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Kamakura Diary

This manga is really good. Really, really good. It’s also pretty draining to read. There are a lot of emotions, situations, feelings and a rich cast of characters which feel really… human and relatable. 342 kata lagi


5 rules of the world’s No.1 bucket-list trip

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It\u2019s difficult to speak to a safari tour operator about Africa without it seeming like they\u2019re quoting paragraphs from a particularly exotic novel, all \u201cflamboyance of flamingoes\u201d this, and \u201cconspiracy of lemurs\u201d that. 5.285 kata lagi


Aussies are flocking to this stunning spot

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For waterfall chasers, a trip to Zambia or Zimbabwe to feel the intensity of Victoria Falls is the ultimate rite of passage. 3.608 kata lagi


Long time no see!

i know i know, i’m lazy af and also i forget things really fast so… yeah u know. Ffs, but hey i’ve been finishing my studies and i’m doing pretty well, next week is full of exams so i’m fucked up yee? 228 kata lagi

Silly Stuff


An early morning in the impressive local market.

Every color, every vegetable and every fruit you can think of, from both local and international farmers. The vibrancy and freshness at each vendor station is gorgeous and I can’t help but think of all the creative things I can be  cookin’ up! 204 kata lagi

Birthday weekend

On Saturday it was my 32nd birthday. For every special occasion, my brother chances to visit me and my parents from Melbourne, but this time he was bringing a dear friend of his, Rob. 342 kata lagi