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Besieged Kingdom

At this time last year


Kingdom was besiegt


And Young King


Almost driven mad


Siege was liegt for 2 months


And Kingom was saved


By the one and only


Young Emperor


Hurah Hurah

Jah and Me

This is Jah

This is Me

Even God Cant Judge Me Now

Emperor of Kings

King of Emperors

Sheep Abow Chicks

Chicken Abow Sheeps

This is Jah… 12 kata lagi

She is My Kosmos

Time flies


Neatly organized stars


Fade into oblivion one by one


Kosmos is silent


For its as far away


As She is

Sadness Part One

What is sadness


What distant land does it come from


Haunts suddenly


Fils heart






Whole body


Enshrouds light consuming pall


Takes for a trip… 101 kata lagi

Full of stars

Sky grows old


Full of stars


Full of stars


Full of star


We all age




Wine at the good start of the week


Will flow a stream


Or little rivet


Cos Young Emperor


Is not some lowlife drunk


That will drunk the sea… 9 kata lagi