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Tumtums Logo Rebrand

Tum Tums logo

Created October 2015

Brief: A fun, creative baby clothing supplier in Vancouver called ’tumtums’ is looking for a rebrand. They would like something with custom lettering, fun, bright colours and an overall playful appearance.

© Vicky Scott 2015

Graphic Design

Vintage Wooden Box

Great vintage find by uhlalalebrocantage (20.00 EUR) http://ift.tt/1Mvaaj1

What Is PC Music?

By Cody Kenner

Hint: It’s not PC as in “politically correct.” It’s also not music made by a “personal computer.” Actually, it’s very easy to describe what PC Music… 751 kata lagi


Accepting The Label

This is genuinely one of the most difficult things I have ever written about because it’s the one label that I rip from my skin and pretend it isn’t there. 526 kata lagi

Mental Health

Ella Robson reblogged this on Dearest Someone, and commented:

This is incredibly honest, moving and powerful. I cannot imagine how hard it was to decide to become public about this, especially as the writer has identified how difficult it was (and continues to be) coming to terms with her diagnosis. It's blogs' like this that leave me in incredible admiration toward the authors. Claire didn't have to share this post, however the positive impact it has had on others is something that no journalist, article or fact sheet could emulate. This post is very relatable to me, even though I have a different diagnosis, and I'm so thankful that Claire shared this.



Why do you even call yourself one?
Why were you regarded a disgrace
to your family?
What mistakes do you keep doing
that you seem not seeing… 86 kata lagi