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You no what we often see people who make us ashamed to be human or who we are.

It can be someone who fits in a certain stereo type negatively and because your in the same group you are then asosiated with that negativity. 74 kata lagi

Top 10 Nirvana songs

Nirvana is a famous grunge band that started in 1988. They have released 4 different albums and in this blog I will be telling you my top 10 Nirvana songs. 324 kata lagi

Kurt Cobain

In The Wild

Part I

The speed with which medical conventions can domesticate the most outlandish requests, or re-frame even grotesquely violent behaviors, is an under-appreciated marvel of modern social life. 2.114 kata lagi

My first week with an electric guitar!

I’m super excited to share that I’ve decided to start playing electric guitar! The person who encouraged me to start playing, is the one and only Kurt Cobain. 335 kata lagi

An Error Occurred… Please Try Later?

Within the track, Territorial Pissings, Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain once lyrically rehashed that old hippie era saying…

“Just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not after you!”

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Surfer Rosa by Pixies

I first heard about the Pixies when I was reading about Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain; the grunge legend said that he was ripping off Pixies’ quiet and loud style in Nirvana’s biggest hit,  426 kata lagi