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Mobile operator à la Netflix

I think this is very exciting! Dutch mobile operator KPN is breaking new ground with internet and TV. KPN first came with an online music magazine for its customers. 128 kata lagi


2G + 4G = True!

In August 2012 AT&T announced that their 2G network would be shut down latest January 1 2017. This was somewhat surprising to me since roughly 90% of all M2M devices connected to mobile networks used 2G. 281 kata lagi


Hoogwerker Oosterwolde: Wat zien we op de 2014 video van het evenement?

Van dit jaar is er relatief weinig materiaal te vinden over de landbouwmachines Oldtimer show in Oldebroek. Er staat wel een video online van hetzelfde evenement in 2014. 198 kata lagi


Five Levels God's Blessing

Have you ever wondered what makes man a higher creature than all other things created by God?
Have you ever wondered why man was put in charge of the earth and could direct and control it however he chooses? 853 kata lagi


Walk, Stand and Sit.

Hi,Welcome to another blessed week. I sure know that you had a wonderful graceful week last week as we enter this week with greater and higher expectations. 1.069 kata lagi

Oliyide Ayotunde

nhow Rotterdam and KPN Tower from Erasmusbrug

nhow Rotterdam and KPN Tower from Erasmusbrug

Photograph by Mabry Campbell, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2014

Mabry Campbell Photography: Website ⎟ FacebookGoogle+ ⎟ LinkedIn… 14 kata lagi

Rohingyas return white cards to authority

By Fayas Ahmed

On February 11, 2015, President Thein Sein announced that all temporary Registration Certificates (TRCs) known as ‘white cards’ would expire on March 31, and had to be returned to the authorities by 31st May. 617 kata lagi