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Guider for Labuan Bajo


Guider for Labuan Bajo

nama : Marcellina Wela Grace

Asal : Labuan Bajo

Keahlian : Hobby menjelajah alam, mendaki gunung, menyelam. Alam adalah teman bagi saya. 11 kata lagi

Labuan Bajo

Meeting Dragons in Komodo Island, Indonesia


This trip is one of those trips I will always speak about years from now.  We had the whole beach to ourselves, went hiking in flip flops, jumping off a boat into the turquoise ocean, and went hunting for Manta Rays in the open sea. 759 kata lagi


What Bali cost me

I don’t sell drugs.

I fund all of my trips myself (no sugar daddy in sight).

I am not SUPER rich (God I wish).

While I’m not a “budget” traveler per se, and I don’t always adhere to my budget, one thing I try to stick to is visiting places that are either 1) relatively cheap to get to 2) have a relatively low cost of living so my dollar goes a long way. 1.303 kata lagi


Baby Moon untuk ibu Kinestetik

Yeay, syeger deh rasanya. Why? Karena kami baru pulang dari FLORES!! Yeay…

Iya, flores lagi, karena saya emang tergila-gila sama Flores. Dan waktu terakhir kesana 2016 itu, Cuma nginap 2 malam. 1.377 kata lagi

Real Life

INDONESIA: Komodo Island Tourism Grows Rapidly, No Wonder It Is The New 7 Wonders Of Nature

The Komodo dragon can smell blood up to 4km away says a forest ranger and guide at Komodo National Park, the only place in the world where this ancient lizard can be observed in the wild, can testify to their lethality. 3.139 kata lagi


Flores to Sulewesi

After almost 2 weeks of bureaucratic rigmarole in Labuan Bajo and 3 visits to the Immigration office, our passports were finally stamped with our next months visa extension. 2.331 kata lagi

Our Story

Labuan Bajo: A 3-Day or 1-Week Itinerary

I cannot in all honesty tell you Labuan Bajo is “undiscovered,” like many blog posts will claim. I don’t want you to get there and then be shocked when you are not the only tourists there! 1.966 kata lagi