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Restoran Kin Wah (锦华餐室)

This is breakfast restaurant where near Jalan Tan Hiok Nee “Culture Street” (文化街). The restaurant provide traditional coffee and half-boiled egg. The coffee is nicely thick with the right balanced of sugar and milk. 66 kata lagi

Chicken Porridge

This is the picture taken Before She shared Her portion into His bowl.

He ended up ate the Porridge almost 1 ¾ portion, while she only ate the rest ¼ of it. 10 kata lagi



She Said to Him that She Needs a little time to be Alone Yesterday Morning.

He agreed… aversely.

Location : Massa Kok Tong, Komp. CBD Polonia, Medan, Indonesia


Kluang RailCoffee

There is a lot of hip cafe being featured for having good espresso coffee and a great menu to compliment the coffee flavor. In down south Malaysia, we still remain true to most of our ‘kopitiam’ heritage and today I am featuring this Kluang RailCoffee. 233 kata lagi

Cafe Hop

Review: KOPI 434, Muar


Wahai Rakyat Malaysia! Kami menyeru kepada semua Pencinta Tegar Kopi Malaysia atau Coffee Addict Malaysia, untuk turun padang sendiri dan merasai keunikan rasa kopi Sai Kee atau lebih dikenali sebagai Kopi 434 di mana lagi kalau bukan di Muar Johor. 474 kata lagi

Kopi / Coffee

5 Fabulous Hometown Foods In Taiping, Perak

The recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays gave me a rare opportunity to revisit the sleepy town of Taiping of which I first went on a four-day road trip with a bunch of friends five years ago. 975 kata lagi


Lollipop Rotitiam, Penang...service can be a little shaky

One cannot fault the ambition. Attempting to be a local coffee-shop with a cafe feel this very unassuming place innovative delicious and comforting Malaysian food. The name is a play with words “roti” (bread) and “kopitiam” (coffee shop). 88 kata lagi

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