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3Novices:App that lets you leave a video message for recipient to reply to later, Marco Polo is an app store hit amid coronavirus crisis

This week, more people downloaded the Marco Polo app from the Apple iOS app store than long-established household names including Google Chrome, WhatsApp, Skype or Twitter, according to market tracker Apptopia.This is a big deal for a small app run by a who left Poland and Ukraine to find a better life in the US. 49 kata lagi


My Story of Surviving an Undiagnosable Viral Infection

I was living the dream and having the time of my life, interning at the United Nations, when one day I found myself lying on the cold concrete of the subway platform.


Don't Fool Me! | April 1, 2020

It’s Hump Day…and April Fool’s Day!  Since I was a young girl, I have never been a fan of April Fool’s Day.  I don’t like being scared, pranked, or caught off guard.  350 kata lagi

Class must always prevail.

Gentle: ¨Noble or having the qualities attributed to noble birth; courteous and chivalrous. Middle English from Old French gentil ‘high-born, noble’, from Latin gentilis ‘of the same clan’. 595 kata lagi

Privacy-Focused Communication Networks - The enclayve Block Stores Data Locally to Maintain Privacy (TrendHunter.com)

(TrendHunter.com) In our increasingly digital age, many consumers are worried about the privacy and ownership of their data, hence the launch of the new privacy-focused communication device—the… 6 kata lagi


Now Is a Really Good Time to Have Breakfast for Dinner

The other day, Austin and I had a 10-minute conversation about Life. I don’t mean we talked about our thoughts and feelings, or the state of the world, or our experience orbiting around each other in close quarters like planetary moons for the past two weeks. 657 kata lagi


Small Victories!

This post is a personal update on some recent good news.

Over the past few months, I have been working away on a rather exciting project: … 112 kata lagi