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How to read contents of file and show to tkinter Label

self.result = tkMessageBox.askyesno("Message","Would you like to show the results")
            if self.result == True:
                self.fo = open("traceroute.txt", "r+")
                self.str = self.fo.read();
                #print self.str
                self.traceroute_results_1 = Label(root, text=self.str) .grid(row=9,column=3) #self.nmap_entry = Entry(master,width="15")

Glen's Story: Learning From Those Who Are Labeled

This spring I am enrolled in a couple classes.  One of them being EPSY 400 – Working with Difference and Diversity.  Our first project was to read a book, watch a movie, or think about an account of someone who has been labeled as having a disability.   1.637 kata lagi

ECS 301

Our New Label

#hotsauce Just received our new label design, now need to get to work on the sauce!


9 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Signed

What’s holding artists back from get signed to a label or publisher? We asked actual label executives who are signing actual artists to find out. 1.176 kata lagi

NVA Entertainment

Floyd Mayweather In The Music Biz

Looks like Money May found another way to get paid. Floyd Mayweather has officially launched a record label! “TMT Music Group” was launched with Las Vegas/Minnesota-based artist Lil Jamez. 42 kata lagi


Vermont is labeling GMO ready

Starting July 1, 2016, the first GMO labeling law (Act 120) will takes in effect in Vermont! With this law in place, food and beverage companies are required to label GMO right on their label and fail to do so will face penalty. 236 kata lagi