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Ring Fingers and the Etymology of 'Anatomy' - Gellius, 10.9

“We understand that the ancient Greeks wore rings on the finger closest to the pinky on the left hand. They say that the Romans, too, for the most part wore their rings. 176 kata lagi



A deep red color. Anglo-Norman “cremosin”=crimson cloth < Latin “carmosinus”=dark red < Arabic “qirmiz”=insect crushed for dye.


Dinner for a Dog, and Ancient Wine Criticism (Gellius, Attic Nights 13.31)

EDITORIAL NOTE: I found this passage entirely by chance just hours after Mr. SententiaeAntiquae himself informed me that he would be having a caninum prandium… 368 kata lagi



Origin: Latin

Meaning: from Latin albus meaning “white”, as well as coming from the Roman cognomen Albanus meaning “from Alba”


Dance - It was fate

Ballroom and Latin American dancing. One thing that no one guessed I would take up and a fair few people are shocked when they find out I dance. 787 kata lagi



A narrow passage of water joining two larger bodies. Old French “estreit”=narrow, tight < Latin “stringere”=to tighten or bind.


Sick of Seneca: Gellius, Attic Nights 12.2

  1. That Annaeus Seneca, when judging Ennius and Cicero, was possessed of light and silly judgment.

“Some think of Seneca as a worthless writer, whose books it is not even worth the effort to touch, because his speech seems vulgar and played-out, while his matter and thoughts are characterized either by a bungling and empty force or a light and rather juridical affectation. 1.173 kata lagi