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Not Desire

It’s not desire

That push you

Further and Higher


Grey have 50 shades

And they are all sickness

I have only one Color

That is healthy to all of You

Chick Mandala

My entries are like mandalas

Pour with sand

Of Bilions tiny flecks

Colourful dust

Like doodles writen with crows foot

Couple of moments then they disapear… 9 more words

Outline of my proposal for Eclipse Open IoT Challenge - monitoring MODBUS

Logging and monitoring industrial automation equipment with remote management capabilities.

It’s a time to write quick overview about my application for Eclipse Open IoT Challenge. 471 more words


Yarı Final Sahne Sıraları Belirlendi

2015 Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması kura çekimi az önce tamamlandı. 75 more words


Katılımcı Ülkelerin Heyecanlı Kurası

26 Ocak’ ta, 2015 Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması’na katılacak olan ülkelerin hangi yarı finalde sahne alacağı yapılacak olan kura ile belirlenecek. 104 more words