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Lady Mary and Identity

Perhaps one of the most original ideas posed in thisismyusername’s “Lady Mary and Her Little Lambs”, is the idea that Lady Mary regards reproduction as the redeeming factor in a loveless marriage. 239 kata lagi

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Power and Female Reproduction

In response to hpga26’s, “Lady Mary’s Obsession with Power,” I found the writers connection with sexuality and reproduction with power to be an idea worth exploring. 361 kata lagi

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Lady Mary's Miserable Sex Life

There is much to admire when taking into consideration the beauty found in other unfamiliar traditions and culture. Just as much as there is to admire, there is much to discuss when such cultures vary vastly from ones’ own traditions and culture. 338 kata lagi

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Lady Mary, Virginity and Procreation: A Challenge of Ideology

Ideology is a powerful force which envelops one through Ideological State Apparatuses, which attempt to indoctrinate one to the point of being unable to recognize the ideology surrounding one. 306 kata lagi

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Proofs of Nobility in Fertility

“Lady Mary’s Obsession with Power” by blog user hpga26 explores the concepts of power and gender which does in fact respond to the question posed about Lady Montagu and why she admires female sexuality and reproduction for Muslim women. 321 kata lagi


Lady Mary: Sexuality and Reproduction

In response to hpga26 post “Lady Mary’s Obsession with Power”, I agree that Lady Mary is obsessed with power, but I would argue that although Lady Mary views Turkish women’s sexuality to be different (freer even) than that of the English women she finds it to be controlled by religion. 252 kata lagi


Repeated Themes in Western Encounters with Islam

In the blog post written by gabriellehstowe on September 18, 2013 titled “The Ecstasy of Motherhood,” the publisher points out details of Lady Mary’s Turkish Embassy letters regarding Lady Mary’s views of female sexuality in the Ottoman Empire. 269 kata lagi

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