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Bukan Kuda

Cuba senaraikan selain kuda tapi menggunakan perkataan kuda. Huh? Susah juga tugasan aku bagi pada aku sendiri hari ni.


Weighing, Why-ing

To resign or to not resign, that is the question.

After the heart-wrenching office event last week, I was again motivated to pursue my long overdue plan to fly away from my post in the company. 734 kata lagi


KUDA that comprises of five reels and upwards of thirty paylines. The coin divisions that a player may use keeping in mind the end goal to have an entrance to this space amusement begins from one to a quarter century, the most extreme number of coins that might be won as a big stake prize is 5000 coins and beside it is lower with pretty much 3000 coins. 391 kata lagi

Metamorphic Proletariat

I have been promoted recently to a position that is usually occupied by adults with graduate degrees. Now, bosses told me that they are preparing me to an even higher position in the company. 651 kata lagi

Front Beach

I took a stroll to Front Beach this morning (Giving Lennie a chance to get started on the gate for the dog pen!). We ended up working on the gate together when I returned but the walk was so rewarding! 55 kata lagi



SPORTSBETTING government knows how to convey the state’s financial plan legitimately. Each division has its own bit of the financial plan, and the measure of the rate relies on upon how much every segment needs. 480 kata lagi


I loathe my femininity.

I have been suffering from an intermittent low back pain that started a year ago, just months before I had “dengue.” However, nights ago, the pain was so excruciating, it radiated through my left arm and my lower extremities. 893 kata lagi