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Great review for Razteria's new album "Aventurera" from!
“A perfect record for the mash up generation.  Is she Jane Birkin?  Marisa Monte?  Latin?  French?  Reggae?  All of the above?  Go with all of the above.  55 kata lagi

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Caroliola et amici sunt in taberna. linguam Latinam loquuntur.

When I look back through the archives of this site, I’m frankly astounded that I’ve written anything on it. You see, I have two small children. 700 kata lagi



To glow or shine with either a reddish or golden light. Latin “rutilare” < “rutilus”=reddish or golden.


The Difficulty of Translating From Greek to Latin

Aulus Gellius, Attic Nights, 11.16.1-6

“We have frequently noted more than a few words or expressions which we cannot say in a few words, as in Greek, and which, even if we use as many words as possible to say them, cannot be articulated as clearly or pointedly in Latin as the Greeks can convey in a few words. 425 kata lagi


Wisdom is the Offspring of Experience and Memory

from Aulus Gellius, Attic Nights 13.8

The poet Afranius wisely and elegantly said that Wisdom is the daughter of Experience and Memory

The poet Afranius expressed himself exceptionally and most truthfully concerning the creation and cultivation of wisdom, that it is the daughter of Experience and Memory. 406 kata lagi


Beautiful Words:

A day late, but better late than never as they say!

This word of Latin origin drew me to think of the many seizure epochs I’ve experienced within my epilepsy.   34 kata lagi