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Craters Of The Moon National Monument

What In The World?

Craters Of The Moon is the place to visit if you want to learn about volcanic geology. This expansive lava field stretches as far and wide as your eyes can see. 1.752 kata lagi

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 242: The Cat Sat on the Mat

The day is where the rain has falling in time with the hat on the cat that sat on the mat one time, although the mat was actually a boiling death pit of lava and the cat that was on the mat that was not actually a mat very slowly and dramatically sunk to its death as lava is hot and the only, proper way to die in a boiling death pit of lava is to sink slowly and dramatically, as there is no other way to die when you die in a boiling lava pit of death. 435 kata lagi


Lava flow

And then time stood still

as if it were yesterday;

your rage held in check.

by Scooj




When the crater growled with anger,
you watched with anticipation.
You scrambled for your notepad,
hunted down that orange-red ink.
It was only fitting, wasn’t it? 172 kata lagi

Lava Update | June 22, 2017

Beautiful overcast skies greeted us as we approached Kilauea’s east rift zone, making Pu‘u ‘O‘o’s lava lake glow all the more. Winds were favorable as well, so we had a great opportunity to observe the bubbling and churning pit of molten lava. 195 kata lagi

Kilauea Volcano Update

Coca Cola Bottle Bubbler Lava Lamp Style Collectible W/floating Bubbles Nib

Coca Cola Bottle Bubbler Lava Lamp Style Collectible W/floating Bubbles Nib
Coca Cola Coke Bottle Bubbler Lava Lamp • NIB. • Lava Lamp Type Device That Shows "bubbles" Floating Slowly Inside A Giant Plastic Coke Bottle. 52 kata lagi


Lava_Iris_505_MT6572__ 20000% Tasted fimware.

: preloader_mbk72_wet_jb3.bin
: EBR1
: lk.bin
: boot.img
: recovery.img
: secro.img
: logo.bin
: system.img
: cache.img
: userdata.img
: fat.img

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Lava_Iris_505 Frimware