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Obligatory Dassai Article

Whenever I talk to people about Sake and mention I live in Yamaguchi, the conversation inevitably turns to Dassai. This is understandable, since clearly Dassai is immensely famous (perhaps the single most famous sake in the world?). 722 kata lagi


Hinoshita Musou - Tasting

This sake is from Murashige Shuzo, more commonly known for their brand Kinkan Kuromatsu. It’s another Iwakuni sake with a reputation for winning awards and making good sake, though it’s still overshadowed by Gokyo and (of course) Dassai. 166 kata lagi


Suigei "Drunken Whale" - Tasting

I like to focus on Yamaguchi and the surrounding prefectures on this blog, since they seem to get fairly little attention compared to, say, Niigata or Fukushima. 306 kata lagi


Chapter Eleven: Kitakata

I would like to take a moment, if I may, to paint something of a picture of the town in which I spent a year and three months of my life. 1.498 kata lagi


Ohmine: A New Kura, a New Image

The sake world in Yamaguchi has been abuzz lately with some new faces. I previously talked a little about Abu no Tsuru, a re-opened kura under the sponsorship of… 763 kata lagi


run/kiri/run: Increasing the speed of Kiri

I keep improving Kiri to measure the efficiency of MAIA. Today I bring you a new short post with its latest enhancements and improvements. While in the… 379 kata lagi

Eclipse Iot

Japanese Food and Stores in Austin, part 2

I have been continuing my search of Austin, and found a couple of interesting places of note that I thought I’d review.

The first is Asahi Japanese Store on Burnet just north of Koenig.  333 kata lagi