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Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love (1969)

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This song needs no introduction. Have a great week.


The Sunset Junkies: Beam Me Up

When it comes to my list of favorite colors, Sunset is definitely on it.  It’s peaceful and pretty, marvelous and magical, colorful and comforting.  Of course, as it relates to sunsets, there is more than meets the eye, literally.  418 kata lagi

Sara's Soundcheck

The Live Anthology

An immense, frequently-updated playlist of the greatest live songs on Spotify, from any and every genre and all types of artist – from alt rock to world music, from Abba to ZZ Top. 141 kata lagi

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Beat the Teacher (Part 2)

Our Y11 (15/16 year old) students have the first of their English Literature GCSE exams on Monday

This is the last year, at my school, when we will (effectively) have autonomy over the texts we teach.   397 kata lagi


Zeppelin and Saturday 

This morning is a Zeppelin morning. The mystic in me rises up when I listen. I am amazed at lyric and riff at the same time. 218 kata lagi

Today's Theme Music

I’ve been a Led Zeppelin since I first encountered ‘Whole Lotta Love’  on their second album in nineteen sixty-nine. After hearing it and the rest, I went back and found the first album. 155 kata lagi

'In my time of dying'

I didn’t know of Chris Cornell until his time of dying. I’d heard of Soundgarden but didn’t know their music.

The night before Cornell died Soundgarden played a gig in Detroit. 86 kata lagi