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A Leader’s Legacy. What does that really mean?

I really took to heart the section that I was responsible for presenting in the group presentation in leadership class. 387 kata lagi


Mentor Mentee Retreat

Every student in the LAS program gets a mentor from the class above us. They help us adapt to Central and the Leadership Institute as well as just being there for us. 715 kata lagi

Appreciate Differences

Leadership Safari 2016

College is scary, but when my first week there is invaded by 2,000+ freshmen in the same boat as me, it’s not so bad. From the first day to the last, I have never seen such a drastic change in a group of 12 teenagers. 453 kata lagi

Appreciate Differences

A reminder as clear as a spark

At the start of the semester I had the privilege in participating in the Spark Leadership Experience, a program intended to develop leaders by the Leadership Institute. 399 kata lagi

Leadership Education

A Safari to New Adventures

I’ve heard the start of college described by so many people but until it happens to you, you’ll never quite understand the feeling of new beginnings and tough goodbyes. 475 kata lagi

Leadership Education

Connections Conference

On November 4th, the Leadership Institute along with other leaders from Central Michigan University got on a coach bus and headed North. The Destination? The Great Wolf Lodge of Traverse City. 753 kata lagi


Fed Up Documentary Presentation

Fed Up was a documentary film presented on campus by CMU’s Project Mind Grow.  This document displayed the journey of America’s obesity epidemic.  The rise in global obesity rates over the past few decades has been substantial and widespread.  250 kata lagi

Consider Others