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Mentor Reflection

I had a lot of ideas on how to be a good and effective mentor before the mentor workshop and a some of my ideas were just talked about and proved that I was on the right track in thinking about my mentoring process. 463 kata lagi

Leadership Education

Theory Application Reflection

Adaptive leadership was very important within my LEAD Team. We planned many different events and this would not have been possible without adaptive leadership. We would have just given up on an idea or event rather than persevering and thinking of other ways we can accomplish the task. 136 kata lagi

Leadership Development

Lights, Theory, Action

Why we learn something, regardless we know definitively or not, has some purpose in our life. It changes oneself, makes us grow, and creates more knowledge that wasn’t their before. 148 kata lagi


Mentee to Mentor

Freshman year is coming to an end and with that comes an exciting time for an LAS scholar…it’s mentee season! To help adjust to life at CMU both academically and socially, incoming freshman are given a mentor to help guide them through this new chapter in their lives. 657 kata lagi


Special Events

LEAD TEAM Reflection

Being a part of the Special Events Lead Team was interesting and taught me a lot about organization and the importance of working as a team. 234 kata lagi

Forward Thinking

What will being a Mentor be like?

Mentor Reflection

Now that we have discussed the complexities of being a mentor I feel that I have an adequate understanding of what it takes to be an outstanding mentor. 531 kata lagi


It's All a Mystery

When it comes to the reflection of how much I’ve changed this past year, it’s been small but impactful. The changes I’ve made have been little, but gradually have made me a better and complete person. 297 kata lagi