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August 1 2010

Originally posted: 1 August 2010

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This week’s installment begins with Sunday, July 25. I was working on the book today and I was a writing machine! 4.210 kata lagi

Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

When I was younger I would do all the things necessary to make sure my life was in some sort of reasonable state, like go to work and pay the bills. 799 kata lagi


Have you ever tried setting your GPS while you were driving? It has a hard time figuring out where you are to give you the best directions. 56 kata lagi


The concept of enlightenment

I begin my first day in blogging with an idea that has been on top of my mind for the many years of my life. The concept of enlightenment has eluded me for the time I have spent in the Middle-East and India. 594 kata lagi


Asia International Dance Championship

The Asia International Dance Championship was on today. I got to go last year, as I just happened to be in HK on one of my reconnaissance trips prior to us permanently moving here 😆 I enquired about spare dinner tickets on the actual day of the comp last year, and luckily they had one, so I got to go. 401 kata lagi


Forest Nymph

You don’t have to know some Mystical Secret or have a Divine Character to attract nature. All you have to do is take an interest and soon you’ll have birds at your window, squirrels at your back porch, flowers in your garden and fruit on the vine. 22 kata lagi