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Copa Del Rey ACB 2015 Real Madrid-FC Barcelona

Un año después el Madrid gana desde la defensa gracias al genio de Rudy

El Real Madrid ganó desde la defensa una nueva final agónica. Un año después volvió a no poder imponer su juego rápido y llegó al final del partido sin apenas ventaja. 412 more words


Copa del Rey ACB 2015 Real Madrid - CAI Zaragoza

This is no doubt the most even Copa of the last five or six years. And the game between Real and CAI showed it clearly. 287 more words


Latin American Student Organization

Latin American Student Organization is an organization where students learn about the many different rich cultures of Latin America. This organization provides a lot of event opportunities for students to learn more about different cultures and traditions from Latin American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela etc. 230 more words


Pablo Laso, always an outsider

Antoni Daimiel has written an excellent summary of Pabo Laso’s life as Real Madrid’s head coach.

I think the strange thing about Laso’s career with Real Madrid is his permanent perception as an outsider. 166 more words


Liga Endesa 2014-2015 Unicaja-Real Madrid 30/12/14

Real Madrid’s point guards do not take control of the game and the result is a fragile team.

We were all very anxious to see Real Madrid’s reaction after last Sunday defeat at Barcelona. 306 more words


Liga Endesa 2014/2015 FC Barcelona-Real Madrid 28-12-14

Let’s celebrate Fool’s Day!

I must admit that I have not seen many Real Madrid games this season. I truly hope today’s was not a representative sample. 280 more words