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Pleasure to Necessity - 13.1.17

In the Absence of a Divine Love and the absence of an unconditional Love, or any sublimated love into a fallible object, comes the redundancy of polygamy. 430 kata lagi

    Helena & Kim

CAP10 – Espaguete à Bolonhesa

Helena pegou o telefone e apertou o número escrito em sua mão. O telefone tocou duas vezes antes que uma voz feminina suave respondesse: 2.874 kata lagi

Fuga Da Lula


“I can sleep when I’m dead” – that’s what I once said until I met an inspirational Life Coach who educated me about the importance of sleep. 229 kata lagi

Life Lessons

Treating low sex drive

Ask the Doctor

1-13-18.  Dear Doc, I’m taking medication for depression and find that my sex drive is zilch.  Is there medication I can take to help with libido?  318 kata lagi

Three Main Components for Libido and Sexual Health

Sexual health has three main components. Emotions, hormones and blood circulation. By circulation, I mean proper, unhindered blood circulation to the genitals. Keep in mind that erections are important in both men and women as both sexes have increased blood flow to the genitalia during sexual arousal.  325 kata lagi


Wanted: My Sex Drive Back!

Are you dealing with a waning libido that is leaving you less and less interested in sex?

Or worse… is your sex drive gone altogether? 528 kata lagi

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