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Wheelock’s Latin – CAPVT XVIII – DAY 1


  1. Wheelock’s Latin 7th Edition (aka “WHEELOCK’S”)
  2. Scribblers, Scvlptors, and Scribes (aka “SCRIBBLERS”)

Pace: 3 days/chapter… 79 kata lagi


Latin Corner - Reductio ad Hitlerum

I am so guilty of invoking Godwin’s Law. I just did it in yesterday’s post. A faithful and very reliable reader (MB) commented “Godwin’s Law” and those two words said it all. 141 kata lagi


Dancing and a few firsts

We had a good Latin lesson today: we did Samba, which feels like it’s improving – until our teacher filmed it for us. Bleurghhh! It definitely feels better than it looks! 294 kata lagi



A male of the hawk family of birds. Old French “tercel” < Latin “tertius”=third; thought to be from the idea that the third egg in a clutch produced a male.



A register of property showing the value and ownership of land for taxation purposes. Latin “capitastrum”=poll tax register < “caput”=head.


Let's Talk about [Death] Baby: #DeathAndClassics

Roman Epitaph, B808

“ you who are reading this epitaph, remember that you too will be dead.”

Qui legis hunc titulum, mortalem te esse memento. 1.558 kata lagi


A Time of Gifts – 16. Triumph and Tragedy

All other Oxford courses had an examination in the course of the first year, and then finals at the end of one’s third year (with Chemistry then having a fourth year too). 1.566 kata lagi