human face, it can be something you don’t want to look at, so sad or so hard or so kind. It can be something you want to hide, because it pretty well shows where you’ve been and what you can expect.

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Quote Of The Day


The air is damp and humid around this riverbed. The ground is soggy and wet. Papyrus reeds sprout from it, ascending majestically into the air. Close by, bamboo trees hang loosely over the running river, letting momentary sunshine and shade switch over the water’s surface. 902 kata lagi