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Pax, Pacis

I didn’t watch Spongebob, but I went over to a friend’s house for a sleepover and saw a few episodes a couple of times.

One of them features the titular character coming to a realization that his suffering is amusing to children, and, with this revelation, he begins torturing himself in order to protect his boss by keeping the audience occupied. 213 kata lagi

Living in Flesh

He’d order cold cokes from the bar, tip his bottle over ice and starve his limbs in that march towards what is next for all living in human flesh. 495 kata lagi

Short Story


To wet, soak, or moisten; to turn into a soft mass. Anglo-Norman “moiller” < Latin “molliare”=to moisten < “mollis”=soft.


What is the Latin for "to tweet"?

Earlier today I tweeted a quote from an article by the University Orator, Rupert Thompson, in our Faculty newsletter. The Orator gives speeches in Latin when honorary doctorates are conferred – and writing speeches in Latin to honour the work of particle physicists, Hollywood actors, and the like, is not always straightforward. 153 kata lagi


From the perspective of a brown agender individual: gender is gross.

What is it about being seen that is so important?

It’s easy to feel like nobody sees me. I just spent a week at a resort in Mexico, inundated by women and men, and possibly a couple of agender or genderqueer folx, but how would I know? 1.125 kata lagi