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How to Practice Your Way to the Top

As goes the saying, “Practice makes perfect”.

It’s simple enough in itself but often gets glided over. Yes, we do practice pretty much anything daily but the problem is with… 621 kata lagi

Language-Study Tips

I can swear in French.

I can swear in French. Merde! It´s awesome.

I can swear in French and speak in full conversations. I say things like, ¨This coffee is good!¨ or ¨I want another coffee.¨ or ¨Do we have any more coffee?¨ or ¨My God, we´ve run out of coffee.  147 kata lagi


Дневник попугая, Week 3: 17-23 June 2019

17 June 2019

Did you know? Here in IU-SLW Level 5 Russian, we are expected to learn roughly thirty new words per day.


I should not have brought as many small notebooks as I did to this intensive. 1.058 kata lagi


How to immerse kids in a foreign language- even if you don't speak one yourself

In a recent blog post, I mentioned the “One Parent, One Language” method for teaching a second language in the home. While a great option for many, it may be difficult to implement if, like me, you’re a single parent, or alternatively, don’t speak a second language, yourself. 693 kata lagi


Becoming stuck in a language, and how to find that flow again

You start a new language; everything is shiny and new. There are few things as starting from scratch! Especially if the language is significantly different from the ones you already speak, everything is beautiful and addicting. 865 kata lagi

Language Learning

Learning Modern Greek

Γειά σας!

Today I wanted to talk about learning modern Hellenic as a Hellenic polytheist. Not Ancient Hellenic, but New Hellenic, and why I think it is important, and perhaps more important for Hellenic polytheists than learning Ancient Hellenic. 592 kata lagi


Learning Chinese Update: Why I Purposely Broke My 61 Day Language Learning Streak on Duolingo

A while ago I announced that I was going to learn Chinese, and I also did a review of Duolingo’s Chinese course praising it a lot. 1.341 kata lagi