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The Long SAD Winter

It was a tough winter.

Not Valley Forge tough, or Donner Party tough. I mean, I wasn’t beaten down by hunger and illness to the point that I had to resort to cannibalism or anything. 1.898 kata lagi

Health And Fitness

Screw guys. It's time for a girl.

Let me just start off by saying- who the f*ck let me like someone again??

LIKE REALLY (honestly, when I like someone, I get so clingy and annoying, … 517 kata lagi


Spanish flu may have lingered two years before 1918 outbreak and vaccine could have treated it

The most severe pandemic in recent history, killing some 50 million people worldwide, the Spanish influenza, may have emerged up to two years earlier than previously believed. 30 kata lagi


A step closer to identifying cause of a blinding disease

A recent study offers an important step in unlocking the mystery of LHON’s cause. The researchers had previously showed that the cells that connect the eye to the brain were sensitive to a certain free radical, known as ‘superoxide,’ and hypothesized that the presence of too much superoxide was likely the cause of LHON. 8 kata lagi