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Detergent Pod Poisonings Increase, Even After Changes To Packaging

In spite of efforts by manufacturers to make their laundry detergent pods look less like candy in a jar, the number of poisoning incidents related to these products continues to grow. 468 more words

Buy 2 TIDE Products at Target and get $5.00 Gift Card!

Purchase two TIDE Products at Target and receive $5.00 TARGET Gift Card!!

Stock up and save on the following Tide products, all containing 25% more detergent for FREE. 50 more words


All my ducks are in a row!

Ladies and Gents, I have found the newest and latest best thing since Chick Fil A and texting.

As I told you last week, I’ve been on the struggle bus with my class for the last two weeks. 499 more words

Eczema Awareness Month 2015

With May being Eczema Awareness Month I thought I’d share our story in case in can help anyone out there. So many people have sensitive skin issues, dry skin and dermatitis of varying kinds that I’m sure there is no “one size fits all” solution. 578 more words

Dry Skin

Week of April 26th

I’m not going to lie to you all. This week I didn’t do my normal cooking routine. I didn’t even do my normal shopping or weekend routine. 571 more words


Laundry Detergent (A Radom, Bonus, Money-Saving Thing!)

A lot of times, the things that people do to “save money” just make me shake my head. ¬†Like the people who do the extreme couponing? ¬† 1.135 more words

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