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5 Fabulous Hometown Foods In Taiping, Perak

The recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays gave me a rare opportunity to revisit the sleepy town of Taiping of which I first went on a four-day road trip with a bunch of friends five years ago. 975 kata lagi


Lollipop Rotitiam, Penang...service can be a little shaky

One cannot fault the ambition. Attempting to be a local coffee-shop with a cafe feel this very unassuming place innovative delicious and comforting Malaysian food. The name is a play with words “roti” (bread) and “kopitiam” (coffee shop). 88 kata lagi

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Belitung Experience #01

Salah satu alasan mengapa kami sekeluarga memilih Belitung karena Belitung merupakan pulau yang tidak terlalu besar dengan beberapa pantai memukau, museum yang menyenangkan, dan pengalaman  kuliner yang selalu bikin lupa kalau perut ini kian membuncit. 897 kata lagi


Bunn Single SH Commercial Coffee Brewer

Malaysian Kopi has became a daily drink to most of the folks in Malaysia but having a machine that could brew Malaysian style Kopi (coffee) was not well known to all and most of the people believe that machine could not produce a better than a hand brew cup of Kopi. 486 kata lagi


Kedai Kopi Apek, Legenda Medan

Perjalanan panjang sejarah masyarakat kota Medan tidak bisa lepas dari keberadaan Kedai Kopi Apek.   Sebuah kedai kopi mungil di pengkolan jalan, tepatnya di Jalan Hindu no. 312 kata lagi

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Truly Test Kitchen

Located at Jun Jie Industrial building, this coffeeshop is opened by three young and hardworking hawkerpreneurs. From Hainanese curry rice to a range of noodles, western and porridge , from  a Truly curry stall to a Truly Test Kitchen, I must say that they have succeeded. 330 kata lagi


Father's Day Dinner@Kovan 212 Kopitiam

This kopitiam, have been one of our family’s comfort makan places and to be exact, quite at the top. Reasons being that, 1) it’s accessible with sufficient parking, 2) reasonably-priced food and 3) all the foods there are all of some standards (you know how some places with only ONE popular stall but all the rest are… …), but Here, all the stalls are I would say <thumbs up, thumbs up>. 569 kata lagi