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Three advantages of using skid steer loader in Australia

At any construction site, many different kinds of light and heavy construction machines are used for land clearing and smoothing the particular surface. One particular type of heavy machinery that is becoming more popular today is a skid steer loader due to the rapid growth of construction. 144 kata lagi

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Forest Burning and haze in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Living with the haze in Singapore.

Thunder, lightning and rain were a blessing through the night. Listening to the gentle tapping of rain drops on the window confirmed I’d been right switching off the airconditioning and air filter last thing. 1.916 kata lagi


Zoom out perspective

You drive past radiant fields flowing over soft hills in all directions. It is a beautiful summer day and some small cotton clouds flatter the sky and makes it look like a picture from a children’s book. 196 kata lagi


Tombstoning Termite Territory

Tall grey tombstonal towers ascend from cracked scorched soils. Rising like flattened sky scrapers reaching beyond our planet’s earth.

Outside, void of movement, except for moving shadows of the day. 47 kata lagi

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Hire A Heritage Herd

Goats are a natural alternative to harmful herbicides and pesticides.

They are an environmentally friendly way to fertilize and clear a difficult areas of land. 296 kata lagi

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Land clearing kill count for Liverpool plains coal mine should shame threatened species summit

Will anyone have the courage to confront Australia’s environment minister Greg Hunt at the government’s Threatened Species Summit in Melbourne tomorrow?

Or will the hand-picked participants play along with the charade, and pretend that the massive Shenhua Watermark coal mine on the Liverpool plains in New South Wales isn’t going to result in a high death toll of native species? 565 kata lagi


Land clearing for Shenhua coal mine makes a mockery of federal threatened species summit

Is there really any point to this week’s federal threatened species summit in Melbourne?

And will anyone attending have the courage to challenge the government over the environmental impacts of the massive Shenhua Watermark coal mine, or will Thursday’s summit be eco-sycophant central? 593 kata lagi