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Wisdom for Its Own Sake

Servatus Lupus, Epistulae  (1):

“Now, those who affect to learn anything are considered a burden; and the uncultured mob, looking up at the studious as though they were placed on some lofty eminence, will attribute anything blameworthy which they see not to mere human error, but to the quality of their studies. 97 kata lagi


Gane $100 en 90 minutos! ConneXion Research está buscando Hispanos para participar en un discussion de grupo sobre comidas rápidas en Houston, TX!

Gane $100 en 90 minutos! ConneXion Research está buscando Hispanos para participar en un discussion de grupo sobre comidas rápidas en Houston, TX este Jueves Marzo 2 a las 2pm o 4pm dependiendo en que grupo usted califica. 104 kata lagi

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Magog, "Natives", and Latin

Hello all.

Today I come with good news and bad news. The good news is that I finished writing about both Togarmah and his uncle Magog for my book. 449 kata lagi

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No One Studies Literature Anymore!

Leonardo Bruni, de Studiis et Litteris III:

“Such marvelous intelligence, and such a remarkable intellect was not given to you in vain, and you should not be content with middling pursuits – you should look to and strive for the highest peaks. 286 kata lagi


Aspire: From the Latin for 'To Breathe'  

The words aspire and inspire both have very similar meanings, of course one is to give someone the urge to do something and the other is to be urged to do something but how do words relate? 202 kata lagi


Watch a Step-by-Step Explanation of the Traditional Latin Mass

Interested in a quality explanation the Traditional Latin Mass? This video made by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) dissects each part of the Extraordinary Form with multiple camera angles and complete narration. 94 kata lagi


What Is A Double Standard?

A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations. In our case we are exploring how women a different set of standards applied to them than men (and it wasn’t set by women). 267 kata lagi

History Of Double Standards