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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Written by IEI Communications and Marketing Intern, Hyein Lee

A lot of students might feel comfortable studying with friends, classmates, or siblings, and  this probably seems perfectly normal and common. 698 kata lagi

Exploring East Jeju Island by Public Bus

When we arrived in  Jeju City, we just realized that all the main attractions shown beautifully on Google Images are not simply around the corner. 1.266 kata lagi


An Open Letter to the Countries I Have Loved

Dear Peru,

You were the first. You are the place where this all started. Six weeks in Cusco was not enough to even begin to take in the bright and vibrant traditions combined with the muted reality of everyday. 792 kata lagi


52 Days

We’ve breached the month of May. According to an online date calculator, I will be leaving New York and on my way to Seoul in 52 days. 465 kata lagi


When will the relationship of Japan and Korea stop shaking? - The ongoing story of ‘comfort women’ - EunBin Lee, Korea

The Korean film “Spirits’ Homecoming”, which tells the story of young girls who were dragged off to be “Comfort Women” – a euphemism for sexual slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army – has become a hit at the box office after its release last month. 894 kata lagi


Grus Japonensis

Grus japonensis. The “Japanese crane” -which in her Latin terminology is unfairly geographically confined-  has become the inspiration for renaming this blog: The Flight of the Red-Crowned Crane… 606 kata lagi

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