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Beginning, with tealights.

As a function of an abrupt move across the world, as well as the third-world education system (godbless its unbureaucratic nature), my six-year-old self was rocketed past the full Grade 2 classroom and straight into the depths of Grade 3. 616 kata lagi


Visual Guide - Yam Fries


1 Yam per person (creates 8 large fries each)
Pepper                 OR  Seasoning of Choice
Garlic Powder

  1. Wash your yams with a scrub under cold water, removing any stray hairs/roots.
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I Love You, Toddler--- You are Awesome!

Toddlers are awesome.  They aren’t the tiny human you are afraid of breaking.  They have begun to communicate.  They are getting opinions.  They are figuring things out.  739 kata lagi


And so, here I am. Three weeks in, I believe (I’ve honestly lost all perception of time, and the days have begun to blur together). Let me tell you, becoming accustomed to a culture that is different from yours in a billion and one ways really does take a toll on you. 574 kata lagi


Trading Journal 21/09/17

Forex/Commodities – 4hr Trading using MT4 (Live)

  • EURUSD – Long – closed for a £10.47 loss
  • EURJPY – Long
  • AUDUSD – Long – closed for a £4.69 loss…
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No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service

Post #404

As we read through my grandfathers diaries, one thing jump out at us. Service.  It seemed that my grandfather always had things that broke.   722 kata lagi

Amy A. Letter to my younger self.

Dear younger self,

I wish I knew then what I know now. But, that’s not that point is it? If I knew everything at your age then there would be no learning, no challenges, no achievements and no success. 502 kata lagi