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A Week in The San Blas Islands


After discussing the idea of going to San Blas Islands and when to leave it was a last minute decision to leave that afternoon rather than leaving at midnight. 2.046 kata lagi


Spending Kuna in Pula… Kind of

Croatia is part of the European Union but still uses it’s own currency, Kuna, and it is truly hard to get rid of. With an exchange rate of 1:7 it might feel like you are spending a lot, but everything is so cheap it is actually hard to spend all the Kuna you took out of the ATM. 1.286 kata lagi

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San Blas Islands... I walked around an entire island in less than 10 minutes!

This is an island paradise. Over 200 islands make up San Blas/Guna Yala and its all part of an indigenous native reserve. The Kuna are the Indians of the area and they control everything on the islands, and the Panamanians aren’t too happy about it. 317 kata lagi


Pristine "Green" Panamanian Paradise

To classify Panama’s picture-perfect Coral Lodge as “off the beaten path” would be an understatement. It took a small plane, smaller boat and a large amount of determination for my husband and me to reach this gem. 895 kata lagi

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Kuwait Uncovers Islamic State Network

An Islamic State network, containing militants who had fought in Iraq and Syria, has been uncovered by Kuwaiti authorities, with several members arrested. 298 kata lagi


Kroatien som turistmål

Kroatien är ett “relativt” nytt resmål, och har efter det brutala kriget i det  forna Jugoslavien rest sig och står på egna fredliga ben. Vi åkte dit i en  förhoppning om sol och bad och fick se våra förväntningar bli överträffade  med råge. 1.377 kata lagi

San Blas paradise

By far the most scenic route from Colombia to Panama (or vice versa) is a San Blas tour. They are usually four days of island-hopping in a sailboat/catamaran or a motorboat with nights spent on the islands, and it is a great way to get in some beach time and meet the Kuna people, and indigenous group originally from Colombia hundreds of years ago. 1.052 kata lagi