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travel journal part 1 : Seoul | This is Korea ! | first impressions of South Korea

Hello everyone !

This will be the first part of the travel posts of South Korea ~

Since I got to see sooooo many things and took alot of photos I figured I should slowly tell you about my trip and I hope I will be finished with this by the time I get to Tokyo XDD ! 956 kata lagi


The Korean way of Valentine's Celebration

Troubled with the upcoming Valentines? This year, let’s celebrate this special event as the Koreans do! The most popular day for couples worldwide is Feb 14 wherein men usually shower their women with flowers and sweets. 913 kata lagi


Episode 49 - The Bank Holiday Giveaway

Episode 49:

The Bank Holiday Giveaway

 Give it away, give it away, give it away now 

For 60 minutes the young pretenders were looking like the real thing, two goals to the good on their bitterest rivals they were playing with a confidence and a swagger that was well to be honest non-Korean. 250 kata lagi


[March] More real stay in this month

This month’s best accommodation in BnBHero

●Who is the host?


Hi, Nice to meet you !!!!! I love to travel and cook food. I have travelled with my son all over the world and have been to India this February. 166 kata lagi


this time last year + catching you up

This time last year I had quit my job, packed most of our beloved apartment in the heart of downtown Nashville, and headed south to soak up every possible minute with my family before the big day. 981 kata lagi

Just when you had lost all hope...

Well, it is no coincidence that when I went back to work full time, blogging was the first thing to go. We have had so many people asking (demanding, begging, etc.) for an update. 478 kata lagi