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The League

By Thomas Page

Mary Susannah Damon did not expect this to happen. Sure, dabbling in the Dark Arts would cause some closed-minded people to say that she was in league with the Devil himself, but she did not expect the League of Magic meeting at her local civic center to be so intolerant. 1.174 kata lagi


Student Actors

Circling on it’s own will become monotonous over time.  Even so, I’ve learned that I am bored with circling much more quickly than students are bored with it.   699 kata lagi


Living It Up

I’ve been…

..full out this week, of which, has left me with a sore throat and a illness hangover. But, that’s not stopping me from getting out there and dirty. 442 kata lagi



Part of the law courts which deals with equity. Shortened “chancellery” < Old French “chancellerie” < “chancelier”=secretary.


22 October - new FSSP priest and record attendance!

Today was the first Mass in Bedford of Father Patrick O’Donohue, a young priest who has recently joined the FSSP in Reading to test his vocation. 181 kata lagi


The Child-Killing Lamia: What's Really Scary on Halloween is Misogyny

This is the second post about ancient Greek Vampires. The first looked at the Empousa. 

Lucian, Lover of Lies 2

“…these are various and disturbing tales, able to rattle the minds of children who still fear Mormo and Lamia.” 1.039 kata lagi


Map of Mars showing channels and possible paleolake basins (1995)


D.H. Scott, J.M. Dohm, and J. W. Rice Jr. 1995  Map of Mars showing channels and possible paleolake basins. IMAP 2461. USGS.