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Last Day of Classes

It is very strange to be done with classes for the year. Each year, this day feels more and more surreal. It is the realization that the normalcy of a regular schedule is over, and in a week a brief glimpse of freedom will flicker, before it is crushed by the setting in of the realities of the real world. 82 more words

Blog Updates

Mordicus (Latin) /ˈmor.di.kus/, [ˈmɔr.dɪ.kʊs] adj. biting; adv. 1. using the teeth 2. tenaciously



Having good judgment about things such as art and fashion. Latin “sophisticare”=to argue/discuss < Greek “sofistis”=learned.


De La Soul: "Say No Go" (Boyfriend Remix)

I need to take a lesson from the title of this song and just say no go to listening to this song all day. Boyfriend… 37 more words


Me Gustas Tú - Manu Chao

Today I’m switching it up with some Latin music. And I’m not talking about the language, I’m talking about the general genre, as in Spanish music. 559 more words


Hello world!

Who I am and why I’m here.

Why not just keep the cheesy title and prompt, yeah?

Hi, my name is Graciela Olguin. I am currently a student at Mills College, an Ethnic Studies major, a crew team member (Go Cyclones!), and also a proud queer agender (and I’d like to say dapper) Latin@. 62 more words