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Filthy Friday: The Scepter of Priapus

Priapea, XXV:

“This scepter, which was cut from a tree

will never again be green with leaves.

This scepter which lusty ladies look for

and even kings desire to hold, 63 kata lagi


Urban comes from Latin Urbanus meaning either “city dweller” or “of the city” which comes from Latin urbs which seems to be derived from a PIE root word. 76 kata lagi


The Problem with the Ides of March: Not Enough Cicero, Not Enough MURDER

Cicero, Epistulae Familiares 10.28.1 (To Trebonius)

“How I wish that you had invited me to that most sumptuous feast on the Ides of March! 155 kata lagi

SONG OF THE DAY David Coleman With The Hector Rivera Orchestra ‎– Drown My Heart

Today’s delicious slice of soul is served with a generous helping of Latin groove, adding a touch of the exotic to this already tender, tasty track. 135 kata lagi


Boukman Eksperyans - Revolutíon

This is one of the most legendary bands out of Haiti, I don’t know enough about their landscape to define them, but this is an incredible album. Check this out, FFS. 9/10.