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Sustainability, leadership, empathy - what have they all got to do with each other?

I have tried to really condense my thinking on this into a few short sentences. So here you go:

Sustainability must include sustainable leadership… 302 more words

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Leadership: The true secret to success

Leadership is usually a capability to lead, motivate, inspire and encourage others to come along with you. Absolutely everyone cannot be a leader. There are specific capabilities required in a particular person to be a leader, some are: – 713 more words

Leadership Development Program

Learn About Leadership And How To Improve Your Skills

The Characteristics of a Leader

It requires time, effort as well as lots of education. Here we’ve compiled advice from several of the best leaders of time in order to show you on your own route to becoming one of them. 15 more words

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Alpha! LEAD!

What is the Alpha Leadership Experience?

Bottom line, Alpha is a great time!  It’s a place for students to become more familiar with the leaders inside them, learn the different styles of leadership and identify which one is practiced most, and it is an opportunity for leaders to meet other leaders, making more connections than they could imagine, but also having a ton of fun in the process! 246 more words

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The Math of a Growing Church

If you can do fourth-grade-math, you can calculate the numbers of a growing church. I learned this while in my ninth year of shepherding churches. I don’t remember why, but I decided to study the Sunday school organization of our church. 672 more words

How do you deal with change?

It is said change can bring two things—chaos and opportunity. Within the workplace, change is something we see on a daily basis. Change is the one truly consistent thing in life. 328 more words

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Take Your Mother to Work Day

Another crucial principle of leadership is mentoring. If we fail to bring along the next generation, all our work is in vain. Mentoring has been important to me, both as a member of a family and as the leader of an organization. 311 more words