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Kopitiam - Kedai Kopi Shin Lok

The pulls to this shop are definitely their ‘wu kok’ and ‘chai pau’. I saw boxes and boxes of takeaways, trays and trays of uncooked ‘wo kok’ dipped into a hot wok of oil, and steamers after steamers of various ‘pau’s being brought out from the kitchen to the counter for purchase. 76 kata lagi


Kopi Alone, Alexandra Road

Retired English teacher, Håkon Takashi Lim (his late mother was Japanese) laments the abolishment of the plural form of nouns even as he understands that language must evolve. 56 kata lagi


Eastern Kopitiam Puri Pesangrahan, Kopitiam yang beda dari biasanya

Gak sengaja sih nemu tempat ini karena ada undangan lunch meeting aja jadi nya cari2 kopitiam ini.

Berlokasi di sepanjang jalan pesangrahan (di depan apartemen puri park view) awal nya gua udah skeptis bakalan susah cari tempat parkirnya tapi ternyata kopitiam ini sangat mikirin parkiran banget, cukup luas space parkiran yang mereka siapin. 108 kata lagi

Katakayaa Kuliner Time

Penang Delights Prawn Noodles // Ang Mo Kio


I like what Tiger Beer is doing.

So let me feature on Penang Delights. One of the place I frequent for the prawn noodles. 233 kata lagi


Lor San Kopitiam

What to have for breakfast?

My friend mentioned duck noodle at Lor San Kopitiam, Pekan Melayu, near to money exchanger shop along the busy road. Why not go there to try? 141 kata lagi

Food And Beverages

Let's Lim Kopi @ LIM KO PI, Da:men, USJ 1

A brand called Lim Ko Pi originated from Ipoh has came into Da:men, USJ 1, bringing us more kopitiam (coffee house) varieties to “lim kopi” (drink coffee). 458 kata lagi

Food & Beverage

3 Cafes To Do Work In!

Seoul is a café paradise. Every shopping district, every neighbourhood you go to, one thing you can be sure to find has to be cafes. From mountain parks to secluded neighbourhoods, cafes are really just about everywhere. 893 kata lagi