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Cojones Grandes (Love vs Sex 239)

Moderate body-size dimorphism isn’t the only anatomical suggestion of promiscuity in our species. The ratio of testicular volume to overall body mass can be used to read the degree of sperm competition in any species. 552 kata lagi

Ayurvedic Libido Booster Supplements To Increase Sexual Desire In Men

Low libido is a matter of concern and one needs to pay attention to this sexual disorder. Due to lifestyle changes and stress, it is normal to lose interest in lovemaking. 513 kata lagi


Awaken Your Libido

Reconnect with your sensual and sexy woman. Make 2017 a Happy New YearJoin Sexuality Educator, Natalie Hatjes MS, at Goddess Store & Studio for an evening of sensuality and sexuality. 96 kata lagi


I do think there is something sexy in illness, in disease, in fever

I do think there is something sexy in illness, in disease, in fever. When your body is mired in swamp-like, creepy crawly things, and you cannot go out, when your libido is brought to a halt, then your erotic wells start to fill up and you crave release and erotic abandon again. 70 kata lagi

Herbal Low Libido Treatment To Increase Sex Drive After Delivery

You have given birth to a healthy baby. The baby boy is healthy and happy now. However, are you satisfying your male partner in bed? It is a necessity to satisfy your male in bed after few months of giving birth to a child. 488 kata lagi


Herbal Female Libido Supplements To Increase Sexual Drive Naturally

Many women are saying no to their male partners request for lovemaking. It is creating family problems. Men do not like frequent refusals for lovemaking from their females. 496 kata lagi


Lets Talk About Sex

We as doctors (yes doctors) and patients (men and women) have a good of deal of anxiety discussing sexual health. Through medical school, students are taught the importance of gathering a proper sexual history from our patients. 281 kata lagi

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