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Dipersiapkan untuk diskusi dengan akrifis STEI INDONESIA di Rawamangun Jakarta 20 Agustus 2017 yang suasana dan reportasenya nanti bakal saya ekspos disini.


LDR 402

I am finished! My leadership minor is complete! Being a leadership advancement scholar, I had to take a list of courses for my minor, and once those where finished, I had to create a capstone project. 658 kata lagi


Managing Problem Employee

Managing Problem Employee: Strategi dan Teknik Mengubah Karyawan Bermasalah Menjadi Produktif

@Grand Darmo Hotel Surabaya, 21-22 Agustus 2017

Leadership Training

Corporate Training Can Build Teams That Develop Future Leaders

Where to start?

Employee ineffectiveness can become imminent, why? Because boredom is affecting employees. The topic relating to training is so magnanimous that it can sometimes become difficult in initiating it. 367 kata lagi

Corporate Training

"We agreed, Sire..."

“You are now the VP Sales from now on”… Sweet words, something I always wanted to hear first handed, in a secluded place by my boss .. 250 kata lagi


Life after 45... Part 1

This series is for all those corporate citizens who are all achievers in their careers but have been told that they are unemployable… They are 45+ 100 kata lagi

Quality Of Life