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Federal Aviation Administration honours Nirvana

In the Seattle’s Boing Field of the King County International Airport there are 3 between waypoints and procedures named in honour of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. 132 kata lagi


Kurt Cobain

I have waited my whole life to muster up the courage to be completely honest about how i feel about Kurt Cobain and i feel this is a better place than any. 626 kata lagi

Cobain and Grohl unreleased unplugged online!

Today, for the 26th anniversary, was posted on YouTube an unreleased bootleg with 3 of the 5 songs Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl played on 1st December 1991 in Edinburgh at Southern Bar. 137 kata lagi


Nirvana - In Utero (20th Anniversary Edition)

Released September 2013. Review published 16th September 2013.

One of the most interesting artefacts included in the glossy insert which accompanies this record is a reproduced letter from Steve Albini sent to the three members of Nirvana on the subject of producing In Utero, a task for which – depending on who you want to believe – he was always destined to undertake. 1.232 kata lagi

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Nirvana fue una banda de rock preparada para 1986 por Kurt Cobain y Krist Novoselic. A pesar de su corta existencia como grupo, y del suicidio de Cobain en 1994, su música cosechó un éxito en todo el mundo, hasta el punto de que Nirvana fue considerada una de las mejores bandas de rock de la época y la abanderada del movimiento  Grunge . 618 kata lagi


Remembering Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain by most standards was an overnight music sensation, but in his personal life, he was an emotional train wreck.  Caught up in overwhelming media hype and weighed down by the pressure of it all, he looked for a way to escape, but by his own admission couldn’t seem to find it on this side of eternity.  1.014 kata lagi

Heavier Than Heaven // by Charles Cross

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t really like knowing all that much about the personal lives of artists whose work I enjoy.  Almost invariably, they turn out to be kind of sucky people, which in turn means I don’t actually enjoy their music/writing/artwork as much as I did back when I was ignorant about who they were as people.  1.770 kata lagi

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