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Welcome to Kelly Pinkley, Good Cheer VISTA

Kelly joins the Good Cheer team through the AmeriCorps VISTA program. VISTA stands for Volunteers in Service to America, and places year long VISTA members at non-profits that work towards poverty alleviation. 294 kata lagi


Diversity, Inclusion and Service -LEAD team

As a part of the Diversity, Inclusion and Service LEAD team (DIS for short), it was not only our goal to broaden our own horizons, and inspire others to as well and open their minds to the benefits of diversity. 250 kata lagi


Webinars: An Under-Used Gem for Organizational Habit Change?

Going Beyond Happy Sheets

Have your organization and you been looking for measurable and effective ways

  • to change people’s behaviours?
  • to create a cultural change through behavioural change?
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Habit Change

How To Adopt An Effective Leadership Style?

Organizational control style formally known as leadership is the method of using authority for leading others, especially a group of employees. An applicable style of organizational control is determined by the task that is performed well. 596 kata lagi

Ignite Training

Greek IV

This year was a big year when it came to me finding my faith. I was born Christian and went to a Catholic school my whole life until college. 300 kata lagi

Leadership Development

Ensure Effective Leadership With Leadership Training

Effectiveness of Leadership Development Programs depends on how it is done. When we say about effectiveness we ask you to think of that manager who was a great leader… always remember best leaders are unforgettable. 299 kata lagi

Communication Skills Training

Ways for Transitioning into a New Role

A role change is many times inevitable for individuals in many positions. Change, as we all know, is the only constant in a business. When this much is said about businesses, it is but natural that employees in various positions need to be prepared for a change in their role. 534 kata lagi

Human Resources Training