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Dymek dla niepalących: Strachy na Lachy

A Polish hero in the 19th century: “I shall join the rebels in colonies! They fight like us against a powerful monarchy!”

A Polish hero in the 20th century: “I’ll be hanged, but the liberty of the working people is more important!” 64 kata lagi


Terrorism Errorism

Ahmed H. has been released after spending 3 and a half, out of 7 sentenced years in a Hungarian prison for “terrorism”, consisting in using a megaphone while protesting being held with a crowd of other people at a border. 187 kata lagi


DDNP: Zajęte ręce

“I would love to fight the child abuse and the neonazi connections in the Catholic Church… but unfortunately, my hands are full!”


Alojzy i nieprzyjaciele (49), 2019 r.


… nazwiska …

 … chęci.

Komiks “Alojzy” powstaje w paskach od 2007 roku.