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LELE & LVA test

Dear L students,

I’ve not been feeling well this weekend, therefore, I only managed to correct the skill groups listening exams but not to finish preping your Literature test… As I don’t want you to sit for a last minute preped test (consequently not well thought out) I decided to postpone it to Friday. 20 kata lagi

Tle L

LMA LELE The Imaginary


It’s something that’s only true in our imagination,

maybe dreams people want to come true.

It’s a category where you can put everything which is…

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LMA LELE Literary Genres

  1. Fiction: stories that come from the author’s imagination.
    • Historical Fiction: based on a person or event from history.
    • Science Fiction: dealing with aliens, the distant future, or advanced technology.
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Mangut Lele Cindelaras

Pagi pagi tadi sempat nyari tempat buat sarapan, awalnya pengen nyambangin empal Bu Haryoko di Muntilan..ehh malah tutup…ya wis nyari tempat lain dan akhirnya mendarat di RM Cindelaras Menunya ngga terlalu banyak sih, ada Mangut Beong, Mangut Lele dan Mangut Nila. 129 kata lagi


New Music: C-Styles Ft. LeLe - I Wanna Know Why (Prod. By Edwi Beats)

Produced by Edwi Beats and featuring vocals from LeLe, C-Styles drops the latest single “I Wanna Know Why” off his album, The Fear of Success, available on iTunes here.


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