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"Climbing" the mountain

2 posts today because I totally forgot to blog about this adventure.

So I’ve been wanting to climb the mountain I live my ever since I got here right? 312 kata lagi


Travel cheap or travel fancy - South Korea traveling plan

For the records, South Korea became a hot destination for visitors around the world. As I lived in Seoul for almost 3 years, i saw foreigners came to visit for the budget travel or the fancy vacation. 657 kata lagi

3 day binge in Seoul

What what what the hell am I doing?

As someone who in college was prone to calling it a night if beer was anything less than free, I honestly have no explanation for my excursions in Seoul these past few weeks. 597 kata lagi


Jejak Mata Pyongyang

Kota Pyongyang itu sendiri misalnya, meskipun bagi warga Jakarta seperti saya sungguh-sungguh tanpa warna, memang seperti reprentasi ‘keteraturan’, ‘ketertiban’, dan yang paling tidak enak tentu ‘keseragaman’.

756 kata lagi

Planning for 2 weeks in Korea

So this is my very first post and I will talk about my pre-trip planning! I am not a great writer so do forgive me if I make mistakes here and there! 1.675 kata lagi

The incredible story of Yi Aerisu - in Dutch

Here’s a short text I wrote about Yi Aerisu, the singer of the first Korean pop hit during the colonial period. Her story is truly incredible. 40 kata lagi

Colonial Period