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Nirvana Wasn't That Great

I did a click-bait! Hooray for me! Now, allow me to inundate you with tons of ads and viruses.

What I’m really trying to say with that title, is that… 820 kata lagi


Teenage Fanclub and what they did to me

Teenage Fanclub look a bit different now to how they did the first time I saw them.

Back then it was the mid-1990s, the height of Britpop – a genre that never fitted a band with… 405 kata lagi

Cormac Looney

That One Time Nirvana Gave Charles Barkley A Contact High

By Rami Abou-Sabe

Take yourself back to 1993. A time when Monica Lewinsky was still a college freshman, plaid shirts and light-wash jeans packed malls, and… 166 kata lagi



Imagine Kurt Cobain at fifty.
Would he dye his hair?
look all funny and fake.
Or let it go.

Imagine his voice
all ragged and worn. 153 kata lagi



The Man Who Sold the World

By Lemon Peralta

Yes, I know it’s a Bowie song. But our dear departed Man Who Fell to Earth, Thin White Duke, Supermodel husband and Space Oddity is unfortunately not dancing on the tinfoil surface of my brain right now. 857 kata lagi

FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #14, in Pictures

An ocean of thank-yous to everyone who helped make last night’s reading more fun than a mosh pit at an anarchist pep rally: Gregory, Lisa Marie, Michael, Anne, Kurt, Adam, and Abigail for performing your flappy lits; Alibi for your scintillating singing and photography; Pacific Standard for your infinitely warm hospitality; and all you hip & gorgeous people who came out to watch. 116 kata lagi