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Lux Aureus

I used to have thoughts. I admit, okay, I still have thoughts. Sometimes I might share them. But why would you want to read what I have to say? 249 more words

Where did I come from?

I’m not black

I’m not white

I’m not Puerto Rican

When I leave the country

They ask me nationality

My confusion compiles

I’m not American… 171 more words


From Aleph Bet to Alphabet

The Greek alphabet is adapted from the consonantal writing systems of the Levant, and I used to have a vague idea that Greek got its vowel signs by adapting signs for Semitic consonants not present in Greek. 454 more words


Tune Of The Day

Mal De Amores by Juan Magan

 No soy tan malo como tú piensas.

13 Bailables del Ano Vol. 11 Side 2 (MP3)

Side 2:

Mosaico Trabalenguas
Porro Sabrosito
Pajarito Pica Aqui
Si Yo fuera el cacique Miranda
Morenita Ingrata
La Pruebita