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Reasons to Look For a Good Land Clearance Service in Your Area

Having a cleaned and cleared lawn or pasture area is very important both for the commercial as well as individual purposes. If you want to have your own harvest in the area surrounding your property in somewhere nearby, you must have the land cleared away first. 244 more words

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Land and Lot Equipment: Clearing Real Estate Properties

The correct equipment to get a job done is essential in this business. Lot and land clearing equipment being no exception. That is why we’ve invested in the newest purchases for clearing properties of scrub trees, debris without damaging the soils surface. 326 more words

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Hey Y'all! Welcome to Koester Tractor Service, LLC.

Hi, my name is Robert Koester, I have owned my own land clearing business for 32 years, yes folks, 32 years, which makes me 52. Getting old is the last thing I worry about. 138 more words


Sign of the Times (2)

Flouting several Loddon Shire bylaws, and an all too obvious “Significant Roadside Vegetation” sigh, a public road is ploughed at Boort. This act of vandalism may be due to either lack of vision, literacy, environmental awareness, or ethics. 20 more words

Need an Estimate for Land clearing in Houston? Land Clearing of Texas Can Help!

http://www.landclearingoftexas.com Do you live in Texas? Do you have land you need cleared? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Land Clearing of Texas has years of experience clearing all types of land, making it more suitable for building, recreation or other use. 33 more words

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The Space Beneath Us

I’ve just been at our local market, for my monthly boogey at the drumming circle. I feel very blessed to have this, and for it to have been echoing through the valley in which I live for the past 20 odd years.   519 more words

The Hard Yards

Week 11 Wilderness Discussion Ben White

This week we discussed the wilderness of Australia and how environmentalist are portrayed in the media. Key themes for this weeks discussion are struggle to change from old business models of logging and farming, the need for environmentalist and non environmentalist to work together, and the challenge of portraying environmentalist in the media The first article we talked about was Anna Krien’s article ‘Camp Flozza’ which describes the problems within the environmentalist group and the struggles that tree sitters face in Tasmania. 597 more words

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