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Tree Growth and Tree Shrinketh

Our land was in a program called Tree Growth. This is a tax break program that involves you not logging your land for X-amount of years, and for every year it is allowed to grow unscathed you get a reduction in property taxes. 462 kata lagi


Clearing the Land II: Other Plans

We finished felling trees, trimming bushes, and cutting grass on the last week of February, a total of seven days with five farmers working at the site. 1.112 kata lagi


Land clearing isn't just about trees – it's an animal welfare issue too

This quenda seems to have been a victim of land clearing.
Colin Leonhardt/Birdseyeviewphotography.com.au, Author provided

Hugh Finn, Curtin University

Tens of millions of wild animals are killed each year by land clearing across Australia, according to our research on the harm done to animals when native vegetation is removed for agricultural, urban and industrial development. 910 kata lagi


How to find quality paving companies who will be able to help you

Paving companies are available all over the place, many industrial business owners who need assistance with paving new pathways or walkways will contact these sorts of companies in order to ask them about the variety of services they offer which will help them run a smooth business. 299 kata lagi

Last chance for NSW government to salvage protections for nature through flawed legislation

Consultation ends today on the finer details of the NSW government’s deeply unpopular Biodiversity Conservation and Local Land Services Amendment Acts. The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) is urging the government to close loopholes and rein in self-assessable codes in order to salvage some protections for NSW’s beleaguered flora and fauna. 390 kata lagi

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