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Exploring innovation in organizational leadership

Innovation as a critical part of continuous organizational improvement took centerstage in a one-day forum organized by the Civil Service Commission’s Civil Service Institute (CSI) last  June 19, at SEAMEO-Innotech, DIliman, Quezon City. 205 kata lagi

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Gender Agenda: The kids are all right!

WAY back in the early 1990s, my teenage daughter started to feel I was asking her to do too much around the house. I disagreed and she, instead of throwing a tantrum or storming out, set about cataloguing what contribution she, my husband and I were making to the family welfare. 759 kata lagi

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An organisation is a living thing

Since Descartes we have tried to understand the world by dividing it into its constituent parts. By breaking things down into their basic building blocks we have sought to gain a deeper understanding of how things work. 515 kata lagi


Why Professional Training Is Beneficial Is So Important?

Are you looking for some information about the management training and its benefits? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, I will tell you about the benefits of undergoing the management training. 467 kata lagi

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What Changes Can Be Brought With A Professional Skills Training?

It is essential for a business to have an incredible pioneer who can take the business to new statures. There are a few individuals who are conceived with the authority qualities, while others pick up these qualities through experience. 469 kata lagi

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Change makers Versus Gamemakers

Thinking of change makers always reminds me of the Hunger Games, and the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Gamemakers. The Gamemakers deliberately control the environmental conditions in the arena (a micro system), to manipulate the contestants to change the ways in which they relate, behave and survive. 246 kata lagi


SMAN 103 Jakarta: Smart Leadership Training for OSIS

Saya memberi pengalaman kepada peserta bagaimana Leadership bekerja untuk mencapai tujuan organisasi dalam suasana kerja yang kondusif sehingga nikmat dijalani dalam waktu yang efiien, demikian inti sharing saya di SMAN 103 Jakarta dalam sessi Smart Leadership Training for OSIS di sekolah mereka 12 Juni 2015, terima kasih kepada Bapak, Ibu Guru yang support sessi Saya, serta Ibu Kepala SMAN 103 Jakarta Ibu Dra.Hj. 57 kata lagi