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Mythic Creatures at DMNS

Driving to work down Speer every day, I see a lot of banners for exhibits going on at the local museums. One such exhibit (that I’d also seen a lot of friends on facebook go to) was Mythic Creatures at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. 188 kata lagi


Oh fuck momentsĀ 

Everyone has had those moments where literally the only thing to come to mind, is a very loud, resounding “oh fuck“. Mine came today in the form of my period. 91 kata lagi

Himalayan Monster

Play Free Online Himalayan Monster Game.

Drunk Talk Part 1

Okay, it took me a while to get the coconut modem working. All those years of watching Gilligan’s Island weren’t wasted after all! Word of advice: Don’t piss off rich people, especially if their name is Oliver Queen. 1.295 kata lagi