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Luxury fastback: 1970 Iso Lele

One of the last birth in ISO factory was this two-door GT: something in the middle between a Coupé and a family car. Not the most beautiful car out of the Iso factory but still a rare piece of Italian craftsmanship. 152 more words

For Sale

Autistic to me...

Once, I had a conversation with a staff in school while waiting for someone. She shared her experiences dealing with intellectually disabled people and also the autistic people. 314 more words


Time with Mommy

¬†This is a picture before we left on our vacation, me and mommy and our million bags all ready to leave. I wouldn’t tell anybody else this, but I was sorta scared to go on vacation because I had never been on a plane before, I didn’t know what it would be like, so mommy picked me up her arms and held me close to her well I asked her all the questions I wanted to help me feel better. 619 more words


Explaination-The 'Characters' - Vacation-

Family vacations are a thing that nobody will ever forget and in the Rush family there is no exception. The adventures we have as a family will not only be forever captured in the pictures be take, but in the minds and hearts of all who are in them. 533 more words


She believes in shoes and CARS

The girl who knows about cars.
That’s generally how people who’ve had an encounter with me would describe me.

Where did it all start I get asked, well, to be honest, I think my love for cars was unintentionally created by my dads love for planes. 251 more words


Catatan tukang ikan

Sukabumi yang dijuluki sebagai kota santri, ternyata, berpotensi besar di perikanan tawar. Iklim yang sejuk dan aliran air dari pegunungan dimanfaatkan dengan cerdas oleh Deny Rusmawan untuk meraih mimpinya menjadi orang sukses di usia muda. 1.005 more words