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Force With You

Last night for me was the unveiling of the new Star Wars film “The Last Jedi”. Extremely hyped and eagerly awaiting since booking the tickets, I woke up to instagram this blazer which popped out reminding me of the event later that day. 252 kata lagi

뉴트리션 제품 패키지디자인

오리진 에이스 뉴트리션 프로덕트

  • client: 엔씨그룹
  • date: 2017.11

OREGIN의 4종류의 뉴트리션 제품 패키지 & 라벨 디자인.



Why Do You Use Your Job Titles To Define Who You Are?

Does It Mean That Without Your Job You Are A Nobody?

You Are Not What You Do. 15 kata lagi