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A simple menu • Meniu simplu + CSS3 (3)

Pornind de la meniul pe care l-am creat în Meniu: simplu + CSS3 (partea 2), vom face unul vertical. Acest lucru este foarte simplu de realizat, deoarece i-am dat deja formă, am atribuit culoare, atât fundalului butoanelor cât şi textului de pe acestea, şi am setat efectul de… 209 kata lagi

7 Soon to be 17...

Taylor turned seven this past Thursday. She woke up to all of us singing Happy Birthday and giving her six gifts, with the seventh BIG one to be revealed when she got home from school. 1.180 kata lagi


Dear Brain: Thanks, But You're Not The Boss Of Us

Dear Brain,

Ovaries here! You will be happy to know we received your cease and desist notice. We must say, it felt good to be acknowledged by you, even if at times you came off a little snippy about our contributions, as well as notably edgy with your comparisons. 769 kata lagi

Penggunaan selector :nth-child di css ?

Nah, kali ini saya akan kasih informasi mengenai selector :nth-child pada sebuah value css.

sebelum berjalan lebih jauh, :nth-child itu adalah sebuah properti yang disediakan oleh css yang dapat memudahkan kita dalam pemberian sebuah value suatu konten. 89 kata lagi


What to do when the children start school

The new school year has begun and as many parents sigh that familiar, collective sigh of relief that signifies the end of the long summer holiday for some this is a time of great stress.   390 kata lagi

Articles And Case Studies

Homeschooling: The Last Years

Reflecting on my twenty plus years of homeschooling four children, I have so many great memories of books read aloud, concepts clicking in young minds, children wanting to discover for themselves, discoveries on nature walks, trips to many zoo’s and aquariums, science museums, history museums, mountains, rivers, oceans. 543 kata lagi