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Fun with sticks and stumps

In the mid to late 1800s Vancouver was literally being carved out of the forest. As the city grew, the forested land around the town site of Granville (later Vancouver) was being cleared resulting in great piles of slash – branches and other residue left on a forest floor after the cutting of timber. 934 kata lagi


Land footprint of pulp production: fiber deficits driving land clearing

Much of the discussion on combatting the haze focusses on expanding oil palm plantations and slash-and-burn agriculture by small holders, while ignoring the role of pulp producers. 343 kata lagi


Horses - Other reasons for Laminitis and Abscesses

Horses areĀ said to be keepers of the earth – they awaken the earth from it’s sleep with their hoof beats.

I have also heard that horses help heal the land, that their hoof beat is like a vibrational frequency that helps the earth to release past traumas that have been locked up in the earth. 430 kata lagi


Stump Town part 2

We are still clearing the future orchard. Even though we had significant help from the bull dozer there is still a field of stumps. Stumps are expensive to have removed with heavy equipment because each stump needs to be dug out of the ground with a backhoe. 377 kata lagi

Big palm oil sourcing from illegal plantations, and a pledge to improve (2013)

Further to the Harrison Ford clip postedĀ 3 days ago, here the full version:

Shot in 2013, it shows Wilmar’s role in buying from palm oil plantations that where illegally established within the boundaries of Tesso Nilo national park. 125 kata lagi


History of Haze in Singapore

Singapore Infopedia carries the following article on haze pollution:


It identifies the burning of land as the principal cause, and notes that dry weather (known as El Nino in its extreme form) exacerbates it. 27 kata lagi


Three advantages of using skid steer loader in Australia

At any construction site, many different kinds of light and heavy construction machines are used for land clearing and smoothing the particular surface. One particular type of heavy machinery that is becoming more popular today is a skid steer loader due to the rapid growth of construction. 144 kata lagi

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