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Shoulder Madness. Building your frame.

I think I concentrate on my shoulders more than anything. I run, that’s cool. I do squats, that’s cool. But my shoulders actually get special attention. 272 kata lagi

spa day routine

Friday = Spa Day!

Once a week I like to treat my skin to a spa day. To some people a spa day may involve a bath, a massage, and other fancy stuff, but I’m on a college student budget here and I prefer to put my money towards cute clothes and awesome skin care products! 580 kata lagi

Marta Bean

Have No Fear!

Have no fear! Make sure it’s a lesson learned and not a repetitive mistake.

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My Mental Memoirs, My Journey


So I’ve been wanting to start a blog for absolutely ages, and it was recently down to my friend that said I should just do it. 79 kata lagi


Understanding and Dealing with a Narcissistic Partner

Written by TIB Staff Writer

In futile attempts, they walk on eggshells, afraid that the partner might be offended. When you overtly try to please them, they accuse you of faking it and when you stop bothering them, the lack of attention might even destroy your relationship. 1.679 kata lagi


How to Use Less Plastic in Your Wardrobe

This post is part of an on-going series about going plastic free one area of your life at a time. See the other posts here… 800 kata lagi


Weekly Wanderings 33

Hello lovelies!

I can now officially say that I really enjoyed The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. The book was much longer than I expected and I thought I might not be able to finish it before I had to return it but I somehow managed to finish it. 120 kata lagi