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The Last Port: Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a tiny port on the far west of the Indonesian island of Flores. Though the bay is mostly shallow, there is a single deep channel sufficient to allow passage for a large container ship every now and then, but normally it is just small fishing vessels and tall sailing ships that come here. 921 kata lagi


Indonesia's Glorious Pink Beach

One of the most important tourist spots of Komodo Island is its glorious pink beach.

I will recommend you to first make a trip to… 183 kata lagi


Pulau Manjarite; Salah Satu Bukti Keindahan Alam Labuan Bajo

Di tulisan pertama ini, saya ingin membahas mengenai salah satu objek wisata di Labuan Bajo-Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur, yaitu Pulau Manjarite.

Pasti bagi kalian yang suka banget  404 kata lagi

Galeri Fotografi

​Padar Island and Nine Island were Wrapped

“Harus ke Padar, sayang udah jauh-jauh gak kesana,” ujar seorang teman yang sebelumnya pernah berkunjung kesana. 

Hampir setiap melihat itinerary soal Komodo Trip, Padar selalu menjadi nilai jual tersendiri. 671 kata lagi

Mari Jalan-jalan


Greetings from Bandung, Indonesia!

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks contemplating themes for this blog. Yes, it will center on travel, teaching, and adventure. However, I fully intend on including a multitude of introspective posts. 621 kata lagi


KOMODO ISLAND: Exploring the Dragon's Nest!

May 2016

Yay! It’s nice to be back and write a travel guide after 7 months. Anyway, as I was always saying in my previous posts, it has always been my dream to complete and see all the… 1.451 kata lagi


The Dragons of Komodo

Day 434 – 8 May, 2016

Knowing that a man-eating dragon exists and actually seeing it for yourself are two entirely different things. There are only four islands in the Indonesian archipelago where these giant beasts roam and only two of these are open to the public, Rinca and Komodo Islands. 1.588 kata lagi