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I had noticed them as we sped down the highway on her scooter. They piqued my curiosity and sense of amazement. The analogy of my gal-pal Eta, who observes Galungan (think Thanksgiving), when I asked about a decorative post outside the back gate of Sanur-based Hotel Puri Tempo Doelo was striking. 408 kata lagi

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Kopineto Coffee at Karet Pedurenan Kuningan Jakarta

April 9th, 2017. I knew about this place from an owner of coffee shop nearby. I planned to go there with friends, but evidently everybody went there already. 346 kata lagi

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Kantor pos Cilimus merupakan kantor pos cabang luar kota dengan nomor dirian 45556. Kantor pos ini dibawah kantor pos Kuningan (45500). Berlokasi di Jalan Raya Cilimus, Kuningan – Jawa Barat. 10 kata lagi

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Kuningan day  is celebrated every 210 days, ten days after Galungan.

The Balinese believe that Kuningan day is the day when their ancestors return to heaven… 211 kata lagi


Il Kuningan viene celebrato ogni 210 giorni, 10 giorni dopo il Galungan.

I balinesi credono che nel giorno del Kuningan i loro antenati tornino in paradiso dopo aver  visitato la terra durante la cerimonia del Galungan. 207 kata lagi

Mokka Coffee Cabana at epiwalk Rasuna Epicentrum Jakarta

March 22nd, 2017. I had an event earlier in Gran Rubina, Kuningan. After the event, I dropped in to epiwalk. It’s been ages since the last time I came to epiwalk. 257 kata lagi

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Can I be as Kind to Them as They are to Me?

Happy Galungan and Kuningan day in Bali!
As was explained to me by a friend, this is “the day Balinese will celebrate kindness of humanity.” 88 kata lagi