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Bezuinigen in het nieuwe jaar?

Een nieuw jaar een nieuw begin. Tijd om eens de maandelijkse lasten/ financiën onder de loep te nemen. Waar begin je zoiets? En waar kun je op bezuinigen? 393 kata lagi


How IoT Forked the Mobile Roadmap

Since 1991, when GSM was first deployed, there has been a steady progression within the mobile industry toward ever-increasing bandwidth and speed. However, since that time and in particular during the past 12 months, there has been a radical bifurcation in the trajectory of the industry and the technology it requires. 1.441 kata lagi


Vodafone to begin field testing contactless ticketing service

Vodafone Netherlands this week revealed it will launch a nationwide pilot m-ticketing service with a view to adding it to Vodafone Wallet in the near future. 332 kata lagi


Email "Factuurbedrag van uw KPN" targets Dutch users of KPN in phishing scam

MX Lab,, started to intercept a new phishing campaign by email with the subject “Factuurbedrag van uw KPN” targeting Dutch users of KPN with a statement that an automatic recurring payment hasn’t been authorized and is therefore rejected for payment by the bank. 301 kata lagi


Video : The Pickup #16 - Lefensmannen | @TopNotchNL @RonnieFlex2907 @DefMajor @MaxiMilliLMG @CartiezParis

Yesterday the second season of ‘The Pickup’ series powered by KPN and TopNotch NL came to an end BUT they ended in style while the Dutch collective Lefensmannen where picked up for the last episode.  27 kata lagi


KPN gaat doen aan neuromarketing

Zojuist las ik een zorgelijk bericht. KPN wil hersenonderzoek doen bij reclamekijkers. Het is bepaald niet belangeloos. Het idee is om te zien welke hersengebieden geprikkeld worden, en daar de spotjes op aan te passen. 61 kata lagi


Scania's Racing !!! ;-)

KPN Scania & Aeon Connect Scania racing each other in its way with other vehicles.

These are the senior most scania’s in the India. Scania Metrolink HD14.5m is the variant of these scanias… 11 kata lagi