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The Kopi Tiam @ Pasar 8: A new weekend morning jaunt

Yes, we are all made up of routines.  It is our comfort zone, our auto pilot, the ‘no need to think’ rut that we tend to fall and stay in if given the choice. 401 kata lagi

Let's Go

Meals, Stays and Transport In Singapore.

This is my very first blog post. I’ve last blogged approximately decades ago. I guess it’s time to brush up on my writing skill. Pardon my grammar and honestly, im not very tech-savvy to begin with but here goes. 1.055 kata lagi


[YUMZ] Chong Kok Kopitiam

Hello :) Hehe, this is actually a throwback; I went to this kopitiam some weeks ago but it was so good so I really want to share with all of you about this traditional… 477 kata lagi


The Science Behind Ordering Tea in Malaysia

Sipping my cuppa in these past few days has flown me back to my early days living in Malaysia. For those who wonder : Indonesia and Malaysia are located very near to each other.  453 kata lagi


Kopitiam near Lavender MRT station

I swear. Sometimes I can be a glutton for punishment, in more ways than one. Yesterday, I went with my wife to get some dinner. We decided against McDonald’s and chose the Kopitiam next door to it. 218 kata lagi



A chinese kopitiam which famous with the  chicken rice stall. This stall close on monday.

You will see long queue during lunch hour. Everyone is patiently waiting for this chicken rice. 307 kata lagi

About Kopitiam

The term kopitiam is a coined word indigenous to Southeast Asia. The word “kopi” means Coffee in Malay (or specifically Berhasa Melayu), and “tiam” means shop in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect.