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The Layup

More in our series on improving your game. We continue with Shooting and concentrate on  “The Layup”

The lay-up shot is the easiest shot in the game to take and yet many players tend to make it more difficult than it should be. 376 kata lagi

[New Video] Ella Mai - "Lay Up"

Ella Mai released a video for her single “Lay Up,” off if her EP CHANGE. I’m loving the exposure this beauty is getting.


Golf 101 - When to Lay Up

Health care executive Steve Carlson formerly served as president of Flagstaff Medical Center (FMC) in Arizona, where he oversaw 1,200 employees and a budget of $250 million. 175 kata lagi

Steve Carlson FMC

Banks need to take a hit too...

Gulfmark Offshore has launched a tender offer to purchase USD 300m in unsecured notes back at 52% of par value. The transaction is pre-funded and includes new equity. 480 kata lagi


Despina (in lay-up) and Larissa

The news that the OSV Despina has gone into lay-up, with Larissa scraping by in Nigeria, should surprise no one. No two assets highlight how the industry overbuilt more than these two ships: for a start they aren’t even very good, underpowered and with crane issues. 194 kata lagi

Offshore Economics

How-to Guide - Hand Lay-up on Fiberglass Molds


Remove dust and dirt from mold.

a. If mold is of plaster, wood, or new fiberglass, apply soft wax (Wax #2) and buff with soft towel. 638 kata lagi

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