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The sun is shining here in The Netherlands and I am in a cute mood. So I decided to wear something cute too:

Mesange and Kosmetik have pretty releases! 211 kata lagi

Second Life

Oh no...zits

Just took a bath and was going to get ready to go on a date but as I looked in the mirror I yelled Oh Noooo. 56 kata lagi

Second Life

Romping around ..

Le Fashion Whore –  Matsuri Loose Shirt – Belleza/Maitreya/Slink – 12 color HUD for shirt & 8 colors for belt

Reign.-BOHO LACED SANDALS- BLUSH… 59 kata lagi


Fenomena gincu

Sebenarnya kata gincu adalah kata yang aku baru kenal kurang lebih 3 tahun lalu, dan  pertama kali mendengar kata gincu sebenarnya telingaku merasa tergelitik geli, dan ofcourse faktanya aku juga tertawa geli saat tahu kalau gincu itu adalah lipstik. 1.432 kata lagi


Day 20

We’re all in the same game: Just different levels. Dealing with the same hell: just different devils.

There were two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations… 72 kata lagi


Out and About ☺

Grabbed my purse, put my contacts in and i’m headed out my door. Today’s a beautiful day and I want to spend it outside going to all these events that’s just opened. 184 kata lagi

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