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Brand New #3

In one deck of cards…

I must be known as the joker…

A fool…

A clown…

A person that’s laughed at behind his back…

Ridiculed… 548 kata lagi

I’m Back

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post.  I hardly remember how I used to start them… A lot has happened since I wrote last. 590 kata lagi


The rich will act
as wealth don’t matter
all of it the same
then they will tell you
all the factors
to your pain… 28 kata lagi



The cardio guy wants numbers. I’ll give him numbers.

I stop at the store on the way to the track. I need batteries for my blood pressure thingy. 727 kata lagi


Take Me Back to Yesterday Once More

“Victory is better when you earn it.”

This morning, Wyokiddo and I sat at the kitchen table and colored Thanksgiving pictures while we chair danced to some Bengals, Justin Timberlake and Pharrell. 559 kata lagi

Defining the Purpose of Your Life (2 min read)

What is my definition of success?

Your definition is yours, no one else’s, so you don’t need anyone’s approval and you don’t have to alter it to fit into some little “acceptable” box. 454 kata lagi

Millionaire's Digest

The, 'what if'

He always worried about failing.

“What if I fail?” He was nervous.

“What if you fail? what if you fail?”

My laugh was hearty.

He didn’t like being laughed at when he was being open, 57 kata lagi