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San Blas paradise

By far the most scenic route from Colombia to Panama (or vice versa) is a San Blas tour. They are usually four days of island-hopping in a sailboat/catamaran or a motorboat with nights spent on the islands, and it is a great way to get in some beach time and meet the Kuna people, and indigenous group originally from Colombia hundreds of years ago. 1.052 kata lagi

South America

Kuwait Mosque Bombing: 25 Dead, 202 Wounded

At least 25 people have been killed, and a further 202 have been wounded, following a suicide bombing in a crowded mosque, during Friday prayers, in Kuwait. 99 kata lagi


Dobar Dan Croatia

Our first steps on Croatian soil were in Zagreb, the capital city.  It’s not a well-known city compared to many European capitals, and therefore relatively tourist free, which for us was one of its alluring features. 546 kata lagi


Children of the Moon: Albino Kuna Indians under Threat

Reuters’ “The Wider Image” reports that large number of albino Kuna (or Guna) Indians—“the alabaster-skinned people born on this sun-scorched constellation of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama have been venerated as the Children of the Moon or the Grandchildren of the Sun”—are under threat due to the tropical sun, “their mythic, celestial ancestor.” 308 kata lagi


GCC media meet to remove people having a voice!


What sort of crap is this? Seriously? “Steer young people towards a proper path”? Does anyone believe this shit? What makes them think that THEY know what Allah? 154 kata lagi


Wednesday Win Trivia: Delicious Delicacy

The Guna (a.k.a. Kuna) people, who live off the coast of Panama, do not develop hypertension. What do they consume that keeps their blood pressure so low? 20 kata lagi

Wednesday Win!