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Physical Therapy, Meridian, Boise, ID

Sciatica is a term used to describe pain that is felt in the buttocks, or leg, but originates from the back.  Sciatica can range from symptoms being felt in the gluteal region, all the way down to the toes. 102 more words

San Bliss

Rather than take our lives into our hands and attempt to drive across the infamous Darien Gap; 90km of forbidding mountainous jungle on the Panama side and impenetrable swamps, guerrillas, crazed drug traffikers, greedy kidnappers and corrupt government police on the Colombian side, we booked a passage on the ‘Stahlratte’. 307 more words


Three Iraqis Killed In Kuwait Border Explosion

At least three Iraqi citizens have been killed after an explosion from a truck near the country’s border with Kuwait, officials from the Kuwaiti news agency have said. 269 more words


ha(KUNA) matata - introducing my new job!

I’m super excited to announce that after almost 5 months since finishing up at Baptist World Aid and moving to San Francisco I finally have a job and I’m starting tomorrow!!!  1.246 more words


The Guna-Yala

The Guna are a group of Native Americans who live on the Caribbean coast of Panama and also the San Blas Islands.  They were able to achieve semi-autonomy through an uprising in 1925.   40 more words


Celebrating a Phantastic Valentine's

It’s been a trio of years since I’ve started my immersive play on the MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2.

I’m surprised I’m still in this game, logging in religiously, daily… despite my usual insistent solo/single play tendencies in my gaming habits, rejecting many online games all this while. 218 more words

Role Playing Game