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Do they really love Jesus?


Let’s talk about that.

I do this weird thing where I’m like really really good at poetry. Better than I am at talking about how good I am at things. 656 kata lagi


Your point being...?

Another of those long, rambling conversations I tend to have with Life, usually around 3am.

I’m saying something along the lines of, “So you’ve thrown just about everything at me this year, turned me upside down, inside out and catapulted me from highs to lows and back again.  359 kata lagi

A Simple Truth

“You get to everyday by winning, you know that don’t you?” Was what she used to say to us kids, when we’d taken a tumble or were feeling real low. 203 kata lagi

Flash Fiction


Is it even normal to be afraid of doing something that is not your forte and something that you are totally unfamiliar with – things that seemed too far fetched and uncomfortable for your reality to conform to? 61 kata lagi


And were off again

A flying start to the work week. I started it off by putting a new little inspirational message on my computer monitor. It’s a number but a significant number. 273 kata lagi

Photography By Mike Hartley

Crossed Wires

Crossed Wires

Are crossed wires a symbol of our busy lives?

Where saying one thing

Can mean something entirely different.

We need to slow down, 455 kata lagi


How to be more persuasive, according to neuroscience - Business Insider

In her book, “The Influential Mind,” Dr. Tali Sharot, professor of cognitive neuroscience, shares the main factors that determine our ability to influence someone else. To better persuade, it’s imperative to understand those factors. 7 kata lagi