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24 "Truce"

I spent a little time in The Army some thirty years ago. The war in Vietnam had ended so I missed that part of Hell. I was a teacher and so I often was called on to take a few classes in Joint Service Publications (JSPs). 745 kata lagi


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Yesaya 54:17 Setiap senjata yang ditempa terhadap engkau tidak akan berhasil, dan setiap orang yang melontarkan tuduhan melawan engkau dalam pengadilan, akan engkau buktikan salah.
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Daily Bread

Fifty years ago today, Menzies' call on Vietnam changed Australia's course

Nicholas Ferns, Monash University

In recent weeks, Australians have been exposed to an overwhelming amount of content in anticipation of the centenary of the Gallipoli landing. 823 kata lagi


Konfrontasi Memorial Service

Having collaborated with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Veterans League during our Battle for Singapore: Tales of the Opium Hill trail, we were honoured to be invited to attend this memorial service yesterday (10 March 2015). 404 kata lagi

Indonesia Votes '14

This article is written in the light of the uproar brought about by the decision of a Indonesian Army Official / Chief to name an Indonesian navy ship after two marines convicted of terrorism in the Singapore during the 1960s – a period of rage also known as the konfrontasi.   274 kata lagi

[FOREIGN AFFAIRS] The "whatever floats your boat" attitude of Singaporeans

This post should have been written months ago, but the sense of inertia was too great. Happily, I seem to be overcoming writer’s block today and this is my third article since I dragged myself out of bed at 11AM (I skipped church today, the spiritual deficit will be repaid fervently in May). 1.038 kata lagi

Foreign Affairs

Greg Poulgrain : update and republication of The Genesis of Konfrontasi

Dr Greg Poulgrain is a political historian who lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He specialises in research about Indonesian political history, and has a strong interest in the Papua province(s). 45 kata lagi