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Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs That AREN'T On Mothership

Led Zeppelin was one of the first rock bands I ever got seriously into. My first true exposure to the legendary group, besides when the occasional song would play on the radio, was their greatest hits compilation, … 751 kata lagi


Occult Stooges: Why Ghost Are Rock Music's Only Relevant Band

Ghost, the Swedish retro doom metal band whose medium goes beyond the music, are the only band successfully inverting the stale rock traditions.

In a recent social media post I lamented why Led Zeppelin marked the beginning of the end of rock music with the exclusionary and exceptionalist attitudes that followed from their obsession with occultism and celebrity-driven misogyny. 837 kata lagi


Taylor's Early Perception "Problem"

When I list Taylor Swift as one of my favorite musical artists, people are usually surprised.  Why?  Because of what I call her early perception “problem.” 404 kata lagi

Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin II was the second album Led Zep released on October 22, 1969. It Incorporated the sounds of Led Zep I with blues and folk music genre intertwined. 60 kata lagi

John Bonham

Right Turn Only


28×28 Right Turn Only sign

Im a huge huge fan of Led Zeppelin and their 50th anniversary is coming up. I hand painted this with acrylic, sharpie, and spray paint on a Right Turn Only Sign.





ONE IN THE CHAMBER, dirty Rock & Roll Straight From The Heart Of Toronto.

Toronto based rock outfit, One In The Chamber, have just released their debut single and music video for “Bills To Pay”. 152 kata lagi


America Day 26: SLC

When I awoke at about 07.30, Mary was still awake and wiping tears from her eyes, having sat up since 4 a.m. watching the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle on BBC I-Player. 644 kata lagi

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