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Savage Love Letter of the Day: Sexless, Nearly Sexless, and Formerly Sexless Marriages, Ad Infinitum

I have an idea for those in sexless marriages! I know, I know! This topic is overworked! But I haven’t seen mention of something that has been a wonderful discovery for us: WEED!

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6 Month Relationship Turns Sexless

I have been seeing a guy for about six months now and he is great — intelligent, attractive, creative, hilarious. We behave as a couple in all ways, but our relationship is at the moment sexless. 360 kata lagi


Lost libido in women: Let's Marvin Gaye & get this conversation on!

Reduced sex drive in women can have a profound negative impact on their quality of life.  When sexual desire decreases there really isn’t a pill you can pop or food you can eat that will miraculously create the urge to merge (Arcos, 2004). 815 kata lagi

Evidence-based Research

She's Hot for a Co-Worker, Has Two Kids at Home

Q: I’m not in love with my husband anymore, but we stay together for our two young children. I’ve become extremely attracted to a co-worker, and fantasize about him nonstop. 269 kata lagi


Introduction to Psychology (and Philosophy)

Some information on Psychology and with some Philosophy mixed in.

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior.   All humans are affected by psychology.     Usually it becomes intertwined with Psychiatry … … which is in regards to mental disorders. 288 kata lagi

Sexless Marriage or Cheating?

You have argued that society’s position on cheating is logically incoherent. Society says, on the one hand, sex is not that important, so living in a sexless marriage is not a big deal. 172 kata lagi


Kóstold meg és.... awwwhhhh

Közeleg a Bálint nap. A párok ünnepe. Nem ragozom, nálunk nincs ömlengés. Csapjunk a közepébe: Jönnek az afrodiziákumok, hiszen az egyik legélvezetesebb mozgásforma segítői. Evészet-Mozgás-Élvezet vagy Mozgás-Élvezet-Evészet, és forgathatnám, minden szempontból mesterhármas! 1.310 kata lagi