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Seasonal Advice: Should We Accept Gifts from Bad People?

Seneca, De Beneficiis 1.14

“Indeed, I think that we should not look for an advantage from any person whose public esteem is low. Why? Shouldn’t what Claudius offered have been accepted? 159 kata lagi


The pilot of an airplane. French “aviateur” < Latin “avis”=bird + “-ateur”=agent-forming suffix.


Death and Love from Friendship

Augustine, Confessions 4.8-9

“Certainly, the comfort of various friends used to repair and refresh me—friends whom I once loved in your place. This was an immense fiction and a long-lasting lie, the incitement of which in our ears made our mind corrupted. 397 kata lagi

Timeless Classic Of The Day

Mujer Latina by Thalia

Si me tocas te quemas…

Latin is Alive and Well

Whenever I mention my years of studying the Lingua Latina in high school, and my continued interest after, I am often met with expressions of disbelief, and/or guffawed phrases amounting to “Latin is a dead language, why bother?” What most critics of classical studies fail to realize is that Latin is nowhere near death, but rather, has “Frankensteined” its way into our modern world, and is used by us almost every day. 728 kata lagi



Horatio is the English form of Horatius, an Ancient Roman family name that could possibly be derived from Latin hora meaning “hour, time, season”, although it’s more likely that the name is Etruscan in origin and its real meaning lost. 56 kata lagi


December Latin at Lower Lab

December finds the Latin students at Lower Lab fully on-boarded to the vocabulary game which I developed.

All students in all grades now have their own accounts on playwordcraft.com. 112 kata lagi