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~Being Open about my Illness~You're Crazy~


At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely in denial. So although diagnosed, I did not even acknowledge my diagnosis for the first 4 years. 341 kata lagi

Naked Truth.

Relating to stress, conformities
Gating yes, between plain lines
Blurring reality, a blank implies
Hurrying endless opportunities

Empty sheets inside a full folder
Reminisce remnants by a holder… 65 kata lagi


An Adventure at Hardwick Hall

So this Wednesday, me and my husband went to Hardwick Hall, a Tudor built house that is one of my favourite historical places to go. Prepare for some very gay gushing about textiles and plants. 799 kata lagi


Anxiety, a Haiku

Sitting on the train

not going where intended

Anxiety wins


Less Expectation? More Exploration?

I told y’all I would be more consistent (proud, self hype moment). Hope the week has shown promise to you all and as we go into the weekend, I hope it’s a great one. 467 kata lagi


Summer Wars

The dust of Summer,
rubber, barbecue and
mT air that I beg might bring the rains, Neruda’s
gold ghost, Las Manos del Dia under an umbrella say… 192 kata lagi


Cold vs. Warm People: What Gives?

Being polite is not enough to win over hearts and minds.

Warmth and coldness are critical dimensions of social behavior and can greatly influence our interactions with people, determining whether we will popular or not amongst our peers. 632 kata lagi