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Character Spotlight #3

I’ve been anxiously waiting to share this spotlight with you all! It’s our very first male character!


Lem Yasui


31 years old

Ethnicity: 239 kata lagi


Fresh Melons

Ok, I will skip explaining the pun in the title as it should be pretty obvious soon enough.  I have been able to do a bit of painting lately and have a few things to show off. 568 kata lagi


Unutterably Alien

There is something about these two Russian brothers: They wrote the simply most incredible science fiction novels. I am thinking particularly of Roadside Picnic (Пикник на обочине), writen in 1972. 230 kata lagi


Road Trip 107: Petrified Forest

I woke up in the mountains and went across the street for breakfast, which was rather bland. Everyone here seems so nice, so corny and so white. 824 kata lagi

Lord LEM.

I followed him, Mr Ijon Tichy, after his eight voyage, on the orders of The Rhohch.

I discovered Ijon and his kind were no longer in existence. 55 kata lagi

Die Leere (Part 1)

While passing through odd states around sleep (not actually trying to sleep, but seeing if I can derail the natural process in different ways) I occasionally arrive at clear—seemingly perfect understandings of various pop political views.   523 kata lagi

While Sleeping Watch

kyberiade. absurd science fiction by stanislaw lem.

spontaneous poster for a reading of short stories by stanislaw lem: “kyberiade. fabeln zum kybernetischen zeitalter”.

i saw the reading at the bar of the theatre in darmstadt last weekend. 51 kata lagi