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Quarantine Baking: Banana Bread!

Banana bread. Truly amazing. My mom has been making this banana bread for years and it’s a crowd pleaser! It’s a great breakfast or snack that tastes heavenly and fills your kitchen with a savory scent. 147 kata lagi



Well, I have been pregnant for 30 weeks. It has been such a journey that I feel compelled to write about. I have allowed this blog to be written when I feel inspired so thank you for baring with me as that isn’t always consistent. 1.354 kata lagi


I'm worst at what I do best

Have you ever been so overjoyed because you finally discovered who you are and why you do the things you do? Have you ever nearly cried with relief because you found other people who think like you and make decisions like you? 731 kata lagi


4.1.2020 - spring break broke this year

spring break broke this year
but the trips we used to take
, good, bad

As far back as I can remember and before that, I have taken a week off for Spring Break. 2.159 kata lagi


"The world is your oyster"

It’s funny how our freedom struggle turned out.

As kids we all wanted freedom,

Starting with not wanting to be called a kid anymore,

Evolved to being able to stay out till late a little more, 205 kata lagi


Killing Me Slowly

I asked for food
But you pointed a gun instead
I cried of hunger
But you shut my mouth with bullet

I am but a poor soul… 16 kata lagi