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Get a job

Because you’re a Toastmaster!

Four out of five surveyed in the National Association of Colleges and Employers NACE) Job Outlook 2016 said they look for leadership skills on the candidate’s resume. 327 kata lagi


Name That Retreat

What do you call taking nearly 90 college kids, sticking them in the middle of the woods (with very little cell phone service) with each other, and force them to challenge themselves and work through uncomfortable situations with others?   429 kata lagi


Leadership Safari 2k15

One of the coolest things about training before Safari started was watching this video on “This is Water”. It touched on all the aspects of the world on how we go day by day, hour by hour, sometimes wishing the day to be over when we should be enjoying this blessing of the day arriving. 138 kata lagi


Sue Thoens

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: SMT Enterprises, Inc.

Location: Oregon City, Ore.

After establishing an accomplished early career in sales and executive management, Sue Thoens decided to trade her cubicle and airplanes for a career working alongside her husband. 240 kata lagi


Connections Conference 2015

Connections Conference is a 2 day leadership seminar hosted at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City by the Leadership Institute at Central Michigan University. Though it is an LAS protocol requirement, it is also open to all members of the university. 628 kata lagi

Effective Communication

Leadership Safari

Out of everything Central Michigan University offers to it’s freshman class, Leadership Safari is definitely one of the best. Using this title as a metaphor, they are saying that before you come to Central, you will go on a “journey” or a “safari” to find your inner leadership qualities. 374 kata lagi

Central Michigan University