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Latest Lee Da-hae Updates From "The Good Witch"

Didn’t think I would take all this while to write again but real life wasn’t smooth lately!! so expect this to be a long post ;) 441 kata lagi

Lee Da-hae

Good Witch 2018 - Phù thủy tốt bụng

Tiếp tục sau Quỹ Trung Mỹ Nhân mà lần trước tôi có nhắc tới một bộ phim hàn mình đang xem, đó chính là phim Good Witch. 718 kata lagi

Cảm Nhận Về Phim

First Impressions: Nice Witch, My Husband Oh Jak-Doo, Grand Prince, That Man Oh Soo

You know the saying that when it rains, it pours? The same goes for dramaland. This month has seen a lot of premieres in its first two weeks and we’ve got a bunch more in the second half. 1.276 kata lagi

K-Drama Reactions

“Good Witch”ep7~ep8~Sun Hee:”How can a sparrow know the mind of a phoenix?”

Woo Jin tried to get out of his own house, away from Sun Hee, without knowing that he will be on the same flight as Sun Hee. 792 kata lagi


“Good Witch”ep5~ep6~Sun Hee:” I’ll decide if I move in or move out. That’s my style.”

Sun Hee returned to Seoul and found out that her mother is at the police station. Her mother is at the police station after fighting with Sun Hee’s mother-in-law. 904 kata lagi


Cô dâu nhỏ xinh

Tựa Việt : Cô dâu nhỏ xinh
Tựa gốc Hàn : 낭랑18세 / Nangrang 18 se
Tựa Trung : 娘朗18歲
Tựa Anh : Sweet 18… 221 kata lagi

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“Good Witch”ep3~ep4~Sun Hee:” It’s my style to always say what I have to say.”

Do Hee is sick so she asked Sun Hee to live her life until she will recover. Because Do Hee’s job is more important for her than her own life, Sun Hee accepted. 602 kata lagi