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Jorge Pardo - Vientos Flamencos (2007) (320 Kbps)

Jorge Pardo – Vientos Flamencos (2007) (320 Kbps)

Artist: Jorge Pardo
Title: Vientos Flamencos
Year Of Release: February 1, 2007
Label: Manantial
Genre: Jazz, Latin… 52 kata lagi


What if Julius Caesar could read your blog?

You can now read my website in Latin, and for that matter a few dozen other languages. Should we be excited? Yes and no.

This new capability came as the result of an email from WordPress, my website platform, telling me that the Google Translate widget was now available. 602 kata lagi


Does Size Matter II: Managing Latin Language Classes

So the question that I have been pondering for a while is this: How do we efficiently manage both small and large class sizes when teaching the Latin language? 197 kata lagi


the ring finger – l’annulaire




In the Etymologies (Etymologiarum sive Originum libri viginti), compiled between around 615 and the early 630s in the form of an encyclopaedia arranged by subject matter, St Isidore (circa 560–636), bishop of Seville and Doctor of the Church, wrote the following about the names of the fingers (the original Latin words are in brackets): 938 kata lagi



Light grey volcanic rock that’s crushed to a powder and used for cleaning. Old French “pomis” < Latin “pumix” < “spuma”=foamy.