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IKEA Hack: Kura Bunk Bed

My daughters have had their Kura beds for several months now. And I have been wanting to hack them into proper bunk beds. Why? Because I wanted to put down two more mattresses under their bunks to create another play/sleeping area, and it is NOT safe to place a mattress directly on the floor. 365 kata lagi


IKEA Kura Bunk Bed Hack

With our 18 month old attempting to climb out of the crib we decided it was time to transition him to a bed of his own. 649 kata lagi

Bunk Bed

Koed old town

This Kurazukuri Street is the spot where historical architecture preserved from Edo Era. Kawagoe city is called “Koedo”, which means small Edo. It takes about an hour from central Tokyo by Metro or train. 9 kata lagi

On My Daily Life

Besieged Kingdom

At this time last year


Kingdom was besiegt


And Young King


Almost driven mad


Siege was liegt for 2 months


And Kingom was saved


By the one and only


Young Emperor


Hurah Hurah