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Money Matters in Croatia

We just came from a 15 day – holiday in Croatia via Lauwers Reizen and we simply enjoyed our trip. It was a long travel (2 days sitting in the bus to go there and another  days to come home) but it was worth it. 325 kata lagi



A great friend with whom I’ve worked for many years, along with his wife and daughter, have become rather expert beekeepers over the past couple of years! 242 kata lagi


Sailing the San Blas Islands

Sat at a table with my fellow ship mates the day before we set sail, this group already promised to out-deliver the boat mates I bailed on three days before. 942 kata lagi


Krk - Croatia

Friday 20th April 2018

Dave posting’

We were awoken early this morning by the council grass and verges maintenance team, that’s what happens when you wild camp, they happily strimmed 947 kata lagi

Destinations By Motorhome

The Fruit of the Spirit (KUNA, SAN BLAS: Bible NT - 2nd Edition)

KUNA, SAN BLAS: Bible NT – 2nd Edition

Galatians (Gálatas) 5:22-23

22 Bab Dummad Burba Nueddi weyob dule-dae imaked: dulemar-sabee-nanaed, weligwar itoged, ulubgi bogidik itoged, ukurmakar ibmar imaksulid, yeer-itogedgi dulemar-bendaked, igar-nuegangi nanaed, Bab-Jesúsgi bensuli-daed, 12 kata lagi


The Armor of God (KUNA, SAN BLAS: Bible NT - 2nd Edition)

KUNA, SAN BLAS: Bible NT – 2nd Edition

Ephesians (Efesios) 6:10-18

10 Emigindi gwenadgan, Bab-Jesúsgi gandik be akamar, e-gangued ganguedba be gangumar.

11 I gi sordamar urwenasokalir urwed-mor yosdamala, deyob Bab-Dummad-e-gangued-burbaled-uked be yomar, adi nia-saila bemar-yardakar sogele, bemar nia-saila-abin ganna gwisguegar. 165 kata lagi


God's Love (KUNA, SAN BLAS: Bible NT - 2nd Edition)

KUNA, SAN BLAS: Bible NT – 2nd Edition

John (Juan) 3:16

16 “Ar Bab Dummad bela we-napneggi-dulemar-bukwad nue sabgussoggu, E-Machi-Wargwenna-Guedi barmialid, adi dulemar-iskued-anar burgwegar. Ar doa-dule Bab-Dummad-Machigi bensuli-gunonikile, burba-geg-bergued nikuoed, adi mer bar degi-sadegu sabsur odurdaklesii-guegar.