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Led Zeppelin adalah grup band rock terkenal asal negara Inggris. Mereka terbentuk pada bulan September 1968 di London, Inggris. Led Zeppelin terdiri dari Robert Plant sebagai vokalis, Jimmy Page sebagai gitaris, John Paul Jones sebagai bassist dan juga keyboardist, serta yang terakhir John Bonham sebagai drummer. 412 kata lagi


Unsung Masterpieces: Led Zeppelin- Presence

Looking back at Led Zeppelin’s catalog there is an album that hardly ever gets its due. The first 6 albums are all acclaimed and highly regarded but, there is one in particular that really needs to be in the conversation as well, and that album is Presence. 437 kata lagi

Unsung Materpieces

Top 5 Fictional Bands in Films

5. Spinal Tap (This is Spinal Tap)

Originally  a mockumentary film about the metal scene in the late 70s and early 80s, Spinal Tap grew to be something much bigger than the film. 285 kata lagi


He was considered by many to be the best drummer of rock and despite all the Led Zeppelin work I have done, this is the first time that I have painted his likeness. 97 kata lagi

Rock & Roll

Immigrant song


He was beguiled by


Not by her golden shores

Nor her purple mountains

But by one particular daughter

Among the many

though, his eyes saw just this one… 94 kata lagi