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Canopy bed KURA

When it was time for a larger bed for my daughter, she expressed her wish for a bunk bed. Well, my husband and I decided we didn’t want her to sleep in a bed high up yet, so I suggested a canopy bed. 205 kata lagi


Rā 224,  Rāhina, 15 o Here-turi-kōkā

Our world is beautiful. I went out to visit a small, rural kura today to work with the teachers. It is in a beautiful setting and it was great to work with such a positive and passionate group of educators.

Boat ride down Kurashiki’s canal

Since there were no curtains in my room I woke up together with the sun and decided to walk around before I had to leave. 1.647 kata lagi


BGC TOKİ Yunuseli Kura Sonucu

BGC TOKİ Yunuseli Kura Sonucu

Yazar: Yunuscan TorosTarih: Temmuz 15, 2016Kategori: Emlak Haber, TokiYorum Yok

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Riverside Tiflis

Once a source of life and leisure, river Mtkvari has been locked away from the city residents by concrete walls. Blocked further with a non-stop traffic, inaccessible riverside is mostly deserted, but still beautiful due to lines of plane trees, blooming with light green glimmer many kilometers within the city limits.