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3D protein structure reveals a new mechanism for future anti-cancer drugs

Researchers have discovered a new mechanism for a class of anti-cancer drugs known as E1 inhibitors. Their findings reveal a novel binding site that will promote drug design of more efficient E1 inhibitors. 10 kata lagi


First model of mitochondrial epilepsy

Researchers have become the first to describe a model of mitochondrial epilepsy which raises hope for better therapies for patients with this incapacitating condition.Despite the severity of this epilepsy, up to now there have been no animal models available to provide a mechanistic understanding of the condition. 31 kata lagi


The Best Day: Sunday

Ahhh Sunday!  Don’t you just love it?  A day to relax! A day for family and friends or just being lazy.

Sunday is the day I allow myself the luxury of things I might feel a little guilty about indulging  in, or too busy  through the week to slow down and truly enjoy. 543 kata lagi


How did you spend the Sunday?

When I say Sunday they say “family, relaxation, blog, quiet”. I live out of the love I give to loved ones so much, so that day is very dear to me, because they can give the loved one a thousand hugs without any retention. 149 kata lagi


Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

“I know I will regret it if I eat these chips. *eats 5 bags of chips*

“I’ll go shopping with you, but I really don’t need anything. 447 kata lagi


My top 20 tips for period pain!

Hi everyone! I asked on Instagram what you guys wanted to read and the response for this post was amazing so today I’m going to be chatting away about periods, yes that’s right, periods 👍 I see that has sent some people running for the hills and so be it, everyone is different. 911 kata lagi