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Stew's Tunes: Lava

The past week or so, the temperatures been averaging from mid 80s – mid 90s. So freaking hot…here’s a song about something even hotter; lava. And like the heat from the sun or from lava I have crafted this song with high pitched guitars that rail against the burdensome heat with your ears. 45 kata lagi


Lava Update | June 16, 2017

Kilauea continues to erupt from its east rift zone, effusing lava from the vent, Pu‘u ‘O‘o, feeding wide spread surface flows above and on Pulama Pali, and the ocean entry at Kamokuna. 175 kata lagi

Kilauea Volcano Update

Welcome to Hell

I never imagined I’d go to Hell. Not in my wildest dreams. Sure, I’d done some things in life that other people weren’t too happy with, but I’d always thought Hell was just the excuse they came up with in a pathetic attempt to try and keep me under their thumb. 733 kata lagi

Short Stories

Kiholo Bay, Hawaii

Kiholo Bay, located on the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii, is absolutely breath-taking. Tucked away along the lava-covered coastline, this little gem is a must see. 15 kata lagi


Tongariro Northern Circuit: Emerald Lakes to Whakapapa Village

When people think of beautiful landscapes and stunning scenery, they often think of rolling green hills or mountains reflected on lakes. But sometimes there can be something just as mesmerising as a stark and rocky landscape. 2.645 kata lagi