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The Training Wheels Are Off!

Welcome to LDR 200L: Introduction to Leadership! You get out what you put in, you choose the direction to take, and you get to do it with your LAS cohort! 176 kata lagi

Leadership Development

Post-Service Trip

The experiences I received from volunteering at Jalen Rose Academy really opened my eyes to the importance of early leadership training and the opportunities associated with such a skill set. 318 kata lagi

Leadership Developement

Detroit Service Trip

On April 1st, 2016 my class of leader advancement scholars took a trip to Detroit to do community service. This trip also had a deeper meaning of promoting equality and directing attention towards social injustice. 557 kata lagi


Leaders Can't Be Trained

Despite the hundreds of books, programs and websites devoted to leadership, the truth is that leaders can’t be trained. Leaders need to be developed. Hopefully this doesn’t seem like a simple matter of semantics, because it isn’t.Let me illustrate this distinction. 950 kata lagi

Attaining Maximum Appropriate Involvement

I’m back and attempting to participate in the #MTBoS30 challenge this month. There are 31 days in May, but I’m guessing they’re giving us a day off for Memorial Day? 620 kata lagi


Personally, this could be one of the hardest things I post. A lot of the things I do or can do I don’t see as skills, even when others compliment me on them. 48 kata lagi

Leadership Education