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Di era saat ini siapa sih yang gak punya gadget sih? Minimal pasti pada punya hp semua kan? 168 kata lagi

Ke vs. Lee or, China and South Korea Vie to Beat AlphaGo

So it’s only a game as they say, but the geopolitical implications seem obvious. This board game is called Go and I have seen it played in parks around Hanoi, but please don’t ask me to explain it. 276 kata lagi


Dramas I'm watching in May 2017

Hey guys! It’s been a while~ And I haven’t updated you with what I’m currently watching… So here they are! 408 kata lagi


Ázsia befolyásos divatarcai

Ha azt mondom PSY valószínűleg mindenki tudni fogja, hogy arról a furcsa mozgáskultúrával és stílussal rendelkező, ducibb, koreai énekesről beszélek. Na de miért is emlegetem fel az Ő szokatlan, kelettől nyugatig terjedő alakját? 711 kata lagi

The Need For A New US Foreign Policy Towards North Korea

US-North Korean relations remain very tense, although the threat of a new Korean War has thankfully receded.  Still the US government remains determined to tighten economic sanctions on North Korea and continues to plan for a military strike aimed at destroying the country’s nuclear infrastructure.  2.000 kata lagi

US Foreign Policy

On Dogs

While I love my husband and also appreciate the convenience of sending out my laundry, living in 300-square feet for multiple weeks with another human being is testing my endurance. 847 kata lagi


No matter who you are, Momo will find you and steal your girlfriend

It’s no secret that everyone’s gay in TWICE, but no girl comes anywhere close to the gayness that is our great Hirai Momo.

She’s the greatest flirt known to mankind and she’s out there, stealing as many girls from us as she pleases. 16 kata lagi