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Lem's Cosmic Chaos in Detective Fiction

Contrary to one’s expectations of Lem’s prose, we will not be talking about outer space here. The Investigation (1959) and The Chain of Chance (1976) are examples of two kinds of detective fiction. 426 kata lagi


THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY (skyline of the cyber city)

“A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance.”
Stanislaw Lem 6 kata lagi


Camel Hot Melt Glue Gun / Lem tembak

Glue Gun CAMEL


Warna : Hitam

– Hot melt glue gun
– besi penyangga
Contact: Ferryka
Email: Ferrykadoang@yahoo.com
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My Re-Designed LEM

The feedback I received indicated adding a pre-survey as well as an experiential piece that we can solicit feedback on as well to enhance the faculty workshop experience. 8 kata lagi


LEM's "Monochromatic"

WORDS: Madeline Chesnut

Czech designer by the name of Lucie Erban Mares (fashion label LEM) is presenting a little something different to the fashion world with her 2016 collection called “Monochromatic”. 402 kata lagi

Fashion In Prague

Relationalism Part 2: A Softer Aesthetic for Freedom

As I have attempted to demonstrate, anarchist groups have mostly been comprised of people uttering the same “logical” truths, in a kind of echo chamber. They are stuck on the economic, logical, and moral vectors. 46 kata lagi