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Deriva Continental

Deriva Continental é uma teoria que foi criada por Alfred Wegener para explicar a posição e a movimentação dos continentes ao longo do tempo geológico da Terra. 247 kata lagi


That A'Lana Slang

What do David Bowie and The Band have in common? They don’t/didn’t take themselves too seriously. And, Atlanta rockers Slang are following their great predecessors’ lead which lends them to produce dance rock with a performance spin that creeps right into your ears and stays there. 148 kata lagi

160 Juta Tahun Indonesia

Dahulu kala, bumi hanya terdiri atas satu benua yang dinamakan Pangaea. Pangaea kemudian terpecah dan akhirnya membentuk benua-benua seperti sekarang. Nah, pernah bertanya bagaimana kepulauan Indonesia ini terbentuk, sebagai bagian dari rentetan proses pembentukan benua-benua dari pecahnya Pangaea? 1.871 kata lagi

Lempeng Tektonik

New Music: Laurasia

Minimal RnB and synth. Check out here.


EMix! Radio New Broadcast Adds for September 11, 2014

New tracks today from:  Laurasia, Mr. Twin Sister, Vok, Anna Calvi, Crater, WOW, Ducked Ape, Pearl, Pablo Nouvelle, Soak and Yacht. 11 kata lagi

New Broadcast Adds

From Pangaea to Laurasia then Eurasia and Back!

A photo that tells us what ‘FRAY’ means. We could not find any better example to explain this word!

The animation above is an example to show what the word ‘FRAY’ means to us. 773 kata lagi

WP Challenges

Catastrophe! (10) Ordovician-Silurian Extinction

Researching mass-extinction events worries me sometimes. Life on earth is so fragile, i’m amazed that complex life as we see it today is here at all. 899 kata lagi