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Norbanus, Caesar, Oedipus: Candidates for Impeachment?

Cicero, De Oratore II. 167

This is a kind of argument deduced from connected notions: “If the highest praise must be given to piety, then you should be moved when you see Quintus Metellus grieving so dutifully”. 194 kata lagi


End Your Sentences With Prepositions! A Debunking of Common English Grammar Myths

Never end your sentence with a preposition. 

We’ve all heard that one before. Have you ever noticed that this rule is pretty hard to follow? For instance, take a look at the following sentence, and try to apply the rule. 1.032 kata lagi


A Quick Update

Historians are super-heroes but we are not immune to life and everything that goes with it. The past few weeks have been a blur of coffee, tears, and transcription.  300 kata lagi


The Fruit of the Spirit (GAGAUZ: Bible NT 2006 - Latin)

GAGAUZ: Bible NT 2006 – Latin

Galatians (Галатийалылара) 5:22-23

22 Ama Ayoz Duhun meyvası – sevgі, sevіnmäk, usluluk, saburluk, acıyannık, ііlіk, іnancılık,

23 yavaşlık, kendіnі zapetmäk. Bunnara karşı yok zakon.


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meaning and origin of ‘something nasty in the woodshed’



Miss Stella Gibbons’s novel has been most favourably reviewed. It is a well-sustained parody of the Loam-and-Love-child school of fiction.

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Making a Keyword-in-Context index with CLTK

The “key word-in-context” (KWIC) index was an innovation of early information retrieval, the basic concepts of which were developed in the late 1950s by H.P. Luhn… 564 kata lagi