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Land Guardians Harmonize Medical Building

Everyone present could feel the magical energy charge the air as the requests for working co-creatively with the spirits of land was received and granted. What a powerful experience! 319 kata lagi

Nature Spirit Alchemy

Land Clearing - The beginning of the driveway

Sorry I don’t have a picture.  I wish I did but I didn’t think about it until it was already dark.  I waited until Saturday evening for the scorching sun to sink low in the sky.  763 kata lagi


Brush Clearing Attempt #3

I hit it again this morning.  It was Sunday and the weather was still relatively cool after a cool front came through the other day.  Not a cloud in the sky so I prepared for hotness. 198 kata lagi


Brush Clearing Attempt #2

It’s Sunday morning and the skies are a little cloudy.  A high, thin cloud layer is doing a good job filtering the sun and the temperature is around 65 degrees F. 710 kata lagi


Brush Clearing Attempt #1

As a new landowner, I was excited to get started clearing some of the brush to carve out my driveway into the new property.

It was Saturday morning and relatively cool out so I packed up my equipment and hit the road to see what I could do. 608 kata lagi


Bee Land Clearing

We’ve been working on clearing a spot for the bee hive. It took me a bit to finally decide where to put it, but we think we have a good location. 215 kata lagi