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The Importance Of Having Modernized Leadership Skills

A business owner who wants to become a great leader needs to have an efficient control over its employees. By control, I don’t mean any kind of dictatorship. 481 kata lagi

Leadership Training Abu Dhabi

Is Leadership Training What You Are Looking For?

Leadership Training is one of the most required yet most ignored arenas in current day training. Why, because leaders unfortunately feel that they know it all and don’t feel the need to be trained. 392 kata lagi

The Yellow Spot

Social Problems

The Soc 221 class is a hard course to teach without bringing in the professors biases which made it difficult for class participation. My class didn’t speak up, mainly because I felt that all the questions that were asked already had a wanted response attached to them. 238 kata lagi

Identity Development

Leadership Training To Empower Executives

Highly placed executives undergoing training before starting of a project is a common practice undertaken by companies from all over the world. This practice has been spurred by new inventions and technologies that keep popping up with rapid regularity. 316 kata lagi


Learned hopelessness, does it exist within the workplace...??

As a leader have you ever sat down and thought to yourself, how much of your team’s work you are performing on a daily basis? 424 kata lagi


The importance of integrity in leadership

What role does leadership play in an integrity-focused workplace?

Business leadership requires a host of behaviors that benefit productivity and employee happiness. Integrity is vital in an office setting, especially when displayed by management. 265 kata lagi

Professional Development