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Chrisma, aka Krisma: Italian New Wave produced by the Greek genius, Vangelis. Black Silk Stocking, TV show performance!!

“Black Silk Stocking” is one of those songs that whenever I play it out, at least one person asks what it is. It’s a dark, sexy tune with an incessant rhythm and a vicious guitar lead over its entirety . 251 kata lagi


Persiapan Sakramen Penguatan atau Krisma

Upacara khusus yang dilakukan Gereja Katolik untuk menerima seseorang menjadi warga Gereja secara penuh tampak dalam sakramen Baptis, sakramen Penguatan atau Krisma, dan sakramen Ekaristi. Ketiga sakramen ini disebut sakramen Inisiasi. 83 kata lagi

Buku Rohani

AntiQuark coversong on Krisma CHybernation

Krisma’s song, “Nothing to do with the Dog”, covered by AntiQuark, will be on the CHybernation compilation coming out at the end of  October 2011. 385 kata lagi


New updated post 9/27/2011

AntiQuark finalized the coversong of “Nothing to do with the dog” by Krisma.
It is available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!! at:
http://www.chybernation.4000.it/ 596 kata lagi

Krisma and Origa’s   (1993)

[music:] Krisma, Clandestine Anticipation (1982)

Christina and Maurizio. Chrisma. Krisma. Or: bite the hand that feeds you.

In 1976, Maurizio Arcieri had almost completely wasted his past fame as the lead singer of New Dada (one of the most important italian beat acts, which supported The Beatles in their 1965 italian tour), and later as a succesful solo artist. 423 kata lagi


Muslim Haram Memeriahkan Krismas

Christmas is an annual holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus (Jesus Birthday but actually we do not noe when is the accurate birth date for Jesus,Christian only made it up,to respect his death ) our prophet is only Muhammad S.A.W( thats y we celebrate Maulidur Rasul), and Feast of Epiphany (season that day inaugurates). 220 kata lagi