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KTP Day 2017 PUAL

(KPT pian hmain Phullenah Thalai Pual inkhawm hun siam a ni tawh) – Buata Bawihtlung : 16.2.2017, 8:55 PM

Kum 1953 November ni 27 khan Teachers’ Training School-ah mi pawimawh tak tak leh hmun hrang hranga zirtirtu a thawk kalkhawm ten Kohhran chhunga Thalai awmte mumal taka insuihkhawm a, Krista rawngbawl kawnga thalaiten an mawhphurhna an hriat chian leh zual theihna a nih beiseiin pawl an din a, Provisional Committee an siam nghal a. 584 kata lagi


Vacancy - KTP Associate (Robotics)

KTPs are a unique UK-wide activity that help businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity by making better use of the knowledge, technology and skills within universities, colleges and research organisations. 137 kata lagi

KTP Success Story: West Technology Systems

The collaboration between West Technology and UWE Bristol is a fantastic example of the University’s involvement in the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme. Since West Technology recruited a graduate through the programme, sales of its fingerprint-detection machines have gone through the roof. 18 kata lagi


Awards: KTP with Sentisum

Prof Nirmalie Wiratunga has been awarded a KTP with Sentisum (Askenti)  a London based technology start-up which aims to help enterprises understand customer’s opinion and turn those opinions and experiences into competitive advantage.  54 kata lagi


UWE Bristol and forensic engineering firm could help police catch more criminals

A machine that has helped solve numerous cases by revealing fingerprints on evidence could help catch even more criminals thanks to a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) 652 kata lagi


Aturan Baru Verifikasi Identitas Mitra PayTren 2017

Bersama surat ini kami beritahukan kepada seluruh Mitra PayTren bahwa terdapat hal yang perlu diperbaharui dalam setiap perkembangan dan kemajuan bisnis perusahaan untuk menjamin setiap kelancaran dan kenyamanan serta keamanan dalam menjalankan bisnis Perusahaan. 298 kata lagi

PayTren News Update

Video: KTP Laser Procedure

Platform: NewSurg KTP 532nm Diode Laser

Indication: Telangiectasias (superficial blood vessels)

The KTP laser is designed to specifically target superficial blood vessels and dark spots that are located on the skin. 108 kata lagi

Cosmetic Procedures