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Monday Only Comes Around Like Once a Week

i can still hear the working class exploding random things
as if they could find the island nation of Sharia Law
conveniently located right next to… 6 kata lagi


Led Zeppelin - Presence (1st U.S. Press)

It took me years to track down a decent copy of Led Zeppelin’s seventh studio album Presence. Between the terrible condition and the price of better condition copies, I was facing hard luck getting a hold of this album. 515 kata lagi


Classic Rock Friday: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

The repeating guitar riff and wailing cry from Robert Plant, which has been the summoning card for all rock guitarists, is the cornerstone for this song. 73 kata lagi



Ultimate classic for any outdoor party, BBQ, event–they still use it all the time pre-gaming at huge venue’s-before the mainlining act comes on.

Who doesn’t want to have a cocktail and vibe when listening to this? 31 kata lagi

Fresh Press

Why we’ll never have an iconic record cover like Dark Side of the Moon again

It’s hard to imagine a time when Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon didn’t exist. Its imagery has become so diluted into popular culture that it’s easy to forget its actual value as a rock ‘n’ roll artefact. 1.870 kata lagi


Led Zeppelin - The Missing BBC Sessions Tracks

Sadly this is one of the worst Led Zeppelin bootlegs in my collection. The performances on it are simply not good and Side B is pretty much unlistenable because of its terrible sound quality. 121 kata lagi