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Best 3 Games with...The Kraken

This entry I thought I would do something more fun and a little out of the ordinary!  Instead of highlighting a theme or mechanism, I decided to do something more obscure….a Monster.   831 kata lagi

Board Game

Sea of Thieves Weaponry

Sea of Thieves showcases some amazing battle mechanics and promises to be an truly captivating multiplayer game however one thing fans have been clamouring for is the knowledge of what weapons players will get to utilise within the Sea of Thieves universe. 884 kata lagi

Kraken Falls: The rise of the seascraper

While the position of World’s Tallest Building has long been a hotly contested goal amongst architects and developers suffering from insecurity, mid-life crisis and phallic envy, the competition has moved up a notch with the announcement of The Kraken, the world’s first underwater megaplex. 196 kata lagi


Lions - Inseparable Brothers

Here are a few new pieces..The lions are my favorite so far.

As usual these are drawn by hand and then I use a dremel to engrave the designs into the wood. 43 kata lagi

Cork Comedy Fest to provide laughs by the Lee

A brand new comedy festival has been announced for Cork between the 23rd & 25th September with  prominent acts such as Neil Delamere, Sean Hughes and Deirdre O’Kane confirmed. 353 kata lagi

Cork News


Flensed moonstruck vivid

Carcass oozing midnight oil

A scream breaks within


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Cries of Despair

I am like the wild wild sea
Gently tumbling ashore
When the mood carries me
Spouting fume in rage
When I see injustice
Calm and silent, a mirror of heaven… 125 kata lagi