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My only love song eps 17-20 (end)

I didnt like the ending!!!!!

Sorry had to get it out if the way. It wasnt bad but it left a lot of questions. And it felt so abrupt. 387 kata lagi


My only love song eps 10-16

Fun moments

-On Dal and Soo Jeong confessing their feelings through the truth game..plus all the kissing and sweet moments

-Soo jeong and Samyong bringing modern stuff to the group like the firelighter, drinking games, Princess wearing the schoolgirl uniform… 204 kata lagi


my only love song eps 2-9

I like…

  • how every episode starts with a short background or history of each character, but at the same time the character being introduced has a smooth flow to the current storyline…
  • 282 kata lagi

my only love song (2017) episode 1

My Only Love Song
Hangul: 마이 온리 러브송
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 20
Release Date: June 9, 2017
Runtime: 30 minutes
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea… 744 kata lagi


First and Last Review: My Only Love Song

This drama is shown on Netflix last year, but can now be streamed online via other sites as well. It’s a time slip romcom, a little in the vein of Splish Splash Love (aka watchable saguek). 1.610 kata lagi


[FF|Freelance] Contact Name

Author                    : Jiuaena

Title                        : Contact Name

Main Cast             : CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun, Girls’ Generation’s Im Yoona

Rating                    : G

Author’s Note      : Uhm, sebelumnya pernah dipost di blog antahberantah pribadi, cuma diubah-ubah sedikit. 2.086 kata lagi

Lee Jong Hyun

[INFO] Transportasi Konser CNBLUE Between Us 2017 Live In Jakarta


Sekarang ini bulan apa ya?
Juni! Yupz!
Bulan paling ditunggu dalam satu tahun oleh Jung Yonghwa dan Kang Minhyuk!
Yuhuu ~ birthday! 375 kata lagi

Jung Yong Hwa