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The Raven - Prose & POEtry

Yes, Christopher Lee is the one who plays Sarouman in Lord of the Rings!

Watch the videos and answer this quiz online!

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1L2 Vampires over time

Lesson plan & documents Vampires over time instructions : answers

Watch the videos and answer the questions:

  • Which vampire scene do you find the scariest? Why?
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Explore Bantul ... (Mangan enak cara mBantul 1)

Menyebut kata mBantul (Bantul) pasti identik dengan ndeso, mblusuk. TidakĀ  usah malu, toh memang demikian adanya. Tapi ditengah kendesoannya, mBantul menyimpan eksotisme kuliner yang luar biasa. 478 kata lagi

1L LELE - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Holiday homework!


Transformation scene

Please read the full story below!

  • EASY reading + audio :
  • Easy Reading without audio / with follow up uestions and answer keys…
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New Music: LeLe - Wine & Dine

Detroit diva LeLe gives us life on the dancefloor with her uptempo track ‘Wine & Dine” that was produced by Cali producer Luney Tunez

LMA LELE - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Jekyll’s dual portrait

The door imaginary

DrJekyll’s dual portrait

  • Find adjectives moral & physical> difficult task / mix between moral & physical when the text is written at the 1st person.
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