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What to do when the children start school

The new school year has begun and as many parents sigh that familiar, collective sigh of relief that signifies the end of the long summer holiday for some this is a time of great stress.   390 kata lagi

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Homeschooling: The Last Years

Reflecting on my twenty plus years of homeschooling four children, I have so many great memories of books read aloud, concepts clicking in young minds, children wanting to discover for themselves, discoveries on nature walks, trips to many zoo’s and aquariums, science museums, history museums, mountains, rivers, oceans. 543 kata lagi

when the end is near...

There was the afternoon
when i slid down the wall
in the hallway
in front of the bookshelf
and dozed there
with a lap full of journals; 62 kata lagi


My Baby

It feels like yesterday when I held you first in my arms…

So tiny,so fragile…
So quickly you grew up…
You watched me grow too, you watched my sorrows. 36 kata lagi


WINNER and Runner-Up of the Contemporary 2015 Book Award

The 2015 Golden Rose Book Award for Contemporary

Went to Mark Barry and his book The Night Porter

Meet Mark

Mark Barry, author of Hollywood Shakedown, the highly acclaimed Carla and the top selling Ultra-Violence, is a writer and publisher based in Nottingham and Southwell. 765 kata lagi


On This Day

On this day of every year I am the belated wedding anniversary gift to my beloved parents. Exactly how delayed is their not so little bundle of joy? 187 kata lagi


Sweet Freedom!

I’m free!  I’m free!  I’m free!  After 7 1/2 years, over 8 if you count gestation, I am no longer beholden 24 hours a day.  I can write without interruption.  518 kata lagi