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5 Foods That Could Kill Your Libido

We are already living in an era that’s polluted and not good for good health maintenance.

Further, stress, irregular and inadequate eating and sleeping pattern is not at all taking us to the bliss of life and only miseries in the form of multiple diseases and complications. 371 more words

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Masturbation and the subtle O

I’m NOT writing this to be sensational.  I’m writing this because when I was researching Prozac (Fluoxetine) as an option to treat my bulimia, a few negatives kept popping up.   983 more words

Tales from the London Underground #151

Thick spectacles, a large pronounced nose that defies any ratio of the perfect human as crafted by DaVinci, and below that, almost underlining the bulbous protrusion a thick hairy moustache. 298 more words


Teasing and Sins

he comes to me

bruises modelling on his skin

his hands

his neck

even his thighs

no longer smell like him

the bee stings on his neck… 63 more words

Drunk Libido

As you start talking with your friends about who is seeing who, who is fucking who you get into the more detailed parts. How big is he, are her boobs real, what’s his girth, does she squirt, do you squirt, you find yourself quickly playing the highlight reel in your head. 341 more words

LIBIDO: Pure Will or Blue Pill?

Got erectile dysfunction? Phallically deficient? Need a little lift to get a stiff? Perfectly legitimate question given the cheesy ED commercials you see inquiring the same. 1.286 more words


Boost Your Libido With Powerful Herbs

Stress, unhealthy lifestyle and a change in the eating pattern with nutritional deficiencies causes low libido or sex drive. Many medications and treatments are available, but are expensive and lead to several side effects. 342 more words

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