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Silly Matthew

MATTHEW is a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. He dreams of being a soccer star one day, just like his soccer hero. Since February, when his father bought him a brand new ball for his birthday, he has been totally bitten by the soccer bug. 431 kata lagi


How to have your kaya toast and eat it

We have a bit of news to start with. Those who follow us on Instagram might have noticed that many of our recent posts are Singapore-based. 850 kata lagi


Kaya Butter Toast

Perinteinen singaporelainen aamu alkaa kopitiamissa.

Tavallisin annos on tällainen: löysäksi keitettyjen munien kaveriksi syödään paahtoleipää, jonka väliin sipaistaan vihreää, ihanasti kookokselta maistuvaa hilloa ja iso siivu voita. 116 kata lagi


Kopitiam Cakes : Sugar, nostalgia and a Malaysian childhood

Part One : A primer on our kopitiams

(Malaysians, feel free to skip ahead)

Kopitiam = coffee shop.

Now, hold on.

Erase all mental images of high ceilings, exposed wooden beams, sunlight filtering in through large windows, single-origin coffee in a handmade ceramic cup (with tasting notes) and that great song you’ll have to look up the lyrics of to add to your playlist. 496 kata lagi


Review Kopi Scooter - Riau Junction

Sering belanja ke Riau Junction, di dekat eskalator lantai 1 ada Kopi Scooter yang selalu penuh pengunjung. Tempatnya kecil tapi varian menunya lumayan! Ala-ala kedai kopitiam Malaysia-Singapur :) . 234 kata lagi