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Sabun Cuci Hemat

Saya sudah mencoba sabun cuci bernama SA8 liquid yg memang bagus.

Baju berwarna makin cerah setelah memakai sabun cuci SA8 ini. Sabun ini cair sehingga cocok untuk mesin cuci. 58 kata lagi

Toko Amway Sidoarjo

Asia-Pacific Laundry Detergent Market - Industry Size, Growth, Analysis And Forecast of 2022

Worldwide Market Reports added Latest Research Report titled ” Asia-Pacific Laundry Detergent Market Report 2017 ” to its Large Report database.

In this report, the… 556 kata lagi



I made a basic laundry instruction chart for the kids, which I intend to tape to the top of the washing machine, which I intend to keep stocked with 1 bottle of liquid detergent and 1 box of powdered detergent at all times. 101 kata lagi

This is why I need a blog

because no one IRL can stand me, right?

I happen to currently own a giant jug of liquid All Free and Clear. I can easily obtain a box of the powdered version now that it’s suddenly commercially available, although I already have three boxes of other brands of powdered laundry detergent on my shelf. 350 kata lagi


It sounds like my re-obsession with laundry detergent is an anxiety/ADHD/OCD-related brain issue…and it is…but what triggered it was the very physical effect caused by accidentally washing my underpants in Cheer Powder. 340 kata lagi


Just a few months ago when I was researching all the laundry detergent, the only free and clear powdered detergents I could find locally were Tide and Seventh Generation, but in the past week I’ve sourced ALL and Arm and Hammer locally. 105 kata lagi