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Smell Receptors Activate Ant Aggression

Smell Receptors Activate Ant Aggression
Accurately distinguishing friend from foe is a matter of life and death for ants: mistaking an invader for a nest mate—or the reverse—can lead to fatal chaos. 21 kata lagi


Thermodynamics of the Sky


Such discrete was the day….
Such discrete was the night…
Such discrete was one’s entity….
Fearing to take flight ….

Flight into the sky… 109 kata lagi



I’ve been disregarded
and stepped on
more than anyone knows
I’ve climbed my way back up
and I will rise from these ashes
It’s just that it hurts at first… 6 kata lagi


Tips for a new comer

As breathtaking and enchanting experience a Hostel life can be, but sometimes it can be a nightmare too especially for newcomers, it can get real hard because they have no previous experiences with such stuffs. 418 kata lagi


Joy - Bike - Park

Oak tree, Casa de Campo

On Monday, as part of Madrid’s ‘de-escalation’ process, the great Casa de Campo park opened. It’s a vast area of wild parkland right next to the city center, which I’ve been sorely missing. 244 kata lagi


Paradise Lost: Book 3 in paintings and illustrations

In the second book: Satan passes on his journey to Hell-gates, finds them shut, and who sat there to guard them, by whom at length they are opened, and discover to him the great gulf between Hell and Heaven; with what difficulty he passes through, directed by Chaos, the power of that place, to the sight of this new World which he sought. 826 kata lagi