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Daily Footprint, #27 – Laundry Detergent, Part 1: Revenge of the Pods

Summary: Laundry detergent is as effective as it needs to be and yet is constantly being reinvented for marketing purposes. Any further improvements in detergent should be made on the fronts of sustainability and social impact. 900 kata lagi


Today I am feeling a teeny tiny bit better.  Some of you have given me your best homemade cold remedies which has been very helpful.  Also I have gotten some extra sleep so today I feel less like I was run over by a truck and more like someone stuffed my ears full of cotton and replaced my throat with sandpaper. 765 kata lagi

What I've Learned about Laundry

Let me start this off by saying that I am not a laundry expert and what works for me may not work for you, but what works for me has been working for me for over a decade. 999 kata lagi

Laundry: The Neverending Story

I’m sure I’m not alone in my thoughts on this one: Laundry SUCKS!!! Doing the laundry is one of the chores that I have hated more and more with each passing year -or maybe with each added child? 1.495 kata lagi

Who likes doing laundry? PT.1

Yea, me neither. There is nothing fun about it. And if you do find it fun, I’m not sure I trust you 😉

Anyways, before gaining such a passion for the environment and trying to avoid potentially harmful products, I was using just the regular old detergent you can find at any store. 446 kata lagi


"Black" and "dirty" are not synonymous - a look at racism in soap advertisements.

On Friday October 6, Dove posted a GIF of a black woman taking off her shirt to reveal a white woman, who then took of her shirt to reveal a racially ambiguous woman. 567 kata lagi


Seventh Generation- Baby Natural Laundry Detergent

Hi again, I’m back to tell you about my newest free sample. This natural baby detergent comes from the Generation Good Community and Seventh Generation. 220 kata lagi