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Badaling Spring

White cherry blossoms decorate trees around the Great Wall of China at Badaling (traditional Chinese: 八達嶺), just north of Beijing. This picture taken on April 22, 2003, the last day of our eventful adoption trip for Lain. 88 more words


Mini Snowman

Q: What do you do when you only get a bit of snow?

A: You build a little snow man.

Lain built this masterpiece using only the snow available to her (and you can see that it was not very much snow!) 32 more words


Karikatur 4 Dimensi Pertama di Dunia!

Halo guys…kami menyediakan hadiah yang sangat unik loh! sangat cocok dihadiahkan untuk orang-orang yang spesial, untuk acara ulang tahun, wisuda, dan di hari spesial lainnya. 21 more words


Anime Music Madness-Duvet

Today’s song in the lineup is Duvet, the opening theme of Serial Experiments Lain, sung by Konaka Riyu

This song fits Lain too well in the weird department, and I like the fact that the original opening is in English. 237 more words


Serial Experiments Lain traces the emergence of the Internet and the transformation it has brought about in the technologies of subjectivity that govern human forms of self-reference, categories of perception, and forms of communication.

209 more words