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How does an Open-Loop work?

LEM has developed a Hall effect current transducers technologies (O/L).

More information: http://bit.ly/2nSgY5g

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IoT remote energy monitoring using LEM Split-Core CT (ATO) following the IEC 61869-2 Smart Grid standard

IoT Remote Energy Monitoring for the Smart Grid

IoT is perfectly suited for smart grid roll-out, thanks to the long range requirements and the small data size needed for transmission. 732 kata lagi

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Debunking Moon Landing Denial with an Arduino and Science

It’s sad that nearly half a century after the achievements of the Apollo program we’re still arguing with a certain subset of people who insist it never happened. 247 kata lagi


Happy Chinese New Year

We wish you a very happy Chinese New Year and wish you all the best for this year of the Dog!

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Gem Glue

Di postingan terakhir saya sempat bahas fabric glue. Kali ini saya mau cerita tentang couple-nya, yaitu gem glue. Dari sekian banyak varian gem glue yang ada, yang saya pakai ada dua merk. 401 kata lagi

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Start Your Apollo Collection with an Open Source DSKY

Given that there have been only six manned moon landings, and that almost all of the hardware that started on the launch pad was discarded along the way, getting your hands on flown hardware is not generally the business of mere mortals. 232 kata lagi

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