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I do believe it’s time for an adventure…

The floor is lava. No, really, it is. Yeah, it’s 2,000 years old and relatively safe to walk on, aside from those pesky grooves and holes that make it easy to twist an ankle, but still, it’s LAVA. 1.105 kata lagi


Volcanic Heimaey Island

The story of Heimaey Island in the south of Iceland makes geology class feel like a modern day adventure movie. As our ship sailed toward the narrow opening to its fishing boat harbor, a first look at the land bore witness to the 1973 volcanic eruption that nearly closed the harbor entrance. 315 kata lagi


Weeks of preparation made this "impossible" shot National Geographic's best travel photo of 2017

National Geographic announced the winner of its popular Travel Photographer of the Year contest this week, awarding Mexican photographer Sergio Tapiro Velasco the top honor. His stunning photo of a lightning bolt crackling over an erupting volcano earned him the first prize. 338 kata lagi

It's Getting Hot in Here

Fact: A lit cigarette is as hot as lava.

It’s become normal to light up a cheeky one in the smoking area after a few pints, but few realise that the end of a lit cigarette burns at roughly 900°C – around the same temperature as molten rock when it erupts from the top of a volcano. 366 kata lagi


Lava fern

A fern gets a toehold in a field of lava. I like the resilience of the fern, daring to grow in such a hostile place. I also like the… 19 kata lagi

Big Island

Lava Ropes

Dried , rope-like lava flow (pahoehoe);
Volcanoes National Park, Big Island HI

Image credit By Sarah ©

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