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THE ROAD TO CRES : Saving the Vultures of Croatia~Part Nine

There were some other inhabitants of the centre I haven’t mentioned. Severina, the wee black dog, who had a terrible chest and used to cough a lot, was beloved by all, even me. 96 kata lagi



Blusa kuna de Gaigirgordub (El Porvenir). Guna Yala, Panamá.

Telas comerciales cosidas a mano y a máquina (la mola se elaboró mediante la técnica del apliqué inverso).

Fotografía Alicia Uruaga.


Kuna domowa, moja niechciana sublokatorka.

Mieszka umie już 5 lat i dzisiaj w czesnym rankiem udało mi się upolować aparatem fotograficznym, jak widać.

Niesamowicie rozrabia i robi duże szkody. Już się z tym niechcianym sublokatorem i losem pogodziłem. 135 kata lagi

Natura – Przyroda, Jej Piękno.

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Adding Security to Outside Lighting with Ring Floodlight Cam & Kuna Craftsman Maximus

Finding the perfect home security camera can be a tough task for most folks.  Picking a brand, going wired versus wireless, service costs, and other factors, make choosing the right unit daunting.   1.338 kata lagi

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Exercise 5

Match each word with its meaning in English

Wawacha                                     Little cat

Qarikuna                                      Dogs

Urpikunacha                              Chairs

Wasimasi                                     Doves

Yachachiq                                    Compatriots

Mamacha                                     Neighbour

Allqokuna                                     Teacher

P’unchaw                                        Little baby… 12 kata lagi


Exercise 1

Relate the words in English with their equivalents in Quechua

Bosses     LLamkamasikuna

Colleagues      Q’arikuna

Compatriots      Kamachiqkuna

Men      Warmikuna

Women      Llaqtamasikuna


Lesson 2: The Plural

As we are already realising, Quechua uses many suffixes, words or syllables which are added to the end of a word to change its meaning. 75 kata lagi