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Big Boi Inks Record Deal With L.A. Reid's New Label!!

Are you ready for some new music from Big Boi?? He’s reportedly joining forces with L.A Reid again as he signs with L.A. Reid’s new label Hitco. 84 kata lagi

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Announcing Astral Noize Records AN001: Aerosol Jesus – 'Failure'

At Astral Noize, we’re huge fans of the underground, and our mission to curate and shine light onto new, unknown and underrated music shows no signs of cessation. 145 kata lagi


Autism - Don't Fear The Label!

Autism – Don’t Fear the Label

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“People are too complicated to have simple labels”

Phillip Pullman

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So many parents fear going for an official diagnosis for their child if they are potentially on the spectrum because they either… 1.061 kata lagi


Hausu Mountain Looks To Release the Most Head-exploding and Smile-inducing Albums  

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Doug Kaplan: I’m MrDoug. Hello! I’m almost 30 years old and live in Logan Square with Max. I grew up in the northern suburbs as a lil flower punk and have become this: If I were forced to describe myself in four words, I would choose Deadhead, Phan, Juggalo, Parrothead. 1.013 kata lagi


Wines & Spirits Looking Behind the Label by Wset, Wine & Spirit Education Trust edition, Paperback This is the official textbook of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, intermediate level. 517 kata lagi