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Boat ride down Kurashiki’s canal

Since there were no curtains in my room I woke up together with the sun and decided to walk around before I had to leave. 1.647 kata lagi


BGC TOKİ Yunuseli Kura Sonucu

BGC TOKİ Yunuseli Kura Sonucu

Yazar: Yunuscan TorosTarih: Temmuz 15, 2016Kategori: Emlak Haber, TokiYorum Yok

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452 konutluk Bursa Yunuesli Basın Konutları projesinde kura çekimi bugün yapılacak.

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Riverside Tiflis

Once a source of life and leisure, river Mtkvari has been locked away from the city residents by concrete walls. Blocked further with a non-stop traffic, inaccessible riverside is mostly deserted, but still beautiful due to lines of plane trees, blooming with light green glimmer many kilometers within the city limits.


In late-April 2016 the author of this blog, a longtime American expatriate and Kyoto-based Japanese cinema historian, thought to buy an old farmhouse located somewhere beyond the city, of the busiest, most bustling tourist destinations on earth. 670 kata lagi

Demolition of Namba Nane Market begins in Kibera

Starting around 10 or 11 am this morning, many stalls and structures at Namba Nane Market in Kibera were brought down.

While some business people claim that they had not been notified of the demolitions, others say that they had received several notifications  days leading to the evictions. 251 kata lagi

Kura: Traditional Warehouses in Shizuoka Prefecture 41: Honkaku Temple 8(本覚寺) in Ikeda, Suruga Ku, Shizuoka City!

“Kura” (in Japanese 蔵 or 倉) means “warehouse” or “Storehouse”.
In traditional Japan, especially during the Edo Era, as most of buildings and urba/village structures were made of wood, fires were the bane of society by and large. 558 kata lagi