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Epik High - Shoebox

I’m still keeping this Epik High train rolling. At this point, a little more than six hours remain until their album is released. Luckily, I’ll be sleeping soon, a quick way to pass the hours until I get that first listen. 458 kata lagi


Experiencing Seoul

Seoul was our first foray into Asia. Actually I lie. Shanghai was but that was on layover and I messed up what was supposed to be a quick run through downtown and dinner. 795 kata lagi


Top 10 Songs - INFINITE

With the increasing number of K-pop artists and songs being churned out everyday, it is easy to lose track of what is truly gold in this genre. 642 kata lagi


Viva Polo

You may not know, but I have an old blog where I wrote something on Viva Polo. I had grown fond of finding restaurants and cafes owned by K-pop idols before that I took it upon myself I have to certainly not miss this one! 315 kata lagi


The End of the War and Flight to Safety - Year of Impossible Goodbyes, Part 2

This time I’m going to finish the young adult Korean novel The Year of Impossible Goodbyes by Sukryeol Choi (최 숙렬의 “떠나보낼 수 없는 세월”).  Chapter 4 picks up with Officer Narita harassing the women and the author’s mother at the sock factory because production wasn’t good that week.  1.115 kata lagi


Seoul Station (2016)

Day 4  – Seoul Station

Director:  Sang-ho Yeon.
Starring.  Ryu Seung ryong, Shim Eun-kynug, Lee Joo. South Korea. 1h  32m.

Set in modern day South Korea around the main Seoul station a homeless man wanders around feeling unwell, people shun him away and assume he’s just on drugs, his concerned friend to realise the dire situation after he dies and returns as the living dead with a thirst for human body parts. 537 kata lagi


Korean Mt. Jiri Sejak (Second Pluck) Organic Single Estate Whole Leaf Green Tea: Teas Unique

Today I have no stories to tell. I’m all wrote out. Been writing at work. Been writing at home. I don’t wanna write no more. What I really want to do is drink tea and read my book. 340 kata lagi