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Kunas in America

The KUNAs were the family of my great-great-grandmother along my direct maternal line. Until very recently, I knew very little about them, and today I only know slightly more, but enough that it’s worth talking about.   1.079 kata lagi

Genealogy In Action!

Kako to da Miloradima Pupovcima ne smeta kuna? A pozdrav smeta?

​U NDH je bio pozdrav ‘Za dom spremni’, i novac se zvao kuna. Kako to da Miloradima Pupovcima smeta pozdrav, a ne kuna?”, upitan je Glasnović 105 kata lagi


Robert's Daughter Travels: Croatia and the Kuna

(This is the first in a series of blogs on Europe and its banknotes by Robert’s daughter who recently travelled through Europe.)

It was early October, I sat in this beautiful café tucked away from the busy streets of old town. 433 kata lagi

Banknote Collecting

Juggling multiple skills - Why today's reporter has to be everything at once

So there I was, dealing with a random Apple update on my iPad and trying to call our tech expert, Joe, when the Kuna Melba News advertising representative, Karri, rushes through the door. 978 kata lagi


The Big Kuna -- Croatia

Croatia reminds me of a small town in Florida, like St. Augustine. It has a perfect mix of beach life, nightlife and amazing seafood. I was pleasantly surprised to see the charm of Split. 998 kata lagi



This past weekend I traveled to Dubrovnik with three other people. And man, was that a journey to say the least. We arrived on Thursday around 4. 432 kata lagi

If the research shows chocolate has health benefits..... COUNT ME IN

Of the many glorious foods God has blessed our belly’s with, there is that one that I truly believe he made extra special. Many of you know it as the thing that gives you life on a gloomy day, the very sustenance that keeps you sane, the cheese to your wine… or Chocolate. 317 kata lagi