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Hmm.. Sounds Familiar..

While watching the video “Everything is a Remix Part 1: The Song Remains the Same” it was brought to my attention, one of the most famous rock bands of all time; Led Zeppelin has used material from other sources as inspiration for the creation of their own songs. 509 kata lagi

Peter Grant: The Man Who Led Zeppelin, by Chris Welch

A (second) French edition of Chris Welch’s in-depth and bestselling biography of  legendary rock manager Peter Grant has been signed with Payot et Rivages. Here he is, on the jacket of the new French edition, in customary pose.

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Sounds Familiar? Led Zeppelin Seen as Rip-off Artist.

Kirby Ferguson analyses the concept of copying and sampling media in his video series “Everything is a Remix”. He speaks about how originality is a hard idea to understand because so many things on the media we see, and hear are just copies or alterations of other things. 528 kata lagi

Coverdale Page - Coverdale Page

Ever since Led Zeppelin called it quits in the early 1980’s, Jimmy Page was at a loss as to where to put himself. The man who helped to produce some of the most iconic and influential blues-rock compositions of all time suddenly had a whole lotta riffs but nowhere to go. 496 kata lagi

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Remix or Rip-off?

Have you ever experienced something and thought yourself “hasn’t this happened before?” or “I’ve seen this before.”  This would characterize under the cliché déjà-vu phenomenon, but the idea still r… 744 kata lagi

Have you been hearing Bohemian Rhapsody 'wrong' all these years?

You know that feeling when a song’s intro seems to trip up your ear, so that when the band comes in it sounds like the timing’s out? 856 kata lagi


Jimmy Page


Quest’uomo con la sua chitarra ha cambiato la mia vita.

Era il 1979 ed all’arena del Ponte Ammiraglio, in Corso dei mille a Palermo, davano la prima di “The Song Remains The Same” il docu-film sul concerto dei Led Zeppelin al Madison Square garden, New york. 274 kata lagi

Il Chitarraio