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How Foo Fighters Save Me

My brain has two emotional parts. They’re hard to explain on their own so I just call them Kurt and Dave. You see where I’m going with this, right? 885 kata lagi


Courtney Love and Grunge

When I was turning 27, I felt like dying.
Kurt Cobain made absolute sense.

I wandered in the beautiful philosophy of death.
Every night as I turned off the lights, 168 kata lagi


kurt cobain, sideonedummy, sideonedummy records, astronautalis Gif For Fun

kurt cobain, sideonedummy, sideonedummy records, astronautalis Gif for Fun at your Time


Kurt Cobain - Montage Of Heck- The Home Recordings

01 – The Yodel Song
02 – Been A Son (Early Demo)
03 – The Happy Guitar
04 – Clean Up Before She Comes (Early Demo) 44 kata lagi

Kurt Cobain

Song Quote of the Day: 10/14

“He’s the one who likes all the pretty songs/And he likes to sing along/And he likes to shoot his gun/But he don’t know what it means/Don’t know what it means.”

– Nirvana, “In Bloom”

Kurt Cobain: Journals - Short Review

I bought this book right after it came out. I read it during moments snatched from days and nights of a lot of academic work. When you open the book, it warns you ‘not to read the diary when I (Kurt Cobain) am gone..’ but my curiosity got the better of me. 206 kata lagi


Rock n' Rolls Most Exclusive Club

The Twenty Seven Club.

Have you heard of it?

Death is an inevitable part of life. With that being said, there are also many people it, seemingly, effects too soon. 360 kata lagi