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The Importance of Moments: Inspiration in the Little Things

Teaching can be sort of all-consuming:  of our time, our energy, our thoughts, our emotions.  In some ways that is to be expected.  Teaching is, in many ways, much more of a vocation than a career.  1.701 kata lagi

St. Anselm/John of Fecamp, Oratio XXVIII (for priests)


Ad Christum

Facienda a sacerdote ante consecrationem corporis Christi

To be done by the priest before the consecration of the Body of Christ… 1.646 kata lagi



A subdivision of an army, usually part of a division. Italian “brigata”=company < "brigare"=to fight < Latin "briga"=strife.


Sententiae #4 — 31-40

Breves et dulces haec sententiae sunt.

The more of these I read, the more I feel like I’m unfurling ancient fortune cookie slips: some are glib, some are vague, some are so obvious as to be insulting, some are openly insulting, sexist, and ageist, and some are perplexing enough to make me wish Publilius Syrus had written just a little more than several hundred disjointed quips. 237 kata lagi

Wastes Of Time

The Twelve Caesars, Translated

By Suetonius

Gaius Julius Caesar, Afterwards Deified

The event occurred, as I recall, when Caesar governed Rome – Caesar, not Marcus Bibulus, who kept his seat at home. 181 kata lagi


Poets as Civic Leaders

Coluccio Salutati, de laboribus Herculis 1.10-12

“Examples of this include Tyrreus* the Athenian, whom the Lacedaemonians, that most warlike nation, selected as a general against the rebellious Messenians; when they were thrice routed and thought about giving up the battle, they – goaded on by his song – entered the contest and overcame the enemy in the bloodiest battle. 494 kata lagi


Latin is a Dead Tongue

“Latin is a dead tongue,

Dead as dead can be.

First it killed the Romans,

And now it’s killing me!”

This old rhyme used to be sung by school children who were sick and tired of their Latin lessons. 998 kata lagi